Top 10 Albums by Artists that Sound Completely Different Than the Rest of Their Discography

Sometimes artists that are known for a certain style or genre of music, want to try out something new. After all, they have done their signature style long enough and are curious for something new. Sometimes this works pretty well, sometimes it doesn't - and they almost always divide the artist's fan base. Sometimes their debut, that was released before their fame, went a whole another direction than the later works. This list is to figure out the albums that sound most different than the rest of their discography.

The Top TenXW

1Kings of Suburbia - Tokio Hotel

Electronica album by an alternative rock / emo band. - Martin_Canine

2808s & Heartbreak - Kanye West

Synth pop album by a hip hop artist. - Martin_Canine

3Frei - LaFeeV1 Comment
4Gling-Glo - BjorkV1 Comment
5Vanilla Ninja - Vanilla Ninja

Funk-pop album by a synth rock band. - Martin_Canine

6Yeezus - Kanye West

Avant garde album by a hip hop artist. - Martin_Canine

7Rebirth - Lil Wayne

Rock inspired album by a hip hop artist. - Martin_Canine

8Funstyle - Liz Phair

Experimental pop album by an indie rock artist. - Martin_Canine

9When the Angels Swing - No AngelsV1 Comment
10A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

Electronica album by a Nu Metal band. - Martin_Canine

The Contenders

11St. Anger - Metallica
12Turbo - Judas Priest
13Muttersprache - Sarah ConnorV1 Comment
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