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Muse is the best band of ALL TIME. They have such a unique sound and Matt Bellamy has such a unique voice. I love them. - TheStupidHobo

Obviously recently, after two of them left - Tobzz

2Green Day
3Jimi Hendrix Experience

Aside The Beatles, Cream and Rolling Stones, The Jimi Hendrix Experience blew away all other bands in their day. The Experience did everything. They turned an ok song into a masterpiece (All Along The Watchtower, Hey Joe. ) They wrote song in which all three members shined (Manic Depression. ) Jimi Hendrix beat the greatest guitarist around at the time (Eric Clapton. ) Jimi Hendrix beat the greatest band around at the time (Most can agree Are You Experienced is a better debut album than Please Please Me. )

Why is RUSH not on this list? Feeder Busted? Come on Man!


Nirvana are the grunge band. Kurt and Dave are musical geniuses, so is Krist, but not as much. "Come As You Are" is another song were all three members shine. Either "Heart Shaped Box" is one of the creepiest songs I have ever heard, or the music video manipulates me into thinking the song is creepier than it actually is.

6Blink 182

One of the greatest bands of all time. How many bands can say that they've gone strong for 40+ years? Their instruments are just pure genius leaving we mere mortals in awe of them.

Rush had the greatest drummer ever, the greatest bass ever, the most underrated guitarists ever AND They have to and I mean HAVE TO BE #1! 1974-2112

Hey, I don't know much about Rush, but I do know that all three members are geniuses and that they wrote some unreal songs, like 2112, Tom Sawyer and Fly By Night.

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8Kings of Leon
9Biffy Clyro

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Cream are the Cream of the crop. there is no doubt that each member of the group is close to the best of their kind. Jack Bruce as a Bass Player, Ginger Baker as a drummer, and Eric Clapton as a guitar player.

13ZZ Top

Lets get something straight. ZZ Top are a good band, but people say they're better than they are because of their beards. or maybe the guitar flips. or maybe Billy Gibbons legendary guitar, Pearly Gates. I can't decide which is more awesome. Gibbons' guitar or his beard.

14The Police

The Police are the greatest Reggae Rock band ever. However, they next to no competition. Sting has the personality of a sack of tennis balls. But Stew is a good drummer.

People who actually know their music and technical ability would rate The Police at number one without question.The lead guitarist is fantastic and classicaly trained, plays difficult pieces.The drummer is the most underrated of all time always appearing on T.V. doing solos and need I asay anything about sting, also a great bass player.


We think of Motorhead, we think of "Ace Of Spades." we think of Motorhead again, and we think of Lemmy. We think of Motorhead a third time, and we don't think of anything because "Ace Of Spades" and Lemmy is all Motorhead is.


Why would these guys write a song about American Idiots if they are American? Oh... now I now why...

Chevelle is amazing! Should be in the top ten instead of paramore. These guys truly rock!

1830 Seconds to Mars
19Emerson, Lake & Palmer
20DC Talk

Dc talk is the well known Christian trio formed by Tobymac, Michael Tait and Kevin Max. - paasadani

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1. Green Day
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