Best Pittsburgh Pirates Position Players of 2015


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1Andrew McCutchen (Centerfield)Andrew Stefan McCutchen, nicknamed "Cutch" is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball.

2x MVP runner up and MVP winner. He is gonna have another outstanding year, but in the field and at the plate. - ryanrimmel

2Josh Harrison (Third Base)

The most versatile Pirate on the team. He can play infield, outfield, pitch, everything. He is outstanding in the basepath and an amazing hitter. - ryanrimmel

3Neil Walker (Second Base)

The slugging second baseman is gonna post A.300 average guaranteed this year. - ryanrimmel

4Starling Marte (Outfield)

The fastest Pirate in my opinion, he can make some plays in the field, and a line drive into the gap is extremely dangerous. - ryanrimmel

5Pedro Alvarez (First Base)

Pedro moving to 1B is a good move. He is not the best in the field, but when he makes contact at the plate, watch out. He is an outstanding home run hitter. - ryanrimmel

6Gregory Polanco (Outfield)

He's fast, great fielder, and great hitter. He's very similar to Marte. - ryanrimmel

7Jordy Mercer (Shortstop)V1 Comment
8Francisco Cervelli (Catcher)

He won't completely fill the gap left from Russell Martin, but he will be a good replacement. - ryanrimmel

9Jung Ho Kang (Shortstop)

Picked up from the Korean league, he is going to be a solid pinch hitter and he can possibly battle Jordy for starting Shortstop. - ryanrimmel

10Tony Sanchez (Catcher)V1 Comment
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1. Andrew McCutchen (Centerfield)
2. Josh Harrison (Third Base)
3. Neil Walker (Second Base)



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