Top Ten Albums by The Carpenters

If you don't know who The Carpenters are, they were a very popular duo that was active from 1969 - 1983. The duo consisted of siblings Richard and Karen Carpenter, and they had their biggest success in the 1970s, with songs such as "We've Only Just Begun" "A Song For You" "Superstar" "Rainy Days And Mondays" "A Kind Of Hush" "(They Long To Be) Close To You" and many more.

The last years in the 80s also found themselves some great songs, including "Touch Me When We're Dancing" "Those Good Old Dreams" and "Now"; the last song Karen recorded in her lifetime before dying of anorexia nervosa on February 4th, 1983. Richard is still active in the public eye today.

This list about The Carpenters studio albums that were released.

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1Made in America

This album is such a gem! Yes, it was the last song they recorded as a duo, but Richard even said, and I quote: "That (referring to Made In America) was Karen's favorite album and is mine, out of all our projects" - kaitlynrad11

2Close to You

The Carpenters were a truly gentle gem, and a blessing to the music world.

So many amazing songs on one album! - kaitlynrad11


I especially love "All You Get From Love Is A Love Song" and of course, the album cover I really dig, y'know? - kaitlynrad11

6Ticket to Ride

Their first release may not have been a huge success (as most musicians first releases aren't) but I truly find this album amazing. Even their cover of The Beatles "Ticket To Ride" is so angelic - kaitlynrad11

7A Song for You
8Now & Then
9A Kind of Hush
10Christmas Portrait

I honestly have been listening to lots of Christmas music for some reason (and yes, it's July) and this album is so great! - kaitlynrad11

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1. Made in America
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