Top 10 Concerts In Pittsburgh In 2015


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1The Who (10/23, CONSOL Energy Center)

50th anniversary for one of the best bands ever! I cannot wait to go to this! - ryanrimmel

2Mayhem Fest (7/26, First Niagra)

Slayer, Mastodon, Anthrax, Opeth, Deftones, Islander, and Amon Amarth are rumored to be at Mayhem this year! Can't wait to check it out. - ryanrimmel

3John Mellencamp (5/12, Benedum Center)

He still has it, this will be a cool concert to see. - ryanrimmel

4Primus (4/14, Stage AE)

Primus's new album is amazing, can't wait to see it live. - ryanrimmel

5Neil Diamond (4/7, CONSOL Energy Center)
6Mastodon & Clutch (5/10, Stage AE)

Best stoner tour of the year. Can't wait. - ryanrimmel

7Rob Zombie (6/16, Stage AE)

I've heard bad things about Rob Zombie live, but nonetheless I can't wait to go. - ryanrimmel

8Imagine Dragons (6/19, CONSOL Energy Center)

Imagine Dragons is a great band - ryanrimmel

9Warped Tour (7/9, First Niagra)

I'm not a fan of any of the bands that are going to be honest, but it's going to be a huge show. - ryanrimmel

10Queensryche (4/29, Altar Bar)

Unfortunately, this show is 21 and over.. So I can't go since I'm a teenager and I suck, but Queensryche is an amazing band, wish I could see them - ryanrimmel

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1. The Who (10/23, CONSOL Energy Center)
2. Mayhem Fest (7/26, First Niagra)
3. John Mellencamp (5/12, Benedum Center)



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