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41Ride On

Got a one-way ticket... going the wrong way.

Great rock interpretation of the blues!

Very cool, blues song. I love this song. You gotta Ride On with this song. It's something to listen to when you don't want anything blasting in your ears.

My personal favourite ac/dc song, and I was raised around them, bon scott lives on forever in our hearts! Rock will never die.

Ride on bon on the high way to heaven miss you but your spirit will live on forever. Lisa s

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42Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Really? 34? You guys probably haven't heard this song yet

This acdc best song should be in a least the top 10 okay it's better for those about to rock and he'll ain't a bad place to be

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43Rock 'n' Roll Singer

Why on earth is it not on the list? Guys...this is such an awesome song! GUYS LISTEN TO IT! AC/DC at its best. Best song on high voltage.

the most under rated ac/dc song of all time, but its their best

This song should be at least top 15... May be not too many people knows it... God sakes! Please vote

The best ac/dc song ever! just too bad so few people know it

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44Sin City

Come on why isn't this song higher up in the list? Great tune, great vocals, great riff. Everything about this song is well done. Songs from the Brian Johnson era that aren't even that good like from the ball breaker album and black Ice. I have a ton of respect for those albums it's just that these songs deserve
More respect and viewership. Only true AC/DC fans know more from the bon Scott era

One of the best live songs, check it out on the 1979 paris dvd, great lyrics, great riffing, great duck walking, more energy that a Duracell factory

My Personal Favorite ACDC Song. Its very underrated and I've never heard ACDC Play it live

Should be number 1. Those who haven't voted for this haven't got a clue..

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45Dogs of War

Its new...a definitely a TOP TEN material...

Ok, I agree "Back in Black", "Highway to Hell", "Thundestruck" are pretty good songs, but... How the hell can this masterpiece be placed 44th? This song is legendary! It has a great riff, tight drums, epic backing vocals... Best song ever!

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Why does everyone always overlook this gem? Listen to it and you will understand

I'd say Whole Lotta Rosie is 1...but you can make a case for this # easily.
So strong.
Sadly I have never found a live version.


Its guitar is so catchy. should definitely be in the top twenty at least come on

I don't believe that this song could be here and not al least at the top ten, come on vote for this one

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48Baby, Please Don't Go

Baffling rating. Definite Top 10. Breathtaking riffs and breaks. Mark M

No 58 hey? Although not an original, definitely a top 10 candidate. Studio version is awesome.

49Shot Down in Flames

Awesome! What I believe to be a truly phenomenal example of what AC/DC can do. This song is totally epic and I could listen to it all day. In my opinion it should be way further up the list.

Bon Scott is the lead singer and this is a masterful rendition of this song. I could rock to this all day. Angus excedes as usual on lead guitar. This is by far one of their best songs ever. Brian is good but not Bon. Sorry Brian.

The voice of Bon catch you in the heart, would deserve to be better known!

My favorite song has to be this one

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50Bad Boy Boogie

REALLY underated. let ther be rock is easily the best acdc album ever - wolphert

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51Soul StripperV1 Comment
52Problem Child

The live version is the most epic of all the AC/DC songs. You will never hear a cooler scream out of any lead singer than Bon Scott after Angus finishes his riff in the middle of the song. I've looked, and can't find another recording where he does it again so I'm glad they got it on a recording. You can't not love this song.

Cause I'm a problem child! Awesome song really, lots of energy. Shame no one mentioned it

Like most AC/DC songs, this one begs to be turned up loud. But unlike other songs, this one doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

Problem child is a typical rock anthem. It ought to be in their top 5, not on 51.

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53Inject the Venom

Not the very best song but this and problem child are awesome this is an amazing song and should be at least 9

Get this up on the list. True rock song - BrianScott01

Dang this is like a top example of rock I dunno what it's doing' way down here.

54That's the Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll

Man oh man this is at the bottom! BUT I think its better than any of the top ten!

Love the album. And this song is no exception!

Holier Than Thou is similar to this

55Stick Around
56Hail Caesar

It is Great song, but I know why is's 131th. Because every AC/DC song is great. It should be in top 30. Evil Walks aldo should be in top 30, but AC/DC has got too many good songs - ThePavkostek999

Hail caesar, I think AC/DCs lyrics are kinda just whatever works. Take rush for example they right about sci_fi fantasy and history, yet incorporate it into hard rock not a school lecture. But AC/DC has some great riffing and this song clearly demonstrates it. Keep on rocking!

57Dog Eat Dog

Come on, AC/DC's best guitar solo, how come its all the way up here

Much better than just about everything the band have done in the last 30 years

A hidden gem. You gotta love this song, it's just downright wicked good.

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58Play Ball

Ac/dc (unlike Metallica) aren't sell outs and are still amazing. this is proof. - gemcloben

I don't want them to retire yet great song great album

This is the rock n roll train of the rock or bust album

Play ball is a good song not the best but still 79

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59Are You Ready

Can't believe this isn't higher up the list. Really catchy and has an absolutely epic, and unique intro. Also the guitar solo is awesome!

Their best intro ever, the energy you feel in the song is incredible.

This song was played during Axl/DC

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60The Jack

I like this song, maybe my 5th overall after highway, shook me all night long, back in black, and rosie.

She got the jack yeah really really killer sounds I really enjoyed it.
She gave me her mind,
She gave me here body,
But she gave it to anybody,
She was number 9.99 on my $3.00 list,

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