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Dream On
I love Aerosmith! I was BY FAR BORN IN THE WRONG ERA OF ROCK MUSIC! I really wish I was alive to Steven Tyler, and Joe Perry H.O.T HOT! I've heard all these stories of how amazing singers and were just AMAZING! Anyone who thinks there a terrible band... Well what can I saw? They're deaf! No offense to those who really are.
The perfect song that made me love rock and roll... I was just a kid that was amused by the beats of hipsop songs, but this has opened my room of rock and in my heart and mind... Fantastic keep dreaming.. Love you aerosmith
this song is so inspirational I love it Steven Tyler is amazing in this song and the whole band is well ROCKING!
[Newest]I'm not an Aerosmith fan by any means, but what a great debut single this is. Steven Tyler's voice is fabulous.
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2I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
The most emotionally thrilling song for me... It gives the sense of importance that everyone should be awaken that they must not waste time to show their love and care to those close to their heart... Tyler gave life and sends out the meaning in a truthful manner by means of his unique style of singing with very potent emotional X Factor...
I think this is the best song any band has ever made! This song makes you think deep into the heart, makes you think you should always love your soul mate in good times because you never know when something bad is going to come your way. This song is so wonderful and successful. Way to go Aerosmith!
Great Song with awesome lyrics. One of the best rock balads ever
[Newest]It is honestly the best song ever written. It hits me right in the heart, and reminds me of my childhood.
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3Walk This Way
Why don't people vote for "walk this way? "This is the best rock song anyone has ever made! In my opinion, no band can play this song as good as AEROSMITH! Also nobody can top this song.
Classic aerosmith song. The whole album is awesome but walk this way is something beyond the realms of amazing this is AEROSMITH'S GREATEST SONG
Heck YEA! This is as good as it gets, the rocking guitar solos, great music, all around!
[Newest]I don't know why I like this song so much. I just do. What a riff.

4Sweet Emotion
This was the song played on rocking' Rollercoaster at Disney WOrld, and it's always been my favorite song, the fact that it came on while I was on it totally blew me away.
Amazing guitar. I just can't get enough of it. I like this song because it shows just how good Rock can be. My father and I used to listen to this song a lot when I was younger, mainly because it was his favourite song. It makes me nostalgic and it just makes me want to dance. My favorite Aerosmith song.
Just a laid back song. Love the sounds at the beginning. Just makes you wanna roll a joint and chill.
[Newest]I sing this song at school all the time! It is so catchy

I like it a little bit more than the other fantastic songs of this band.


Man, this song is a classic. It has been popular for ages and it is a great love ballad as well. When you start to listen it once, you fall in love automatically.
Best Aerosmith song that I have ever heard, it's my favourite, cause it's legendary. Fantastic, simply perfect.
[Newest]I love this song <3 Tyler rules in Cryin'

Really, this is in my opinion the best aerosmith song ever. I wonder why no one else voted for this... Some of the best guitar solos by aerosmith, and a superb voice solo by Tyler!
I agree mane. My favorite song of all time. People underestimate Aerosmith's later work. They claim its nowhhere near better than their 70's work. Not True. Cryin and Crazy are classic.
Love the song... Can't stop listening... Best aerosmith song for me... It is really the best aerosmith song I've known
[Newest]This is the best aerosmith song ever. It's just perfect in every sense.

7Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Absolutely amazing song. One of the best rock songs of all time!

Seriously this is the best song ever. It is full of rock and roll and I love it. This was the song that got me into rock and now I'm into heavy metal but I still listen to this every day (almost)

! I first heard this song in disney land paris on the aerosmith roller coaster and loved this song! First thought it said "Do the funky lady" #oops.

Anyways, this is amazing. And also, Walk this way comes second.

By the way: I don't think Janie's got a gun is very good.

BUT vote for Dude looks like a lady! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Just listen to Joe Perry shred his guitar! It goes perfectly with Steven's stressed vocals. Plus, the lyrics have a pretty funny story behind them! One of the best songs to use to pump yourself up, along with come on Feel the Noize (Quiet Riot) and Hammer to Fall (Queen). One of the best jams to come from the Bad Boys of Boston.
[Newest]Just as the title suggests, this Permanent Vacation single is about a man who is mistaken for a woman because of the way he looks. Aside from its intriguing lyrics, "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" also features plenty of hooks and the use of sax, trombone and so much more. By peaking at number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, the song also gave Aerosmith their first top forty hit in almost a decade and inspired the film "Mrs. Doubtfire."

