Best Action Movie Titles

This list compiles the action movies with the most explosive-sounding titles.

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1Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Yes, I know it's only sometimes known with this subtitle (otherwise it acts solely as the tagline), but it's too awesome (and now clich├ęd) to not be #1. - BKAllmighty


Its awesomeness is owed to it's awesome double meaning. The whole movie is awesome, really. - BKAllmighty

3Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

They wouldn't even have needed the 'Indiana Jones and the... ' part to sell tickets. 'Temple of Doom', by itself, is a winning title. - BKAllmighty

4Terminator 2: Judgment Day

You can say the same thing for this movie as I did for 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'. Sometimes the subtitle is stronger-sounding than the name of the franchise. - BKAllmighty

5Hobo With a Shotgun

It's as boring of a title as it is subtle. - BKAllmighty

And for those that don't understand what I just said above, since it isn't a subtle title is it also not boring. I wouldn't insult the title of the film that I, myself, added.. - BKAllmighty

6Kill Bill: Volume 1

It's Short. It's Simple. It Rhymes. It Works. - BKAllmighty


Tell me that doesn't sound awesome. I dare you. - BKAllmighty


This one is a little bit more subjective. I added it here because of how the title lends itself not just to the alien race of hunters but also to the host of violent-natured humans pitted against them. - BKAllmighty

9Big Trouble in Little China

Poetic is its title, ass-kicking is its content. - BKAllmighty

10Hot Fuzz

It's either a great action-comedy movie starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, or it's a peach that's been left out in the sunlight for too long. - BKAllmighty

Haven't seen the movie but I'm tempted to think you're joke on the title is better! - Billyv

The Contenders

11Die Hard
13Kill Bill: Volume 2
14Django Unchained
15Mean Streets
16First Blood

Doesn't mean much at first, but you figure out what it means fairly quickly.

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