10 Best Players on Runescape


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He was the best back I when I was really into this game he got me through a lot he even talked to me when I had problems in the game and he got me to level 99 in 8 skills we trained together he was a good friend and I love him I have not talked to him in years when he gets on he signs off so fast I can't even get in touch with him and I really wanted to get this bar all the way up on commenting and I succeeded and all this is still true
Zemima is the best... You don't even need to vote everyone knows it haha...
And also I can't remember who but they killed zezima 3 times in the wildy...
But that does not defeat the purpose and fact that Zezima is still the best.
He is very smart and is very very very difficult to defeat
[Newest]He is love. He's Zezima the great and powerful. He is famous for RUNESCAPE. I've heard of him. He wins.

Way to funny I don't know how else to say it his simple like wow and Zezima is like blah
Man, Bob rules! I met him, He is so funny! :D :D :D Tehnoobshow rules because you know he's so hilarious man. IF you would have met him you would like him. I don't like zezima because his last words were Cya noobs so you know.
He the best and the funniest! You have to love this guy! Way better then zezima if you ask me... Since I never met zezima I say he's a myth or a bot
[Newest]Laugh out loud bob is funny

Drakie is the best... Nice stats... Cool funny guy
He is the most funny runescape player, and very nice skills
No doubt, he is one of the most efficient runescape player
Drakie... he was the #1

4Kingduffy 1
This person is so cool man I remeber I add this person when I first played it might be 2001 or 2002 though he is very helpful add me its 67dragonair
I've never met him and he's not mean to noobs. When I saw zezima last words "bye noobs"
M... He is really hard working and helpful!

Bumped into him training divination, a genuinely nice person.

From what I've heard, he is the most efficent player on runescape.

Hard worker, currently (June 2008) Number One in overall highscores. I talked to him a few times and he is a very nice guy.


He's a nice nice guy seriously he was the best but some guys are better

Greetz dakidn

This guy was incredible man. I was like new to RS at the time and I met him (he was like about level 100-110). I only came to him to ask where Falador was for some certain quest. And it's funny because he even let me follow him all the way to Falador! Then he gave me some rune armor that he didn't need anymore and we became friends! He told me to reach level 70 and he would give me a present. And I worked so hard that I got to level 70 within a week, and I came to him and he was surprised how fast I was Haha! He told me that I'm gonna reach the top one day and then he gave me 1 mil! Can you fking believe it? Then I became a member at level 80 something and I joined his guild and I later became one of the division leaders, man I miss those days, it was so fun!

I help starters with training and iron full set I choose iron because I only have 1000k on me when I get richer am looking to give away black sets
Shes the coolest person on rs she helps you and give you advice shes like the rs mum or something
I mean come on. Everything to 99 lets people in chat. Responds to messages. She is amazing


10The Old Nite
R.I. P the old nite
R.I.P. if he didn't died, he would have been the first guy to achieve 99 in every skills, instead Zezima took the record when he died...

The Contenders

He's cool and awesome and by the way I met him :o and he also helped me in many skills to reach 99
he's currently ranked #1


12Lover Romeo
He is the only player who get two 200M exp first in 2 skills. He is ranked first in Mining and Agility.

The best, att all. Muhaha. Cause it's me

14fat wrecked
Fat wrecked died at a very young age, but when he was alive, he never gave up. He was a great guy, and could always be found hanging out around the varrock east bank. Truly a legend. RIP.
Number 3 on attack when he was alive. Liked to joke around a lot.
Fat wrecked is a nice guy and he. S was cool

His real name is Gary and he likes to fling semen into peoples faces.
Trolled all of the beggars and bots but helped all the hard workers... Awesome house too.


He is like the best gay person I have ever met irl (in runescape life)

18S U O M I
For sure the best player stats don't lie
Has 200m xp in all but 3 skills.
5b xp enough said


Once a player moderator, long time #1 overall player, and the first to get 200m in 4, 5, and 6 skills, Gertjaars has proven worthy of a top 10 placement. He operated one of the most respected clan chats in Runescape during his stint as #1. He had a youtube channel and could be seen using skype in order to keep in touch with his fans. He even has an Xbox Live, which is has oftenly played after quitting runescape in 2010.