8Janie's Got a Gun
This is my favorite Aerosmith Song, So much passion and intensity! Aerosmith Rocks! This song comes from an era of Aerosmith when they were on fire.
My favorite! What a classic.. Can't stop listening it. One of the greatest songs of the 80's! Was a huge hit in 1989!
Gotta love that chorus!
1 of best songs by aerosmith, but not the best...
[Newest]I remember this song from along time ago

9Love in an Elevator
when I came on this list I thought this would be number 1. it is amazing


Okay, why the heck isn't this at number one? This song rocks!


This needs to be in the top 5! It's the greatest song ever invented! Keep voting till this hits the top! Cause it belongs no lower!
[Newest]Heard this song in a hotel elevator

Brilliant, emotional, touching and very deep song from musical legends Aerosmith. This wonderful track should be in Top 5


Wow Angel is way too low Angel is an Amazing Song By one of the best Bands ever!

This is a Ballad of Emotion and it's fun to Sing along too!


This is by far one of the best Aerosmith songs! It should be in the first positions. "Walk This Way" is good but not as touching and smooth as "Angel"!
[Newest]My favorite song EVER

The Contenders

11Livin' on the Edge
"You can't help yourself from fallin" "There is something wrong with the world today and don't know what it is, There is something wrong with our eyes"
Just golden greatest song from them, I got the A with wings carved in my head


I've always felt that music was an art form and as all art it needed some meaning behind it otherwise it's just noise, this song has a meaning behind it. It also sound great and should be in the top ten songs of all time.
Best song ever, as I get older this song seems to mean more to me than any of their other songs! All his songs are fabulous but this one just has an edge over the rest. There IS something wrong with the world today but I think we are starting to learn what that is.
[Newest]This one really needs to be in the Top 10. Not a big fan of Aerosmith but this song is just so fun to listen to.

Absolute lyrical and musical masterpiece. The instrumentals are amazing, so haunting and powerful, and Steven's writing here is BEYOND incredible. So passionate and emotional! Not just the words, but that "AMAZING" delivery that could come from no other. The raw feeling, coming straight from his heart and his pain, damn we can ALL feel it. This song IS feeling.
I don't understand why this song is 12, just listen to the lyrics and you'll see that is one of the best songs of this AMAZING band
IN-credible song, no words. HOW ON EARTH IS THIS NOT IN TOP 5? The lyrics, music, passion, everything is just so beautiful, definitely one of my favourites.
[Newest]The live version Steven Tyler did for the rehab centre makes this song just the best and most timeless piece by Aerosmith

YES their last great hit (which incidentally is almost 10 years old) by far has the coolest lyrics, bassline and drumbeat of any of their song


My dad and I were watching the snl where they preformed the song, and it instantly took us back to pre 9-11 era. Ever since this has taken over as THE amazing aerosmith song.
This song has always been around. It has a wonderful tone, very meaningful lyric, great instrument bits, and an amazing sound overall.
[Newest]It is Aerosmith in their last great hit! It is more up to date with the time (the year 2000) as it is more alternative Rock than their previous material, yet Aerosmith cranked out a great song with this! Should be in the top 10 too!

14Rag Doll
Love it! I mean, I love all that Aerosmith has to offer, but when this song comes up on my ipod, I can't help but turn the volume up, get a little swag walk going, and "singing" along in my head!
The last single from Aerosmith's ninth record is a four-and-a-half minute number that blends elements of hard rock, glam metal and funk metal. But that's not all: thanks to Joey Kramer's memorable drum beat, Perry's slide guitar and some horns, "Rag Doll" peaked within the Billboard Hot 100's top twenty.
The last single from Aerosmith's ninth record is a four-and-a-half minute number that blends elements of hard rock, glam metal and funk metal. But that's not all: thanks to Joey Kramer's memorable drum beat, Perry's slide guitar and some horns, "Rag Doll" peaked within the Billboard Hot 100's top twenty.

