Top Ten 3 Doors Down Songs


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Here Without You
Well has to be their best song... Its the only romantic song that I hear and the Acoustic of here without you is simply soul searching tough the video is not as good... My top 3 are:
1)Here Without You
2)Kryptonite(Amazing Video)
3)let me go(Rock Version)...


Beautiful song with great music and lyrics... Every time I listen, it touches my heart.
Dude this is like the best song I've ever heard man I agree kryptonites worthy material but frankly man id like here without you first an den id put in kryptonite
[Newest]Best song. Connects to your ears, your heart, and you mind
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This song has to be in first place, I mean here without you is pretty cool but kryponite is by far the best.
Kryptonite easily no.1! Fantastic Song, one of my favourites! WAY better than Here Without You, and that's saying a lot!
Its a really good song... Never get tried of listening to it
[Newest]Amazing song I love it!

3When I'm Gone
this is a really nice song! /m
it should be number 2 in the rank! come on!
rocks my nerves up!
This is the best song by 3 Doors Down by far. It is very moving and an awesome tribute to our US Armed Forces.
It has to be up
with no doubt it is the best song
It deserves the crown
Number 1 song in my list of songs. What even full points to the song
[Newest]I love ❤ this song 🎶

4It's Not My Time
Very good.
This is my list:
1. It's Not my time
2. Here Without You
3. Kryptonite
4. When I'm Gone
5. Behind Those Eyes
This song has too much meaning in it... You can link it to your life... Its songs like this that make 3 doors down AWESOME!
Wow, my Top 4 seems quite common:

1. It's Not My Time
2. When I'm Gone
3. Here Without You
4. Kryptonite
[Newest]The best. First song I heard of 3 Doors Down.

5Away From the Sun
Are you serious right now!? This my favorite by a long shot and should be at least in the top five! Come on people! The soft flow of this song really moves you when your having a bad day. It encourages to be your better self and that is why it should be number one!
This is definitely one of my favorite songs. In fact, this is the song which single-handedly got me addicted to 3 Doors Down. I found out about them through When I'm Gone but didn't start listening to them, constantly, until I heard this and It's not my Time. But this should be so much further up in the listings. Vote, vote, vote!
My favourite song of all time! Soul searching, great music and great lyrics! Amazing melody and flow to the music! Shows the true meaning of what music can be!
[Newest]This should be number 1 or 2 at most. This song is a compendium of awesomeness

Loser ROCKS! Everything is amazing about this song - the lyrics, the melody, the video - best 3 doors song without a doubt :)
THIS is their best song, 21 weeks at number 1 in the Rock chart, it still holds that record!
Love 3DD but Loser HAS to be my favorite. No question 'bout it.
[Newest]I expected this song in the top then!

7Let Me Go
Amazing song.. Its one of my favorites from 3DD and you can feel this song so much..! Its not one of the most popular they have though!.. So, if some of you don't know it, listen to it =]
Okay I understand that Here without you and Kryptonite are 3 doors Down best 2 songs

But when I think of Let Me Go Both Regular and Rock Version I Ask The Question Why is this Song so Unappreciated Like Let Me Go is a Great Song, Great Sounding Song, Easy to Sing to Song And all in all Great song!


This song is just amazing. There's no other way to put it. After listening to it just once you'll want to hear it again. This with great lyrics and everything being perfect makes this a great song.
[Newest]Really nice song with strong lyrics that make me feel really close to this guys. I guess each one of us faced the situation that is in this song.

8When You're Young
epitomises the 3 doors down music. The music itself represents 3DD. Love it and so does everyone else!
I just enjoy listening to how it goes from a silent verse to an amazing chorus to match.. And the lyrics are simply original
Just totally kick ass song from the new album... And the video is awesome
[Newest]I love Here Without You and Behind Those Eyes but this is there best song.

9Landing In London
Great song, with a different rhythm then usual 3DD music. Should be in the top 10 if not top 3. It's a slow song, with a lot of depth and meaning behind it. Good for people who miss someone.
Its much better for me, should be in top 3. Its slow and really different then other soft rocks. Lyrics are great too. Really an under rated song.
My favourite song... I just can't get tired of listening to it... This is surely their number one song...
[Newest]This one should be number one! Music, lyrics, its just perfect

10Citizen Soldier
This is a great song by 3 doors down. I'm very upset that this song isn't up in the top #5 as it deserves it. This is by far one of 3 doors down's best songs. You should listen to this song and vote for it! One of my favorite lines from this song is "on that day when you need your brothers and sisters to care, I'll be right here. Citizen soldiers holding the light for the ones that we guide from the dark of despair. Standing on guard for the ones that we sheltered, we'll always be ready because we will always be there. "
Who the hell just listens to radio and votes on this. This is my favorite song by them!


That lyric alone gives me the chills. I've had to be that rock in someones life before, this song reminds me of those times.
How is this song 15th?! VOTE AND GET IT IN THE TOP 10!
I love it! Granted I only started listening to it a few months ago but it is a lovely song with a sincere and awesome message.
Just try the chorus to see what I mean


[Newest]Number 2 most definitely!

