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1Awakening - Jackie Evancho

Hello, world... Prepare to get blown out of your socks!

The single from the Awakening album, "The Rains of Castamere" (from Game Of Thrones) will be released on iTunes and Tuesday, June 10th. It's already on yahoo music and YouTube in lower resolution, and it sounds great! Go, Jackie!

Sure to earn a Grammy nomination!

Awakening will be released as a DVD on June 2, 2015. Jackie hit this one out of the ball park. She shows why her talent is being recognized by the biggest talents in Classical Crossover. Jackie has perhaps the most beautiful voice of this century.

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2The Hunting Party - Linkin Park

I sort of like listening to this album when there is nothing else to do.

Finally we can look forward to good Linkin Park albums again

COME ON guys, It deserves to be at number 1! Awakening is good but The Hunting Party is so much better! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

This album is very listening.

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3To Be Kind - Swans

Absolutely fantastic album! Should be in the top 5! - JackRodriguez

#14 is just way too low

Why is it so low? For me, this album is the best of the 2010s - ChameleonKing

4X - Ed Sheeran

Confused as to how this hasn't made it to number 1 yet, let alone be added to the list at all? Gosh

Music by Gingers should be banned.

This should be #1.

5Rock or Bust - AC/DC

"Play Ball", is my new favorite AC/DC song. - Caleb9000

Best album of the DECADE. play ball is a masterpiece. - gemcloben

6Sonic Highways - Foo Fighters

What needs to be said

7Trigga - Trey Songz
8The Endless River - Pink Floyd

Amazing album! Another masterpiece by Pink Floyd. best album of the year, the second best is To Be Kind - Swans.

Pink Floyd are legends - gemcloben

Their last album ever. Truly a masterpiece.

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91000 Forms of Fear - Sia
10My Own Lane - Kid Ink

The Newcomers

?Our Time Will Come - KMFDM
?Ghettoville - Actress
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11X - Chris Brown

Chris Brown is not in prison only because he is a popular social figure, which is not a valid reason. He needs to go to jail and learn that beating up women is not OK.

This album is just amazing beyond belief

Chris Brown the BOSS

12V - Maroon 5
131989 - Taylor Swift

I can truthfully say I am not disappointed with her album, as I originally thought I would be. All the songs sound like future ballads and even one of the bonus tracks is one of my favourite songs. I think Taylor did a good job on this one.

Not bad but where is ariana grande's my everything.

14Lost In the Dream - The War On Drugs

An all time favorite of mine. Incredible opening and ending not to mention everything in between.

15.5 the Gray Chapter - Slipknot
16Black Messiah - D'angelo and the Vanguard
17Remember Me - Sage the Gemini

If you want to find real rap, look no further than Sage the Gemini. - SelfDestruct

18The Black Market - Rise Against
19Ultraviolence - Lana del Rey
20Shakira - Shakira

It was my most anticipated album 2014... And I wasn't disappointed at all. I love this album! I love Shakira! - AtlasUniverse

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1. A.K.A. - Jennifer Lopez
2. The Hunting Party - Linkin Park
3. Shakira - Shakira

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