Best Albums of 2014


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The Top Ten

Awakening - Jackie Evancho
The single from the Awakening album, "The Rains of Castamere" (from Game Of Thrones) will be released on iTunes and Tuesday, June 10th. It's already on yahoo music and YouTube in lower resolution, and it sounds great! Go, Jackie!
Sure to earn a Grammy nomination!
Hello, world... Prepare to get blown out of your socks!
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2The Hunting Party - Linkin Park
Put this first, we all know it deserves to be.


3X - Chris Brown
Chris Brown the BOSS

4Till Death, la Familia - Ill Nino

5Stampede of the Disco Elephants - Limp Bizkit

61000hp - Godsmack

7Hydra - Within Temptation

8Ghost Stories - Coldplay

9Helios - The Fray

10Out Among the Stars - Johnny Cash

The Contenders

11Oxymoron - Schoolboy Q
Oxymoron is a classic. Q killed this, no disrespect to anyone else on this list, but I like all music and the only album that really stands out is Oxy. Animal Ambition is nothing special, Ghost Stories is good, but it isn't something people will talk about in a years time.

12Remember Me - Sage the Gemini
If you want to find real rap, look no further than Sage the Gemini.


13Mastermind - Rick Ross

14Ultraviolence - Lana del Rey
Um no1 please! The top ten should have been. The worst of the year! *walks of singing ultraviolence *

15Trigga - Trey Songz

16The Arrival EP - A Sight to See

17Shakira - Shakira
It was my most anticipated album 2014... And I wasn't disappointed at all. I love this album! I love Shakira!


18Animal Ambition: an Untamed Desire to Win - 50 Cent

19My Own Lane - Kid Ink

20The Satanist - Behemoth

21To Be Kind - Swans
Why is it so low? For me, this album is the best of the 2010s


22The Carter V - Lil Wayne

23The New Classic - Iggy Azalea

24Wanderlust - Sophie Ellis-bextor

25Clear - Periphery

26Sex + Love - Enrique Iglesias

27The Joy of Motion - Animals As Leaders

28Xscape - Michael Jackson

29The Secret - Austin Mahone

30Turn Blue - The Black Keys

31Honest - Future

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