Best Singers Born After 1994

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101Dan Balica
102Carlla Roberta

She sang with jotta a I think the song they sang was alleluia she also did a solo with o extrordaninario I think she could sing real good just that her song choices don't suit she look like she has a lot of energy and I think she use it and let it all out because when she sings you she that she wants to let it out

103Luara Hayrapetyan
104Baek Yerin
105Stefan Roșcovan
106Lina Kuduzović
107Liam McNallyV1 Comment
108Andrea Joyce

Talented young singer from Canada

109Aditi Iyer

Gifted voice, no doubt

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110Emily Faith
111Alyssa Scartozzi
112Lennon Stella
113Maisy Stella
114Aliyah Moulden
115Jada McKenzie-Moore

Jada (14) from Vancouver, because. She has an amazing vocal range and can reach crystal clear whistle notes like Mariah Carey and Arianna Grande. She is a fast rising star!

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116Laura Kamhuber
117Olivia Rox

Olivia is severely underrated. She has less than 1,000 likes or subscribers on YouTube or Facebook, which is way less than she deserves considering her AMAZING voice. Her vibrato is strong, she can pull off powerful belts and growls, and she can hit some pretty high notes (she's at least a Mezzo-Soprano). She can also play guitar and piano. She was actually on America's got talent in 2013(age 14 then), but for some reason didn't make it past the Vegas round. From watching her on that show and some of her YouTube videos, she's also a very sweet girl. The only downside is that she can oversing at times, and her voice is a bit nasal, otherwise she's remarkable. Check out her covers of "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars and "Stay by Rihanna, she outdoes the both of them.

118Beren Aragore

Young pop and rock singer

119Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott
120Jenna Rose

14 million YouTube views can't be wrong.

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