Top Ten Best Sports Plays of 2013

These are the best plays in all of sports, for 2013.

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1Chris Davis 109 yd Kick Six

Alabama has their big winning streak snapped with an amazing return off a decent, yet short kick.

2Ray Allen Saves The Heat's Season

Game Six. Three pointer with 5 seconds left in game down 92-95. If he misses it, Spurs win NBA title, as they were up 3-2 in the series.

3J.J. Worton Diving Grab Late Vs Temple

UCF WR J.J. Worton lays all out with a minute to go down 29-36 vs Temple Owls. UCF wouldn't have won or gotten to Fiesta Bowl if it wasn't for this late score.

4Jacoby Jones Mile High Miracle

Another football play, but this 3rd down play that went 50 yards in the air is why Ravens won Super Bowl.

5David Ortiz Belt in ALCS

This Grand Slam got Joe Buck excited like Gus Johnson after a big play or any time something happens. Which means very.

6DeAndre Jordan Makes Brandon Knight Look like a Kid

Amazing Dunk... no more needs to be said except Jordan looked like he stepped in poop afterwards. "Eww. That's Bad."

7Jacoby Jones Super Bowl Kick Return
8Carlos Hyde Run vs Iowa

He stayed on his feet and dove for a score after going backwards.

9Chris Bosh Rebound to set up Ray Allen 3

Allen's 3 pointer couldn't have happened if Bosh didn't rebound this ball put up by LeBron James.

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