15Back in the Saddle
How the HELL is THIS #20?!
Come on, all the vocals are AMAZING, Joe on a six string bass, and definitely the end, steven "RIDIN' HIGH! " that part had got to be one of, if not the best scream by Steven.
Although many of the songs here are great, this shouldn't be 20. Probably #3 or 4 behind dream on, draw the line, and maybe sight for sore eyes.
I don't want to miss a thing should be at 5, it's a beautiful ballad.
I just can't see how anyone can put this song at number 20. It should be number 1 no debate after back in the saddle it should be walk this way, dream on, I don't wanna miss a thing then dude look like a lady!
With its growly Joe Perry-penned riff, Steven Tyler's yodeling and some equestrian audio effects, the heavy "Back in the Saddle" is a great example of the band's combined musical talents. It's also got some fine production work by Jack Douglas and an anthemic nature, both of which surely helped "Back in the Saddle" reach the Billboard Hot 100's top forty.
[Newest]Awesome vocals, should be AT LEAST top ten, I'd put it top 5 personally

16Mama Kin
As the first single off Aerosmith's self-titled debut, this track helped introduce the band's hard rock and blues rock sound. Though it didn't make it to the American pop charts, "Mama Kin" has endured thanks to its mix of guitar riffs, solid backbeat and use of saxophone. And even though it was recorded in the early'70s, it remains a constant inclusion in the band's live sets.
Minute long begining solo sweetest thing I will ever hear


I have always been blown away by the energy captured in this great song by one of the greatest Rock bands ever!

17Kings and Queens
Definitely deserves to be in the top 10. Absolutely cracking song! I think perhaps it's not in the top 10 as it's so old so maybe a lot of people just haven't listened to this song. Just have a listen and you'll see.
Why ain't this song number one, or at least number 2 behind dream on... such an amazing song from the one and only aerosmith!
amazing musicianship. they need to start playing this live again.

18What it Takes
Great instrumentals (if not spoilt because of bad vocals) is what it takes to make a good composition.. The music may be simple, but its great :-) a Thumbs Up to Aerosmith! B-)
Make me think just tell me what it takes to let you go!, nice lyric very good emotional love song,
Makes me want to cry every time I listen to it, ourstanding lyrics, holy crpa with that solo is icing on the pie, the mountain dew of songs, the chords of a angel, with a interesting it at the end of the studio version.
[Newest]No Doubt Dream On deserves #1 Spot but this song definitely should be in there Top 5!

19Same Old Song & Dance
I like it because I can play it on guitar easier than everything else. I love everything from Aerosmith, but this is what led me to get my wings. So... I guess that's it...
Not a very well known song, but one of Aerosmith's finest. Fun song on Guitar Hero I.
Vote this song higher up the list please great guitar bass drumming and singing


[Newest]Same Old Story, Same Old Song and Dance.

A brilliantly written song - it's in songs where Aerosmith has fun that they're the best!
Allusions to sex in what appears to be a straight ahead song about "my fav-or-ite col-or". Stimulating as hell.


It's just brilliant. The starting organ then tyler's amazing vocals... It really deserves to be in top 5 list, certainly.
[Newest]Very underrated song. It's my favorite by Aerosmith, really it should at least be in the top ten


21Hole In My Soul
How is this not in the top 10? Right up there with Cryin' and Angel'! A fantastic emotional, power ballad!
Nice lyrics. In crescendo ballad. Couldn't believe it is so low in the ranking.
This must belong to the top 10. A very heartfelt song!

22Draw the Line
I'm honestly surprised this song didn't rate higher. Everything from the guitar intro to the lyrics is just classic 70s rock. I wouldn't rate it number one, but it deserves higher than #19.
This is the distillation of their greatness, and the insane screaming of Steven reaches the level of an apotheosis of Rock music. Crazy and unique, it's the Demon of Screamin.
Steven's scream towards the middle of the song is the stuff of legends.

23Seasons of Wither
This is absolutely one of Aerosmith's best songs-just like all the others it rocks! Whose calling lately...
Those of us who are from the first generation of Aerosmith fans think of this classic in the top 5 list..
31 3! Fan in Colorado.

24The Other Side
VOTE UP VOTE UP VOTE UP! This is the best aerosmith song by a long shot cryin' right beneath it but not even close how is this so underrated VOTE UP VOTE UP VOTE UP VOTE UP!
Best aerosmith song ever! I love don't wanna miss a thing and walk this way and cryin' but this song tops all of them. How is it sitting back here and not in the top ten? It truly rocks
Awesome song! Please please please listen to it!
[Newest]Very good song, vote this up!

