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41 Uncle Salty

Uncle Salty is another great underated song from Toys in the Attic - Aerosmith1

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42 Rock In a Hard Place Rock In a Hard Place

Amazing song! It's like Same old Song and Dance with a bit of Walk This Way in the opening. Then it turns into the kind of hard-rock song that only Aerosmith is capable of!

43 Come Together Come Together

It's one of my favorites I can't believe it wasn't on the list yet

44 You See Me Crying You See Me Crying

My all time favorite Aerosmith song. Always has been since I was seven.

This is actually a good powers ballad.

45 Big Ten Inch Record Big Ten Inch Record

Got me the strangest woman
Believe me this trick's no cinch
But I really get her going
When I whip out my big ten inch

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46 Full Circle Full Circle

I must agree that this is a very impressive song. Every second of it that passes makes me feel more and more fulfilled by the energy of this amazing group.

37th place?! It's way better than walk this way! You don't deserve to vote here people

45th?! Full Circle is definitely in my top 10! And Dream On is not even in my top 10!

Best song ever, forever in my heart

47 Nobody's Fault

The best track from their best album (Rocks). This song was so influential among then-budding rock musicians like Slash and James Hetfield that it's a crime to have this place at number 34.

One of my personal Aerosmiths best. The rocking style of Aerosmith is represented in this amazing song. Too bad we don't make songs like this anymore.

Ahhh, OK went to my first Aerosmith show in 1977. As Steve would say "do you like the old sh#t or the new sh#t," I like both however, partial to the rocking' sh#t! If you're a semi new fan dig deep, One Way Street, Crash, Rats in the Cellar, SOS, Street Jesus, Round and Round, Trip Hoppin', Milk Cow Blues, Line Up, Cheese Cake, Monkey on My Back, Hangman Jury, Baby Please Don't Go and Mother Popcorn. Aerosmith was not a pop band, they just made the first commercially successful power ballad and continued to try and duplicate that on each release after that. I don't blame them for that but their other sh#t is better...

THEIR HEAVIEST SONG! Too underrated...

48 Deuces are Wild Deuces are Wild

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you don't like this song, you are wrong!

I love this song because it is a ballad with a kick-ass chorus!
Don't know why it isn't in the top 10 though...

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49 Hangman Jury Hangman Jury V 1 Comment
50 Permanent Vacation Permanent Vacation
51 Stop Messin' Around Stop Messin' Around
52 Combination

This, Sick as a Dog, and Rats made me love Aerosmith after I heard Rocks driving to Alpine Valley to see them in the summer of '87, such a magical time...

53 You Gotta Move You Gotta Move

It's a nice one. I like it. - alppa

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54 F.I.N.E. F.I.N.E.

Look up what it means :) from Pump - Aerosmith1

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55 One Way Street

Best Aerosmith first album song, if not, its just right behind dream on

Great rock and roll song in the classic sense. Along with "Seasons of Wither" and "Sick As a Dog"; three Areosmith songs that never got the recognition or air time they deserved. All three are exemplary examples of early Areosmith's best work.

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56 Fallen Angels Fallen Angels
57 Beyond Beautiful Beyond Beautiful
58 Sick As a Dog Sick As a Dog

Great guitar by Joe, amazing song. It must be in top 20!

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59 Flesh Flesh
60 Just Feel Better

it must be in the top ten I mean carlos santana plays the guitar

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