Top 10 Most Aggravating Video Game Characters That Are Hated by Millions

For the first time a non music related list... We'll see how this goes. If you guys like it I might make more if you hate it I`ll stick to music lists.

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1Cait Sith - Final Fantasy Vii

The most weakest character in Final Fantasy VII. And he betrays you. He's better off getting killed by Sephiroth then staying alive with Cloud and the others. He is weak and useless. - Jeffery0206

2Navi - Legend of Zelda Franchise

And now a quote, form the Deku Tree, "Listen to her words of wisdom," words of wisdom huh? - lolololololol

Navi the most annoying fairy in all of gaming. Navi can't shut up for 1 minute. On-top of that most of her information is useless. Navi can you bug someone else from Koriki Forrest and not Link... - Jeffery0206

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3Slippy Toad - Star Fox Franchise

"Fox help me" No you sir can go blow up. Slippy is so annoying that he can't defend himself and he always relies on Fox Mccloud. Talk about a wimp huh? - Jeffery0206

At least he is helpful to Fox because he analyzes the enemy's shield.

4Bo Rai Cho - Mortal Kombat Franchise
5Dan Hibiki - Street Fighter Franchise

He claims to be awesome,yet he is very weak. Hmm he got beaten up by Ryu & Ken lastly Sakura Kasugano. His moves are garbage and he has the worst taunt I've ever seen in a video game. Maybe one day M.Bison will K.O him to the point of paralysis. - Jeffery0206

6Glass Joe - Punch Out Franchise

He is so weak you could beat him with your eyes closed or if you were blind. His record is 1-99. Meaning he has lost 99 times wow. On-top of that he's a human punching bag. I have yet to see anyone lose to Glass Joe. - Jeffery0206

7Toad - Super Mario Bros FranchiseToad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a fictional character who primarily appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise.

As if him saying "Our princess is in another castle" wasn't aggravating enough he flips you off. Plus he screams and wants help in the later Mario games. No thank you Toad you can go save the princess yourself next time you annoying pile of crap. - Jeffery0206

8Omochao - Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise

This little hand holder needs to be thrown in a volcano. - ThatOneRacer

Very annoying.

9Mr. Resetti - Animal Crossing Franchise
10Zubat - Pokemon Franchise

A wild Zubat appeared, a wild Zubat appeared, a wild Zubat appeared, it goes on and on! - RiverClanRocks

The Contenders

11Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic Franchise

Should have stayed dead in the end of Sonic Adventure 2. The only reason he's a reoccurring character is because of his awful fanbase wanted him back.

Shadow is awesome! He is swag and could kill any Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto character!

12Rouge the Bat - Sonic Franchise

Is a controversial character because of her appearance, personality and that she's the subject of so many shipping wars.

13Cream the Rabbit - Sonic Franchise

Is the most useless character in the Sonic series, has an annoying voice, is a ripoff of Tails gameplay-wise and is the subject of many awful fanfics and art. I hope none of her fans pair her with Fox McCloud or else I will be upset.

14Sora - Kingdom Hearts

I hate this sucker and the whole Kingdom Hearts franchise so much. I actually wish it never even existed. I mean... Disney + Square-Enix = A BAD combination if you believe me.

15Bubsy - Bubsy
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