Best Actors From Kannada Cinema

In the span of 75 years Kannada cinema has seen many talented and versatile actors (some are no more). Here is the list of actors whom I personally feel they deserve respect from people of Karnataka and India.

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1 Puneeth Rajkumar

Most talented all rounder in kannada film industry. National award winner at young age.

Power star is the best actor ever..

No one can beat him! He is the king of Kannada

Power star is king always in Sandalwood

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2 Darshan

Challenging star darshan is box office sulthan in kannada industry & all his films are going good from 2010 and he is the top payer in kannada industry...

He is the number one actor of kannada film industry, since from 2010 all his films were blockbuster he is sultan of box office.we love his acting best of luck to challeging star. He is handsome hulk of our industry

He is the msn, who one can't break his record he is the best hero of sandalwood. No one is infront of him he is challenging, rocking, powerful, handsome icant explain about him because he is the great

Best talented actor box office sultan

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3 Kichha Sudip

He is only young generation actor who made it to this list. That proves his talent. Hi recent role in a Telugu Cinema " EEGA" made him famous across India. He is new hope of Kannada Cinema, who is capable of taking Kannada cinema to world.


He is best actor in kannada industry with superb look and wonderful acting. He is the genuine person and also his helping nature is very rare character in film industry. In future definitely he will be the super star of South Indian film industry.

No one can match his acting skills..he one step ahead than all the other actors in KFI...which he has proved in his films than the regular stereotype characters portrayed by the other actors

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4 Yash

I like his acting in googly, he is his own style of acting

He is really a rocking star of sandalwood

Best actor. I like his Rajahlui and googly movies. He is the best actor of kannada movies

He is man of perfect no is the opposit reaction is a masterpiece

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5 Vishnu Vardhan

One and only superstar of kannada film industry

Action, romance, love. Drama & comedy total entertainer.
Wonderful, unbelievable, extraordinary, awesome & mind blowing actor

An hero to be remember for ever regarding family oriented movies

He is actually top actor of all time

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6 Upendra

One and only kannada film actor and sirector, no one can compete with him; don't compare upendra with other actors he is the only onethat has achieved lot in film industry

He is different hero and director of film industry

Upendra Is the one and only master minded actor&director in kannada film industry...

Multi talented person, and real Star...

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7 Shankar Nag

Most talented actor and director of Kannada cinema. Precious gem of Kannada cinema lost his life in severe road accident at the age of 35. Still Kannada cinema haven't found someone to match his caliber and popularity.
Plus: Unique style, adorable screen presence and involvement in entire process of making of film not just acting

All time favourite.he is the best. Hats off to shankar nag

Highly talented director, actor, fighter very active celebrity of sandalwood unlike others

Ever green name with his humanity and acting

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8 Dr. Raj Kumar

Only Dada saheb Phalke award winner of kannada cinema that says everything. Legendary actor who is as famous as MGR (Tamil actor), Nageshwar Rao (Telugu), and Raj Kapoor (Hindi). Never worked in any other languages of Indian because of his love towards Kannada language.

Dr Rajkumar is a simplicity king he is a real god real and true legend of Indian cinema he is a crown of Indian cinema every actor having only one title but Rajkumar having more than 12 titles that's why he is best and emperor of Indian cinema

Good and very good actor and singer simply god of acting

Legend of kannada film industry

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9 Ravichandran Ravichandran

He has so much of talent. I thought he is one of the Best director in kannada film industry. He has own creativity to made a such a big big films. Love you Ravi Sir

When I hear ravichandran songs no words can describe him.. No one can get that much of popularity in songs

He is real hero in kannada industry his songs really good till know

Crazy star v ravichandran is creative person and one and only

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10 Shivrajkumar

A sentiment king.. Awesome actor

He is a best actor in our kannada industry.

I like shiva because he great in Kannada industry I didn't copy any movie

He is such a wonderful actor in the world he is always maintain the number 1 position

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The Contenders

11 Golden Star Ganesh

Ganesh is best actor in kannada industry is looking super is number one

He is the real talented hero in Kannada film industry

He is talented hero a good actor good director and good produced very handsome hero and fair

Talented actor

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12 Ambareesh

In Kannada,for angry young role the best one is Ambareesh only and always I like his friendly nature with all.

All time legend actor in kannada

Ambi acting is super his fight and dialogues superb one and only rebal star in sandalwood

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13 Druva Sarja

He is powerful hero hero in sandalwood. I like his bahadur movie

He is wonderful actor in Kannada film industry, I like & I love druva sarja

He is hand some and my relative directed, did screenplay, wrote story of bahaddur

I like and love because he only grow up in 1st film ADDHURI. and 2nd as a BAHADDHUR it is also a awesome movie and it runs 200 days or more. acting style and talking style totally different compared to other actors. in future he is the box office sultan and lover boy of every kannadigas...

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14 Sudeep

I like him very much and his dialogue are super and his movies are super and songs. I like him very much.

Sudeep is very very talented actor in India

I like sudeep films and I am a fan of his...

Sudeep sir very very talented hero

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15 Duniya Vijay

Duniya vijay is dare devil and also one and oly real action hero in entire sandalhood

Duniya duniya duniya your bigest fan from bidar king of sandal wood duniya vijay

Duniya vijay very big fan y menes he six pack do not come any one

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16 Ananth Nag

Most versatile actor of Kannada cinema. Whether it is serious cinema or comedy.. You know Ananth Nag will make it a hit movie. I assume still Kannada directors have failed to tap his entire talent. Even today he has his own elite fan following.

This actor is a classy one and as per my personal opinion no one can beat him when it comes to his acting. The most realistic actor and one who is known for portraying his character effortlessly without any over acting bakwas. You are my all time favorite Sir. I feel he should get a place amongst the best actors of the world. In addition to the above attribute, he also has the Royal looks which adds to his portfolio of good traits of an actor.

In Kannada Film Industry, I rate Ananth Nag only after legendary actor Dr. Rajkumar.

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17 Ramesh Aravind

Even some people blame him for copying few signature acting skills from Kamal Hassan (Tamil actor), he is talented in deed. He is the one the rare Kannada actor who has acted in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema

He is absolutely awesome.very natural actor and pleasant to see him on screen

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18 Chikkanna

I like chikkanna I am great fan you and you r comedies is very funny

I like you so much I like your comedy scene and dialogue

Natural star. I m getting laugh by chikkanna comedy only real comidian of sandalwood

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19 Raghavendra Rajkumar

Super raghavendra rajkumar kannada movie

20 Prajwal Devaraj

Handsome star very good acting

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