Best NCAA Football Teams In 2015

This is a preseason list of the best teams for next year.

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1Ohio St. Buckeyes

Will return Cardale Jones, who shocked everyone with a 3-0 record. By the way, these wins were against Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship, Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and Oregon in the Championship. - alexcousins

2Alabama Crimson Tide

Watch out for them to have revenge on their minds after that loss to the Buckeyes - alexcousins

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3TCU Horned Frogs

Will return 10 offensive starters on the team that whomped Ole Miss 42-3 in the Peach Bowl. - alexcousins

4Oregon Ducks

Won't have Mariota but will have a lot of key offensive players - alexcousins

5Auburn Tigers

Will be a lot better than last year and should compete for a playoff spot - alexcousins

Guschamp is the right combination. They will start a little shaky but finish strong

6Michigan St. Spartans

They will return a lot of their stud defensive unit - alexcousins

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7Florida St. SeminolesV1 Comment
8LSU TigersV1 Comment
9Baylor Bears
10Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Top 5 they are the best

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11Missouri TigersThe Missouri Tigers athletics programs include the extramural and intramural sports teams of the University of Missouri, located in Columbia, Missouri, United States.

Made it to SEC championship game 2 years in a row

12Arkansas Razorbacks

Despite coming off of a rough season two years ago, the hogs put up a fight! They came so close to beating every team that they lost too, they almost beat Alabama last year, they almost beat every top 25 team that they played! They get better each year - lukeweber

13Ole Miss

They made a huge upset over number one Alabama

14Northern Illinois Huskies
15Clemson Tigers
16Florida GatorsThe Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida.
17Iowa HawkeyesThe Iowa Hawkeyes are sports teams that represent the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, United States.
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1. TCU Horned Frogs
2. Ohio St. Buckeyes
3. Alabama Crimson Tide
1. Ohio St. Buckeyes
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Oregon Ducks
1. Ohio St. Buckeyes
2. Oregon Ducks
3. Alabama Crimson Tide



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