10 Best Fireball Players

Fireball is a sport that is played where I live. It is not known that well but there are many great players and we even hold our own World Cups and everything, but it is hard to organize. If you don't know this sport don't comment on it just leave it alone.

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1Pufon- Forward for Real Madrid (France)
2Olsen Difoun- Striker for Liverpool (Germany)

I have to admit, Difoun is great. The player of the year in 2003, 2004 and 2006. Very loyal to Liverpool. Great player. - SemiPro

3Adriano- Goalie for Juventus (Brazil)
4Pablo Sanchez- Midfielder for FC Barcelona (Spain)

I checked out this sport and the best player is easily Pablo Snachez. In 30 games he scored 29 goals and got 13 assists. - Crazydudewithabeard

Greatest ever. Best passer and led Spain to a World Championship - SemiPro

5Phillipo Ramirez- Forward for Real Madrid (Brazil)

When it's all said and done Ramirez will be the greatest ever. - Tivo

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6Zanando- Forward for Roma (Brazil)
7Giovanni Messi- Midfielder for Inter Milan (Italy)
8Muhammad Makan- Forward for Celtic (Turkey)

Are you guys insane Makan would have been the greatest ever if he had played more than 5 years. He came second in Fireball Player of the Year in 2007 and third in 2006. - peru12345

9Brandon Sanchez- Inter Milan (Spain)

Great in his first season. He is playing even better this year. In 14 games, he had 12 goals, 9 assists, and is considered the best defensive player. When it's all said and done, he will be the greatest ever. - totally

All I can say is wow. 34 goals in his first season. Won player of the year in his first season. Led Inter Milan to first place. NOTE: AC Milan has won the previous 3 years.

10Felix Seliz- Forward for Sau Paulo FC (Argentina)

The Contenders

11Tom Wanks- Midfielder for Real Madrid (England)

the best free kick taker and one of the best passers ever. - totally

12Jac Gerrard- Winger for Manchester United (France)

Without Gerrard Manchester United would be last place and they wouldn't have a chance of winning the championship.

13Theo Martin- Forward for Chelsea (France)
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