Top Ten Albums That Prove That Not All 21st Century Music Is Bad


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21Madvillainy - MadvillainV1 Comment
22The Archandroid - Janelle Monáe

One of the best pop albums I've heard in very long time. Deserves to be in the top ten! - winner333

Usually, when you think of the kind of genres that have concept albums, you think of genres like progressive rock, metal, and hip hop. R&B is just not a genre that does concept albums, with the exception of this brilliant recording. But hell, this album isn't even really all an R&B album when you think about it, because it jumps to so many different genres from classical to folk to hip hop to psychedelic rock. Few artists are able to mix so many genres so well, but Janelle does it flawlessly. The album focuses on a story very similar to the Fritz Lang film Metropolis, with concepts of science fiction and afrofuturism, and lyrical themes of love and identity. Janelle's singing is so intense and emotional, but at the same time, is much more cool and controlled than most other R&B singers. This is one of the most cinematic and massive albums in recent memory, and one of the greatest concept albums of the last few decades. - Mard

23The Inevitable End - Röyksopp
24Horror Show - Iced Earth
25Boxer - The National

Talk about post-punk revival. You would think that with all the problems in modern society, we would have a lot more true punk music being popular. No, of course punk isn't dead, and The National help to prove it. You could say they're not really a punk band in the traditional sense; they don't rock out at all, there's none of that anger you hear with bands like the Clash or the Sex Pistols, but they definitely have the right state of mind, and that's really what punk is all about. This album really gives us those politically charged lyrics about current events that we need in modern society. Their previous album was more focused on inner struggles and personal identity, and this album focuses on the struggles of others. Of course, we can't just focus on the lyrics, because the music on this album is also certainly something to behold. The rhythms are magnificently complex, and as catchy as some of the songs are, they all have a foreboding undertone that perfectly matches the lyrics ...more - Mard

26Destroyed - Moby
27Run the Jewels 2 - Run the Jewels

Another hip hop album! Truly great hardcore hip hop is a pretty rare find these days, and this album was a big breath of fresh air for the genre. This album features two of the biggest names in modern underground hip hop, El-P and Killer Mike. The always amazing production of El-P, who has produced several other significant hip hop releases (The Cold Vein, Movies For The Blind), is just as fantastic as usual here. Killer Mike has a superb flow, and the two MC's just have a great chemistry. It's aggressive, it's catchy, and it's a modern classic of its genre. - Mard

28Black Clouds and Silver Linings - Dream Theater

When I think of 21st century music, I think of all of it. You are just thinking of mainstream music. I know that there is good 21st century music, and so do all metalheads. We're just saying we don't like mainstream modern music, and none of these items are proving us wrong that most modern mainstream music is terrible. - Songsta41

29Ocean Eyes - Owl City
30Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
31Random Album Title - Deadmau5
32Emotion - Carly Rae Jepsen
33Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective
3418 - Moby
35Collected - Massive Attack
36As the World Bleeds - Theocracy
37Doo - Wops and Hooligans - Bruno Mars
38Astoria - Marianas Trench
39The Heist - Macklemore
40Discovery - Daft Punk
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