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Great actor in India, he shows all variations including dance... No one can

He is the greatest actor of India, dancing star and has the largest fan base in south India

Mega Star of South India
No words to discribe his acting or dancing
He was the only dancing hero till 2001 of Indian film industry.
In 2009 Prabhudeva, the Indian Michael Jackson named Chiranjeevi as the best dancer in India

He is the number 1 actor in India.

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22Nazeeruddin Shah

I think his position should be number 1. This genius actor deserves a lot appreciation than he has got!

He is 3 times winning national award in actor and supportting actor.

Well he is an acting institution himself, Hollywood recognises him a best Indian actor and after him wouldbe irfan khan. Naseeruddin's roles cannot be played by any othdr Indian actor

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23Allu Arjun

He is best dancer, actor, stylish hero in India

He is the best actor he is the one who can rule India

Allu arjun is the best actor I have ever seen! His dancing skills is fantastic! He is the best dancer in Indian cinema! He can portray any role in a right manner without over acting or spoiling the script! He is very handsome to!

Always on top.

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24N. T. Rama Rao

He is the great actor Indian film industry

Ultimate actor ever movie industry produced worldwide

He is the great actor Indian film industry. He is reel&real hero

Versatile actor

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25Sivaji Ganesan

He is the greatest of the greatest and actor of the actors. No one can match him. In one film, while he was returning from his sister's house, being scolded by her, he stood at the doorstep and through his back, one can imagine his face which is sobbing. Greatest performance.

Sivaji ganesan legend, on acting but 20th place its not good... he always number 1

If there is God of acting, That is Mr. Sivaji.. There is no words to praise.

He is a great actor in India.

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26Saif Ali Khan

He is Superstar for India. He will become king khan.

No leading actor in the present except ajay devgan nobody has won national award for best actor, he will going to be number 1 in 2-3 years he never give up

How can this super sexy actor can be in 25th place he deserves to be in 1st rank with no doubt

He is going to be king khan

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I first met Dharmendra nearly 40 years ago - great actor, but a really great person too - not many of them about!

Dharmendra is the best... he is most versatile and long lasting actor in Indian cinema... he has done movies in romantic 60 's... fun 70's... action 80's... masala early 90's... THE BEST...

I think he is the best human being than any actor...

Boss tussi great ho

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28Johnny LeverV2 Comments

Govinda is very good looking dancing actor

Govinda is very looking dancer

He is best hero in film industry

He is best dancer

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30Irrfan Khan

He is a natural actor and the best

If this voting needs any development then that is take this man 2 number 1

I like all Indian actors but for sure this guy can't be number 29.he is to be among the top ten

This guy is "the actor"

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31John Abraham

John Abraham one of the versatile actor in actor in India. Now his acting skills are raised to certain level, should be promoted to top ten list.

Will back with a bang. Not so far the day he will be the best actor in India. John Abraham rocks

John Abraham has raised from non actor to a well know actor. Once I hated him but when I saw his Madras cafe I was totally wrong about him. My perception towards him was wrong. I do love to watch his films further. Waiting for his upcoming like dostana 2, Rocky handsome, welcome back... he's truly guenine actor. Should b promoted to top 10.

Very handsome actor

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32Farhan Akhtar

A very good actor, can any one forget his performance in 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag'.

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He is beautiful dancer and talented actor

He is the only multi talented young actor in Tamil industry.. No movies fa 2 years still he didn loose his single fan..

Most talented, one who can do any scene in single take.. He gonna rock Indian cinema, he gonna rule the world with his love anthem.. ! We all are waiting.. !

Str is super hero

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34Imran Khan

Whatever it is. Looks, personality, smile... Etc. he is the best and the most good looking actor in Bollywood

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35Puneeth Rajkumar

Great dancer and fighter no one can do fights like him in India

Really he is a excellent actor & dancer in south India...

Punith raj kumar is the best actor in the Kannada film industry and all over the India.

Very good and decent actor in India

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36Om PuriV2 Comments

I love darling prabhas so much because he was hand some hero in tollywood. He is the rebel star. He is the smart looking and best actor in tollywood

He is number 1 hero in tolly wood because
1. Action is good
2. Height-6.2
3. Weight-present 125 kgs
4. Handsome and fit
5. Look like perfect man
6. Good character
7. He can kick any 1 in tollywood

Cute guy in tollywood. I love his smile. He is very nice. I watch prabhas movies only

Prabhas is no1

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Sivakarthikeyan is the best actor and comedian. All like siva.

He acting is very nice. I like very much

He was comedian but acting is super

In Future he will be an Superstar

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39PrithvirajPrithviraj Sukumaran, credited mononymously as Prithviraj, is an Indian actor, playback singer and producer best known for his work in Malayalam films.

Most promising Indian film actor and youth icon of south Indian cinema

The youngest actor to win Kerala state film awards at the age of 24 and he won the award twice. Career spanning in about 12 years he won the title " Young Superstar ", acted in malayalam Tamil Telugu and Hindi languages about 80+ films.


Youth super star

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40N. T. Rama Rao Jr.

He is the best actor in south India. Best classical dancer too. He can do any type of role.

He is number one he can dance and his dialogues are the best he can dialogues with high intensity in it

He is an example for multi-talented hero in the Indian film industry and for him anything is possible. Especially according to dance and dialogue delivery he deserves for number 1 in the Indian film industry

Multi Talented

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