Top 10 Advanced Warfare Elite Gun Variants

I know this type of list has been made but nobody has made a top 10 elite guns in advanced warfare so this is the first

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1Asm1 Speakeasy

Best looking and best in general it will outgun the bal anyday

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2Hbra3 Insanity
3Bal-27 Obsidian Steed

The obsidian steed is betters than the speakeasy.

4Ak12 R.I.P

Better accuracy and more fire rate

5Arx-160 Steel ByteV1 Comment
6Bal-27 Inferno

Better than the speakeasy with more fire rate

Dudes this thing deserves to be top

7Mp11 Goliath

Great gun to use with the plus 3 damage its great

8Mors the Doctor
9Imr Boar Strike

The imr is bad anyway this makes it good I have the thunder tusk its not that good

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10Asm1 Strider

The Contenders

11Kf5 Breakneck
12Em1 Pwner
13Kf5 Spanner

All of the ones below number ten aren't in a specific order, I just thought up every elite gun I could think of so you could vote on them, but the ones in the top ten are specifically ordered - ThunderKid

14Mp11 Squeaker

Amazing fire rate, you just need to add the right attachments.

15Mors Silver Bullet
16Em1 Pwner
17S-12 Tiger Blood
18Ak12 Finger Trap

Don't use this if you are in a gun wager or in a game needing something long range it won't really get much of a job done

Its stats are good but with those stats you need some attachments so it is crap without helpful atachments

19Epm3 Bona Fide
20Imr Thunder Tusk
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