Top Ten 70s Arcade Games

So What? There was no Mario, Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble, Kirby (:'(), or Mega Man but classic arcade games. Don't agree with the list? Choose an rank of the game that you think should be #1.

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Not only the first commercially successful game, but the first game to be play at home. This old monochromatic masterpiece is the king of the rest of the arcade games in the 70s. - Chaofreaks1

2Space Invaders

This Taito's classic is very famous for being an early space-shooter coin-op game, Taito went on to make more coin-op games until being acquired by Square Enix. - Chaofreaks1

3Galaxy Game

This is the very first commercially sold coin-op game, it wasn't a success like Pong above, this game bring more arcade games for generations to come. - Chaofreaks1


Pre-Pac-Man's most masterpiece, this game was popular for being one of the earliest coin-op game featuring full color. Namco went on to be one of the most successful coin-op games companies. - Chaofreaks1

6Gee Bee
7Speed Race
9Super Breakout
10Death Race

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1. Space Invaders
2. Pong
3. Breakout
1. Pong
2. Galaxy Game
3. Galaxian



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