The Contenders

11Duck and Run
An amazing song in general. Great musical buildup, and the song is just plain out riveting. Awesomely energetic, but not too over the top, delivers a strong message while still make you feel the awesomeness

12Be Like That
This song is amazing can't stop listening to it by far there best work
Anybody can relate this song, the whole thing is just beautiful!
One of best songs of 3 doors down
my list:
1. Here without you
2. Kryptonite
3. Be like that
4 when I'm gone
5. Loser
[Newest]#1 by 3 doors down is be like that

13Let Me Be Myself
I first heard this song on an old Geico commercial about a caveman. Let Me Be Myself sounds very epic and emotional but it always makes me laugh because it always reminds me of the commercial.
Really the position is unbelievable!
This should be at least #2. It's one of my favorites, my list of 3DD songs is below.

Let me be Myself
Here without you
Be like that
Away from the sun

All song from 3DD are great!

14Behind Those Eyes
Awesome song Wrestlemania 21
Awesome song which should be in the top ten easily

15It's the Only One You've Got
This song is one of my most fave songs by 3 Doors Down and it's so Underrated Listen to the The AOL Session of this song and then tell me that this song isn't amazing!


It has an awesome guitar line an amazing drum line so vote for this over any song yet and listen to when you're young
Just hit me at the perfect moment! Change was in the air and it helped me through!

17Going Down in Flames
Awesome... Great music, nice lyrics overall great...
This song is awesome. It has been heard in most of the pubs and rock lounges. I have come across a lot of people who love this song. This song should be under 1st five.
This is definitely their best

18Round and Round
Best song on the new album in my opinion even with stiff competition from When You're Young. Top 5 at least.

19Time of My Life
The sounds in this song are just awesome. Typical 3DD winner song and again strong vocals from Brad. It's a pretty cool song overall.
Love all 3 doors down but this one and Kryptonite stand out
Gives you a great feeling, every time you listen to it...

20Every Time You Go

The most underrated song! Deserves to be in the top 3... People who have not heard this just give it a try. I never get tired of listening to this.
Just a plain awesome song!

22Down Poison

23Your Arms Feel Like Home

24I Feel You

Took me a while to Listen To this song Fully until last month & wow this songs lyrics are almost exactly Like what I've been through!
Pages has amazing lyrics!


Hey, This song should be in at least top 5..

It's the best song from the new album.. That place is just too far away from the position that song deserves!

27Here By Me

28When It's Over

29Race for the Sun
Come on, this song is great, what the heck Is it doing at 37?

30My Way
Should be in top five I mean if you want slow songs don't pick 3 doors down!
Pretty good song I don't know why its 31, has an extra feel attached to it.

31The Better Life

32Live For Today

33On the Run

34Be Somebody
"she said son take care don't let your dreams go too far out of sight... Cause I'm trying to be somebody"!
I agree this song should be at least on the top 5, every time I hear this song it lift me up! Beautiful lyrics and melody, give it a listen you gonna love it!
What is this song doing at the 27 th place? Can not believe what I'm seeing :s
Hey man whtz diz... I have never thought this to be at this category...!... it can be just in top 10.. come on

35Give It to Me

This is a quality song and is in my top 3 along with down poison and loser
How is this on 37 place! I have loved this song since I was a little child! I just love it! This deservs at least a place on the top 10!

37It's Not Me

38She Don't Want the World

39So I Need You

40The Road I'm On
This is the first 3 Doors Down song I have ever heard, LOVE IT, why isn't this song higher on the list
I love this song and especially the music video!

41Running Out of Days

42Right Where I Belong
CANNOT BELIEVE THIS SONG IS SO FAR DOWN THE LIST! Should be right up the top. I love the energy of the song, it gets me going every time. The guitar I amazing please vote this up!
This song is fast catchy and energetic

43Ticket to Heaven


45The Silence Remains
Personally, this is my favorite of all their songs. They're really great.

46Not Enough

47Father's Son
This song's lyrics are so chilling to me. It needs to be higher.

48One Light
Great song. The words really speak too me and I personally think this song should be a higher ranked song. Just a fantastic song, but, I'll let you make your own decision on it.

48th? This is just wrong... Goodbyes is a beautiful song, and a meaningful one for me. It is equally good, if not better, than Here Without You. It crushes Duck and Run with style. It is one of twelve on their Greatest Hits CD as well, so how did it end up down here?
This is by far the greatest hit of 3 Doors Down it just tells so damn much


50Back to Me
There is no possible way that this is number 51... It's a top 5 song!

51The Champion In Me
I can't believe this song isn't higher.It has to be in the top 10 for sure!

52My World

53Feet In the Water

54Pieces of Me

55Never Will I Break

56Sarah Yellin'

57There's a Life

58She Is Love
So underrated song, my favorite song of Time of My Life.

59You Better Believe It

60I Don't Wanna Know

61The Real Life
Amazing song off of the 17 days album!


62Life of My Own
"Living risky never scared
One close search through the air"coolest song ever can listen to it whole day

63What's Left


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