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It's the best song from the new album.. That place is just too far away from the position that song deserves!

22My Way

Pretty good song I don't know why its 31, has an extra feel attached to it.

Should be in top five I mean if you want slow songs don't pick 3 doors down!

23The Better Life

Took me a while to Listen To this song Fully until last month & wow this songs lyrics are almost exactly Like what I've been through!
Pages has amazing lyrics! - Curti2594

Hey, This song should be in at least top 5..

25Every Time You Go
26Here By Me
27Your Arms Feel Like HomeV2 Comments
28On the Run
29I Feel You
30When It's Over
31Be Somebody

What is this song doing at the 27 th place? Can not believe what I'm seeing :s

"she said son take care don't let your dreams go too far out of sight... Cause I'm trying to be somebody"!
I agree this song should be at least on the top 5, every time I hear this song it lift me up! Beautiful lyrics and melody, give it a listen you gonna love it!

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32So I Need You

If your a fan a 3DD then you will love this song. Very underrated song.


This is a quality song and is in my top 3 along with down poison and loser

How is this on 37 place! I have loved this song since I was a little child! I just love it! This deservs at least a place on the top 10!

34This Time
35The Road I'm On

This is the first 3 Doors Down song I have ever heard, LOVE IT, why isn't this song higher on the list

I love this song and especially the music video!

36Running Out of Days
37Right Where I Belong

CANNOT BELIEVE THIS SONG IS SO FAR DOWN THE LIST! Should be right up the top. I love the energy of the song, it gets me going every time. The guitar I amazing please vote this up!

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38The Silence Remains

Personally, this is my favorite of all their songs. They're really great.

39Ticket to Heaven
40She Don't Want the World
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