Top 10 Player Stereotypes

I've been playing on Android for a while now, and in that time I have noticed a lot of certain types of players, which I will cover today. The list goes from most common to rarest. Leave a comment below on the stereotype you fit most into!

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1Fake Youtubers

I have seen too many jumbos in this game - Martinglez

To be honest, he probably doesn't. - Perrywinks

I see tons of "Jumbo" and "MasterOv" cells. TONS. And there's also "Pewdiepie" and "Dantdm" occasionally.

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Teaming in isn't the smartest thing to do, especially if you're on the smaller side. You can be betrayed easily by your teammate since there is no chat in the game. Sometimes, however, having a name like Feed 4 Friend is a more clever way to obtain mass. - Perrywinks

Being Feed 4 Friend usually works for me. Either that or I just go on as ProGamer or everyone feeds me. Lol - Perrywinks

Don't ever team in, you might get betrayed. I teamed with someone and when we both reached the top 5 (he/she was 1 and I was 4), he/she ate me - BlueFrostOfThunderClan


Mostly consisting of the smaller cells in the game, they all just run for dear life, hoping not to run into anyone larger than they are. - Perrywinks

I hate it when really big cells eat a very small cell. I try to avoid people but I always get eaten by the fake Jumbo in the leaderboard.


Splitting doesn't really benefit you if you're on the leaderboard. You can split straight into a virus or end up eaten by someone larger than you. Then again, it doesn't help much when you're small, either. Sure, you can get away from bigger cells easier, but probably at the cost of half of your mass. - Perrywinks


Daredevils in are quite the risk takers. They run in-between two of the largest cells on the server and they still manage to escape, even when being chased by other cells! - Perrywinks

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The boosters like to spend a lot of their real life money to get ingame coins so they can start out with more mass to get higher up on the charts. - Perrywinks


Mostly smaller cells who hide inside of viruses, the hiders are of the more annoying type of player. They pop out of viruses and begin chasing other smaller players. - Perrywinks

I always hide in viruses to avoid the leaderboard cells, and I never eat anyone else. I'm passive. Anyone else hide in viruses in hope of avoiding the leaderboarders?


One of the more uncommon stereotypes, beggars use their nicknames to ask to be fed and will normally stick close to the larger players. - Perrywinks


This one had to be a tie because of their similarity. Whether big or small, optimists and strategists always have a plan. The only difference between them is that the optimists make up their plans as they move along and have amazing reflexes. Strategists make up their plans from past experiences. I am definitely an optimist. - Perrywinks


Hacks for are tricky to come by, and I'm sure most of us are glad that they are. Yay! No hackers to ruin our games anytime soon! - Perrywinks

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