Top Ten Actors In South India

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The Top Ten

Superstar of tamil movies
Best dancer and so handsome
Don't come to near, I am fire our star vijay...!
[Newest]He is so smart
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2Pawan Kalyan
He is my God, I am not a fan of Pawan Kalyan Sir. His down to earth Character inspires me a lot. I love my Father, Mother and My family next in my mind comes is my God Power Star Pawan Kalyan Sir. No Doubt he is number 1 Superstar of Telugu Film Industry with his excellent actor and a Great human in nature
Pawan kalyan does not have any fan following as a hero.. But he has enormous craze and unanimous response from fans because of his behaviour and character which is unique
Power star has a super fan following in india. His styile is uniqe he is the trend setter. Pawanism is another Religion in world...
[Newest]South India legendry hero youth icon in India
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Rajinikanth sir is world super star
All the actors mentioned as locall heros or stars... BUT THALIVAR RAJINIKANTH IS WORLD SUPERS TAR!
Who else.. Indian superstar! Proved what he is even in overseas market..
[Newest]Rajnikanth is the only one in the world

4Mahesh Babu
He is so cute... He can compare any hollywood actor. So powerful so smart and a real superstar
Looks like a telugu speaking Hollywood Hero! Incomparable Acting skills. Undoubtedly the next big brand in South India after Rajnikanth
His acting super and he looks so cute. Next badsha
[Newest]I don't care about who is on the top.. But only Mahesh babu is the Super star..!

5Ajith Kumar
An Actor known for his discipline, straight forward, trust towards his fans, with a huge mass of fans hub in south india and Tamil Nadu.
His movies have a great mass opening even greater than rajinikanth and beyond expectations. Hence, he is named as THALA of tamilnadu.
He have a great bunch of followers that includes actors a lot.
Till he uniquely... Known for his expressions, acting and stylish, the only actor in india who can play a hollywood role without any doubt.
Thala is a mass. Mgr is a first super star. Rajni is a second super star. AJITH is a NEXT SUPER STAR. This is people judgement
He is a man of principle... Heaven..
[Newest]Ajith is Real Super star..

6Kamal Hasan
Kamal hassan is oolaga naayagan! He has been praised by Amithab bhachan, rajinikanth, jackie chan.. Now recently by lord of d rings director... He deserves a OSCAR... Even more than that... An only actor who earned money in industry & spent it for industry! Salute
I never seen any actor in india like kamal hasan. In fact he is the real superstar in india even though few of his film not success. Who is only growing the tamil film industry...
In performance Kamal, Mohanlal, Vikram, Mammutty, Surya, etc. ,
In stardom Rajni, Chiranjeevi, Magesh Babu, Ajith, Vijay, Pawan, etc. ,

Let us not list the legends like MGR, NTR, Rajkumar, Shivaji, etc. ,
[Newest]Great Actor, Definitely get Oscar if he has born in USA

He is only good actor. And physical fit. Any character suit him. Handsome in tamil cinema industry. Very cute expression guy acting sense is very high very brilliant boy
I think surya is handsome
He is the most handsome than anyone in this list and south india's most googled actor
[Newest]He was great actor suriya

The flexible and natural actor in indian film industry
He is most prominent and talented actor India had ever seen! He has acted in more than 300 films! Such a LEGEND!
Real south indian legend
[Newest]The real meaning of acting...

He is one of the greatest actors the county has ever seen. He can play any role with ease. With his dances he can simply mesmerize audience. When chiru dances none looks at the lady dancer and the total concentration will be on chiru and chiru alone. Such an impact he created on audience. People would throng theatres to watch chiranjeevi in action let whatever the movie it be, a success or failure. Without an iota of doubt chiru is the top ranked actor from south.
Chiranjeevi is the best from south india. None comes close to him. He is the one adorned by both class and mass. With his dances he can make audience spellbound.
He is the all time great actor. No one can reach him. He has to be in first position along with rajini and kamal
The legends of indian film industry
All the other heroes are noting before them
[Newest]He is top in the list

10Jr. NTR
Jr. Ntr is the best dancer as well as best actor
In recent times he is the king of the South india.. He is the excellent dancer and actor..
Ntr is a great dancer. No one can delivery dialogues like him. He is a great actor and don't have any limits in acting. He is the only hero who can do any types of roles.
[Newest]Always is number 1

The Contenders

11Allu Arjun
He knows what kind of movies youngsters want.
Stylish Star... Youngster's Hero... Superb Dancer And Hard worker... Risk Taker...
Bunny... Number 1 top south indian star than vijay...
[Newest]Really stylish... I am a fan from Bangladesh

Well he is an expressive actor and good at heart. Perfect Hero on and off screen.
1st PRABHAS looking very charm and attract the girls amazingly his dialog delivery is too excellent his best pair forever is TRISHA no one cannot beat this pair
Prabhas is the only hero in tollywood no other hero compare with him because he is a cool person
[Newest]Prabhas is a good actor but he needs to work more on his language.

Undoubtedly the best actor who lives in the character given to him.. Deserves place next to kamal in tamil.
Finnest actor in this century
Vikram is very actor in tamil cinemas &next to kamal
[Newest]He is one and only finest actor of Indian Cinema.

Who created this, putting three natinal award winner in 14th position, keep in first
Greatest actor ever in Indian cinema. His portrayal of Ambedkar speaks volumes about his acting prowess. He should be at number 1 in any list
He is the one and only king and the rest should compete for being his assist...
[Newest]Greatest actor in malayalam film industry

15Ram Charan
He had won a big hit magadheera
Super actor and super dancer
Ram charan will be the next super star... Because of persistence in his career... I like him very much...
[Newest]Super star of south

16Puneeth Rajkumar
S he is a great actor like his father legendary actor dr. Rajkumar...
Undoubtedly he is the best dancer n fighter in south india... His movies never sees loss... He has the highest success rate than any other actor in south india
He is a very good actot and he won the national award in his childwood movies he acted in 18 films so far all films are super hit and his dance and fights are very beautifull and he is the only actor in india can do fight as well as dance both
[Newest]Great actor of sandalwood

17N. T. Rama Rao
He was an legand still there r fans to ntr after his death was completed 18 years
Ntr legend for acting
Nothing to comment a ideal actor for Indian cinema industry


[Newest]He is the legend

18Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran
M.G. R God father of south Indian... Successful person in politics as well as cine field... Inspiration of all other heroes mentioned above and to others too who all r not mentioned...
He is stylish & mass hero of world
A real hero in the screen and real life
[Newest]Evergreen top top only one hero

Indian bruce lee he married rajini kanth s daughter and he is a national award winner
He is best actor, dancer etc... particularly in polladavan movie... awesome...
[Newest]Dhanush anna than super star

20Dr. Vishnuvardan
All hero's must learn acting from Dada Dr. Vishnuvardhan, he is the one real HERO. Vishnu sir your great...
None of the actors are comparative to vishnu, He is handsome, versatile & stylish, superb voice more than all a super human being
One of the greatest actor indian cinema even seen...
[Newest]He is ultimate star forever.. He is unique and gem of Indian film industry

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