Best Albums by Porcupine Tree or Steven Wilson

The best albums by the English prog rock band Porcupine Tree or by its mastermind Steven Wilson (including his solo albums and other projects).

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1Fear of a Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree
2In Absentia - Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree's defining masterpiece and my favourite album of all time. - DarthSnuffles

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3Deadwing - Porcupine Tree

So incredibly difficult to pick a single album out of countless brilliant ones, but this one means something truly special to me. I'm sad to see Porcupine Trees earlier albums so far down the list, but glad to see that his solo work is held in equally high regard. The man can make some stunning albums and this one is probably as close to faultless as an album can be for me!

4Lightbulb Sun - Porcupine Tree
5Hand. Cannot. Erase. - Steven Wilson

It says a lot about SW that one of his finest albums is released over two decades into his career, especially considering that his run of preceding albums have almost all been fantastic as well!

Steven Wilson, thanks for the heaven's ride.

6Stupid Dream - Porcupine Tree

My biggest surprise is how this album never catapulted SW into superstardom! In 1999 music like this wouldn't've sounded out of place on the UK radio stations at all!. Sigur Ros and Radiohead were getting all the fame while talent like this flew silently under the radar only to be discovered by people like me almost a decade later. This truly is pop in it's finest form.

7The Raven That Refused to Sing - Steven Wilson
8Recordings - Porcupine Tree

It really illustrates the sheer quality SW as an artist, that this collection of B sides and outtakes can stand alongside his current studio album's as one of his finest achievements!

9The Incident - Porcupine Tree

Surprised to see this at no.10. It's a good album for sure, but this is one of only a few albums in SW's lengthy career that have been a little disappointing. The others in my opinion are Blackfield's third and fourth albums, Bass Communion's Loss and SW's 4 1/2. That's it! Not bad for a guy who's released 50+ studio albums!

10Grace for Drowning - Steven Wilson

While I didn't vote for this album as his best I'm so disappointed to see it here at the bottom! It's a bloody masterpiece!

The Contenders

11Signify - Porcupine Tree

Porcupine Tree's most overlooked album. Dark Matter might be one of SW's finest creations to this day.

124 1/2 - Steven Wilson
13Insurgentes - Steven Wilson
14The Sky Moves Sideways - Porcupine Tree
15Up the Downstair - Porcupine Tree
16Nil Recurring - Porcupine Tree

Technically not an album, but this EP is probably the finest EP ever released (closely followed by The Beta Band's Champion Versions, Belle and Sebastian's Dog On Wheels, R.E.M.'s Chronic Town and Public Service Broadcasting's The War Room)

17Blackwater Park - OpethV1 Comment
18Deliverance - Opeth
19Damnation - Opeth
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1. Fear of a Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree
2. Lightbulb Sun - Porcupine Tree
3. In Absentia - Porcupine Tree



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