Let me also point out the mentioning of "this guy gave me 10m he's cool" in all of the posts outside of the top 10. These players are rich and they gave a lucky player the occasional mill, cool, but they arn't the best player in runescape because of that.
He's truly a legend of runescape.



Funny as hell! He is always givin back to his fans, always showing guides. He's just a great player in general
NightmareRH is funny as hell. You gotta love him.

#1 Player vs Monster killer the game has ever seen.


The best PVM I ever seen... This guy is awesome
The greatest PvMer to ever live, Zezima #1? He is well known, but whats hard about getting a few 99's?

#1 in construction, forever. This guy has MAXED OUT cash! Can you ask for anything more?

26old nite
He's been around forever. It's good to see his name on this list. Great guy for sure.
Was really friendly and nice to people helped out a lot to me.

Awesome pker, a real icon back in the day. look up his old videos. good watch =)


29El panda

I think the only player in the top 10 who does youtube videos and might I add they are funny and he is trying to get comp cape on 2 account which I think is really good and never seen before

I think skychi is the best because he has lots of good outfits (i've seen them) and he has helped noobs like me with his videos
If you played during 06 - 07 watch "things wrong with runescape" 1 and 2. seriously funny videos and so true at the time.

I think he's the best player I saw him own a level 126... He's on my friends list and I'm level 94 he can own me. He is level 77.
New account is: Odvark Jr
World 7 always
Level 138 has 987m come on people how many people have 987m. And everything to level 99


I really like him he is nice and I'm gonna ask him if he can help me (i'm sarodonimm)
He's a pretty nice person, let me take pictures with him
Great farmer, met em a few times before farming {my farming level is 99}


35Kids Ranqe

Gives coins out to random people anywhere from 250,000 to 2.7 million.
Wokabooma is the best player in Runescape hands down! He is so nice, he once gave me 10 million coins just for helping him in a quest! I wish every player was a nice as Wokabooma!
I once met Wokabooma, he was really nice when he gave me a dragon chain body. Huh, for some reason this program must have glitches in putting him in place no. 31!
[Newest]Wokabooma is obviously number one. Everybody knows he is the best!

Jexx200, without her I would have quit Runescape a very long time ago. A great friend, a great clanleader. Though at times annoying, you'll always be my favorite RS player ~ Youyou_6300 (I don't know how I didn't vote for myself )


I remember when this list only had Arcane knights and zezima. TAK

He played for under two years. In that time, he managed to pass ZEZIMA, and stay ahead of him for months, until his computer got a virus and broke. He is currently in college and plans to return.
I think he went to my school.


I help lots of starters with iron sets I choose iron as I am low on money I have like 1000k I go to lumbridge 1ce every week to help starters my name is kurian1996 in runescape feel free to add me and ask help maybe when I get richer am looking forward to give iron fullest plus black full set
Great player really generous

40enrix e b
enrix e be is the richest player on runescape if you want prove just type in enrix e be on youtube and you should find his bank vid

Such a great player with a nice attitude!


42PvM Kershaw
Awesome player, he really helped build my clan up even though he's not a member in it and he also funded some events for me! :D
He recently moved clans but he is still generous and helping to every player he meets, the clan he is in is also currently recruiting, message him if you would like join it.
Only started talking to him recently, but he seems an awesome person and really helpful

43Seacow Phil
This guy is the best, he helps out with everything.


He is the new legend. At least among estonians. He is probably the best known and friendliest estonian in runescape.
Surely the best Estonian player in runescape. Very helpful and friendly person.


Purridenn is the most funniest and outgoing RuneScape person to talk to. She replays to all messages and join her friends chat if you wanna talk to her. She loves to skill and to chat with a lot of people. Many & many people who don't bother to type in her name call her "Purri", which she is okay with that. Come on guys join her friends chat; she is really an amazing person.
She is cool =p
I met her on Runescape when I was smithing. I talked to her and she was so nice like it says here..