25Fly Away From Here
I absolutley love this song so much it makes me bawl like a baby every time I listen to it now do I think this is actually the best aerosmith song? No. That's impossible to choose one, but is this one of my personal favorites? HELL YES. I love you steven, joe, joey, tom, and brad!
Beautiful song, great lyrics... Yet again, from Aerosmith. Number 21 seems too low in my humble opinion.
Amazing song, amazing lyrics!... I love it so much!
[Newest]This one should be definitely in the top ten

26Toys In The Attic
An unappreciated classic.
Not as focused on meaningful lyrics as much as cool guitar and bass playing.

27Eat the Rich
With a unique intro, awesome riff, and a pump up verse and chorus, this song just defines the whole genre of rock, which is why it's my favorite song ever.
Why Is This 29 It Should At Least Be In The Top 5

28Train Kept A-Rollin'
This is the best song ever I can't believe this is 17 this shows how amazing Joe Perry can play there are like 6 solos in this song it is amazing. In my opinion this is the best Areosmith song ever made if not the best song ever made.


Despite being a cover is a great song and deserve a higher place in the top 10.

29Last Child
TWENTY FIFTH PLACE?! This is classic Aerosmith. Not poppy-Aerosmith. I mean, Dream On is good, but the modern world over-estimated it. But Last Child remains my all time favorite Aerosmith song.
I am an avid fan of Aerosmith and have all of their albums but this song hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard it. They were at their creative peak on this song which makes Last Child an amazing song. The guitar riffs are as hard rocking as it gets, the lyrics make no sense but they are always stuck in my head. Last Child has to be at least in the top 5!
Rocks rocks! This song has an awesome beat to it, it's just a great tune. Can't believe it's this far down.
[Newest]This is the classic Aerosmith song... The riff is just too nice and gets you going...

30Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
Awesome song, nice guitar and drums
With good Tempo, Nicely sung by Taylor!

31Girls of Summer
The song is so so I like it very much

32Walk on Water
Dude this song is an epic hard rock song! Needs to be in the top 20, at least!
When I heard this song I couldn't help it but get up and dance, VOTE VOTE VOTE till it hits the top, cause it deserves no lower!
Just a brilliant song that should be way higher! I can't think why this isn't in their greatest hit's category, cause it's certainly one of them in my mind
This is an awesome song! I wouldn't say it's their absolute best song! But it's in the top 10 for sure, shouldn't be at 37! Come on people vote for this song cause it should be a lot higher! "
[Newest]This is one of their unreleased tracks but personally one of my favorites. It's got good tunes as well as nice lyrics. I could listen to it over and over again. It definitely deserves a higher status than this!

33Let the Music Do the Talking

34Lord of the Thighs
My Favorite Aerosmith song. When Aerosmith was a Rock/Blues Band


35Nobody's Fault
The best track from their best album (Rocks). This song was so influential among then-budding rock musicians like Slash and James Hetfield that it's a crime to have this place at number 34.
One of my personal Aerosmiths best. The rocking style of Aerosmith is represented in this amazing song. Too bad we don't make songs like this anymore.
THEIR HEAVIEST SONG! Too underrated...

36What Could Have Been Love
What the hell is wrong with you people? This song is the best from their new album and is cleary one of their best songs. Steven Tyler still at his best
Sure it's Modern AeroSmith but I Actually Really enjoy this song!


Yeah, it is a new one, but it's maybe even one of their best songs EVER! They just rock! ^. ^

37Permanent Vacation

38Adam's Apple
I can understand why its not in the top ten, but, seriously! Its my favorite track off of toys in the attic.
88 What a joke. This is one of the best riffs they ever did.

39You Gotta Move
It's a nice one. I like it.


As featured in the nicalodean movie BARNYARD


40You See Me Crying
My all time favorite Aerosmith song. Always has been since I was seven.
This is actually a good powers ballad.

41No More No More
If it's Steven Tyler's favorite song it sure should be a lot higher than this...

42Lick and a Promise

43Full Circle
I must agree that this is a very impressive song. Every second of it that passes makes me feel more and more fulfilled by the energy of this amazing group.
37th place?! It's way better than walk this way! You don't deserve to vote here people
45th?! Full Circle is definitely in my top 10! And Dream On is not even in my top 10!
[Newest]Best song ever, forever in my heart

44Just Push Play
Love the remix! Major swag in this song! But 39, REALLY?! Oh well, if you've read this far, you're bound to give this song a chance.
Definitely one Aerosmith's best. Top 10.

