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41 The Danger In Starting a Fire The Danger In Starting a Fire

How is this @ #36... Ah I suppose that is not really the questions though.. Such a beautiful, articulate, empathetic song for me here, maybe it's just me and a handful of others. To me this song represents the journey from underdog to top dog, how the vast majority look at the world from a self centered and negative perspective (unawares) and from best friend to mother to brother, if they are not willing to change than they cannot remain. To me this implies the ultimate journey to prosperity.

Easily the best ADTR song. People voting for If it means a lot to you are not true ADTR fans.

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42 Best of Me Best of Me

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Should be #7. Seriously, 43? Can't process this

43 Welcome to the Family Welcome to the Family

Thought was a cover, same name, comment about a7x. But its not, nevermind, its a good song, even if welcome to the family by a7x is ways better. By the way, a7x for the win

It's not like a7x is any better. Their a pretty good band. They have sone good songs like this one. Their a somewhat talented band. They got a good singer. Decent drummer and guitar player

This is one of their best songs. The lyrics and the breakdown are great.

44 Monument Monument

Please give this more votes. This song is incredible! Start the Shooting is also awesome. All of their albums are good but For Those Who Have Heart is definitely their masterpiece. The re-recorded You Should've Killed Me When You Had The Chance is legit too!

off of their second album, for those who have heart. the greatest chorus in the bands history and a fantastic ending, my personnel favourite.

This song got me into this band I've bought all there albums since then they deserve to get paid

Love this song really much. Something quite special,really. Just give it a listen!

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45 Forgive and Forget Forgive and Forget
46 Paranoia Paranoia

Holy sweet Jesus, this song is so awesome. It's fairly new, but we can get it in the top 10 where it belongs, can't we!

I love the intro, every time I hear it, it reminds me of the old A Day To Remember that I know and love.

This song isn't my favorite overall, but the breakdown is so majestic. Best breakdown ever.

I love this song. The video and the song are just amazing

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47 Dead and Buried Dead and Buried V 2 Comments
48 Here's to the Past Here's to the Past

Personal favourite, I absolutely love this band! This song is easily relatable. Off their second album For Those Who Have Heart, honestly can't believe it wasn't on the list!

This song is really enjoyable! Listening to it is an absolute joy. This should definitely be higher up

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49 Speak of the Devil Speak of the Devil

The last? This is a great song. Please listen to this song

I Like it I'm not satanic I'm catholic and I think the song is great the name of the song is nothing the actual thing

AWESOME SAUCE SONG! THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10! It always gets me in a good mood! I LISTEN TO THEM IN THIS ORDER... 2nd Sucks, Speak of The Devil and You'll be Tails, Ill be Sonic.

50 I Heard It's The Softest Thing Ever I Heard It's The Softest Thing Ever
51 I Surrender I Surrender

The beat is amazing, especially along with the guitar at the background, when it gets to the start of the chorus, I was shocked!

The top most played song on my iPod hands down

52 Bullfight Bullfight

Brand new song, but I love it already. It gives me a This Is The House That Doubt Built vibe, and it's really bringing back a lot of memories.

No idea how most of these songs are so low on the list (Probably because ADTR's my favorite band so I like everything) but it's definitely one of my favorites by them. 2nd favorite ADTR song behind You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic. Starts fairly soft and solely gets harder until 2nd verse which picks up the pace. Great heavy breakdown and the song as a whole has the perfect combination of screaming and singing.

Awesome breakdown in this song, a range of vocals and lyrics which remind me of some of ADTRs earlier hits such as 'the plot to bomb the panhandle' and 'you be tails, I'll be sonic'

53 Reassemble Reassemble
54 Fast Forward to 2012 Fast Forward to 2012
55 We Got This We Got This
56 Show 'Em the Ropes Show 'Em the Ropes


Great chorus and lyrics + a sick breakdown

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57 When 3's a Crowd

Is this even a A Day To Remember song?

58 Same Book but Never the Same Page Same Book but Never the Same Page

Wow, this song deserves at least rank # 5, currently my favourite song. The melodic riffs and the amazing A tune breakdown at the end... A_M_A_Z_I_N_G. I recently deletd my YouTube channel and then really regretted it, I'm trying to restore it by emailing Google and for some reason this song is giving me hope that I will be able to get it back up and running. Just after listening to this masterpiece song, I checked my email inbox, sure enough, there was some good news that a specialist is going to look into reopening my YouTube channel. Good work any way ADTR, this song is the BEST.

59 Westfall
60 A Second Glance A Second Glance
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