Join her fc rlly she is nice and like amazing. She doesn't ignore peoplee she talk to them doesn't matter to her. She helped me out with questins to

47Icey Dan1
Awesome video maker he is still at it in 2013

what a great hard working player


49Iron Knuckle

50Pker Tdm
The richest runescape player. Has 82 crackers and many other rare items.


51Sir Azza
I like to help a lot of players in runescape. I help a lot of starters that hang around in varrock or lumbridge that desperately don't know what to do. Feel free to add me, my username is Sir Azza so just drop in a pm if I am online. Thank you.
Sir Azza is a great friend, who would help you no matter what situation. I've known him for a while and have really got to know him, he helps out starters to the best of his ability and I think he is just awesome.
Sir Azza is a brilliant player on runescape, I've known him for a quite a long time and he is a great friend. He is just fantastic.


53frog warts

54I Mahatma I
Come on guys, this guy wasn't even on the list? How bout that pking we used to love doing? Well, he is the leader for the pk video's that you see today. The best 1 definitely pure ever who was literally a founding father of pking... Pure legend.
A pking revolutionary. Top 10 pkers of all time. Great YouTube videos

Very mysterious this guy... Thought he was trustworthy but now 2 of pmd367's good friends, are having doubts about what he is really like.
I will help any new players in rs just add me pm me if you want help
Pmd367 rocks he gave me full sara when I was in lumbridge =D

56youyou 6300

Cool kid I want a account like him name awsomem account but I didn't see it




61Jake 4 King

62Knife 1900

Gorudo_vrah is one of the nicest players I've met ^. ^


65Phoenix Odin
He is an Asian dude who liked to rc like a boss and his life depended on it.
Owned in runecrafting beating larryr
He eats Runes and has a tatoo of the nature runes on his arm in real life :D





Yeah the most famous Merchant
Merchers is the creator of merch clans, known as item manipulation clans who currently holds the account Mr A335.


71Sir Azza 2

He is 2nd best clicker in RuneScape but Larppis is still better.



Insane18 is one of the nicest people I know on rs. He's only level 67 and is always giving money away to those who need or want. He's pretty cool to talk to also. He does silly drops like dropping full sets of saradomin, zamorak, guthix, ammy of fury and then proceeded to drop almost 15m cash. And for those who didn't win he gave at least 1 or 2m.. He's always doing h/c and doubling people's money in one trade so I've never seen him scam anyone at all. He always pays up. I personally added him and talk to him. And he doubles my money if I ever ask him (most of the time if he's up for it)
This guy is as legit as it gets. He will go around giving random people free stuff, double people in one trade, and he's the most legit flower gambler I've met. He talks to everyone and doesn't mind as far as I can tell. Well now his username is I am gay9. He says apparently he was "hacked and since they couldn't take anything they changed my name". That's what he said. But still a cool guy! Thanks man! Youve helped me out so much!


The second leader to Salvacion Board, the most awesome clan ever. He is also really rich and enjoys helping people whenever he can.



Prettiest guy on Runescape.
Prettiest guy on Runescape.

81immortal 77
He's a pretty nice guy. he gave me 500k when I first started




He is the nicest player I met in Runescape he is helpful and he has high skill lvls

86Stingray Z20
Really epic player. Could tank out all kinds of pros.


87Z O D I A C
He is beast he gave me 68m because I helped him with one simple task I just showed him where the holiday events where he's really nice he loves to help noobs " he still plays runescape he only has drop partys on holidays.
I like z o d I a c because he is a graet player to have a chat with. He nows a lot about runescape so if you want to have a chat or need help join his clan chat

88B L E A C H
B L E A C H is one of the best players to talk to about the G. E.


90M8 ME 2 GR8
M8 ME 2 GR8 is a grat person to have a chat with



93yeh no lifer

igi is good at lots of things

He has the most xp in game, 2,486,575,695 xp as of 26 march 2011.


96Dark Wave4

97X-Gold 115
He is rich and nice. He is an awesome person to talk to. He gives like 10k to people if they really ask.
He is really generous and cool. He gives away like 5k all the time.

My level 3 skiller 99 firemaking 99 fletching.80 thiev. No bots. Add me my private is always on. I walk around lots and don't skill much anymore.



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