45Deuces are Wild
I love this song because it is a ballad with a kick-ass chorus!
Don't know why it isn't in the top 10 though...
Best aerosmith song ever
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you don't like this song, you are wrong!

46Movin' Out

47One Way Street
Best Aerosmith first album song, if not, its just right behind dream on
Ridiculous that this song is this low on the list... Wow, just wow 😲
Great rock and roll song in the classic sense. Along with "Seasons of Wither" and "Sick As a Dog"; three Areosmith songs that never got the recognition or air time they deserved. All three are exemplary examples of early Areosmith's best work.


Look up what it means :) from Pump


51, most of you miss his putt!

50Just Feel Better
it must be in the top ten I mean carlos santana plays the guitar


52Come Together

53Sick As a Dog
Great guitar by Joe, amazing song. It must be in top 20!

54Taste of India
why ain't this song on this list. this is one of my favorite aerosmith songs


This is their best song

55Pandora's Box
Underated song From Get Your wings


56Fallen Angels

57Chip Away at the Stone
Rocking' song! Love the intro and the lyrics. Aerosmith is my favorite band and I think this is one of their nose underrated songs! Amazing!
I love this song! The lyrics are so beautiful and amazingly sung. I can play this on guitar and it's one of my favorites. Stevens vocals are pure magic and the guittar part is spectacular. Surprised its not higher up!
Great song, great lyrics, great instrumentals. Should deserve to be on the top ten.

58Make It
This should be in the TOP TEN. One of the greatest by Aerosmith! Not very popular, but buy their first album or guitar hero aerosmith, then you will know what I am talking about!
One of their first and one of their best. I love it!

59Beyond Beautiful

60Get A Grip

61Walkin the Dog

62Devil's Got a New Disguise

63St. John

64Uncle Salty
Uncle Salty is another great underated song from Toys in the Attic


One of my favorites
I just love this song.

65Magic Touch

66Big Ten Inch Record
Got me the strangest woman
Believe me this trick's no cinch
But I really get her going
When I whip out my big ten inch

67Remember (Walking In the Sand)

68What Kind of Love Are You On?
So catchy, so brilliant. Of course it's not a masterpiece, nor even a very serious work.
Nonetheless, you can't help but being caught within the rhythm of this magical song.

69Line Up
One of my personal favorites. Awesome Song. It should be in the top ten. I love how they play this song in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

70Theme from Spider-Man

71Never Loved a Girl

72Lay It Down
Really how the hell hasn't this been mentioned yet one of their greatest songs and should easily be in the top 5. In my opinion aerosmithes last real hit to be produced
Yeh one of the best 5 by Aerosmith

73Heart's Done Time


Another great underrated song from Night in the Ruts


76The Grind

77Hangman Jury



80Shut Up and Dance
Why is this #83? Most rocking' and most underrated for sure.

81Gotta Love It

82Trip Hoppin'

83Write Me a Letter

84Rats In the Cellar
An absolute gem from "Rocks", to see such commercial crap higher up the list is really disappointing
This is my favorite song by aerosmith it's so underrated why isn't it in top 10 at least?

85Stop Messin' Around

86Rock In a Hard Place

87Monkey On My Back
Great slide guitar on the live version. One of the first aero songs I heard and it got me hooked on the back back in the 80s. Plus it rocks!
All his songs are amazing! There is no top 10 but this is my favorite and helped me get clean

88Another Last Goodbye
Great piano and amazing vocals. Great new song for a great new album

89Young Lust
This have to the be the 9th

90Lizard Love
This should be re-released in 2015 and put on their next album because this song ROCKS!

91Blind Man
Another unreleased track and another favorite of mine. Aerosmith rocks!

92I Wanna Know Why
This song is kind of jazzy, a very rich sound. A bit like Queens "Now I'm here".
This song is pure awesomeness!

93Milk Cow Blues
BEST BOOGIE OF ALL TIME! They did this live with Ted Nugent at the 1978 Texas Jam and really cooked! My #1

94Sight for Sore Eyes

95Get the Lead Out


97Woman of the World

98Bright Light Fright
Really outstanding Underated song from Draw the Line


This song doesn't really sound like Aerosmith, but still it's not too bad.

99Round and Round
Someone has to add this song. Extremly repetitive...

100Home Tonight
Best song on their best album

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