Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2015


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61Destiny - Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

Coming from a hardcore Destiny fan, it is true that the game has a lot of difficulties at the moment. Although with the taken king, Bungie introduced a new world to us, the made the rest of the game obsolete. They were ironically being counter productive. However, saying that, I am STILL a hardcore destiny nerd after more than a year. As well as 27 million other people. Clearly Bungie is doing something right. You cannot say that Destiny sucks (or any game for that matter) because after all, it is opinionated. That whole double check comment is extremely outdated. Just saying...

Lame Story, Check.
Awful Voicing, Check
This is a chore, double check
Has Truly Defensive Fanboys, Triple Check.
I hate this game, Mega Check
Makes Call of Duty Look Like The Best Game In The World, Emerald check
Fallout for the win, Infinite Checks.

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62Disney Infinity 3.0

How Dare You People Put This On The List - masoncarr2244

63Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
64Sword Art Online: Lost Song
65Rock 'N Racing Off Road
66 R.B.I. Baseball 15
67Batman Arkham Knight

Who the hell think that this game is bad?

If you meant the PC version then I would agree with you. If you were meant the game for all versions as a whole then I might disagree

This game was number 2 on the best video games that is complete bs

This game was great!

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68Rise of the Tomb Raider
69Motorcycle Club
70FIFA 16

Those idiots who think Wii U Games are for babies need to shut up and get a life.

This isn't for babies, so shut up you maniacs.

This game is amazing! My favorite game of 2015! Enjoy Call of Duty!

This stupid guy only had the top 72 make a top 100 (wait)

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72Rocket League

Why is Rocket League on here?! This game is awesome!

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