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1Thriller - Michael Jackson

Any Music collection is incomplete without this masterpiece! Haters keep whining about it cause Nobody does it better when it comes to quality of albums. Its not like an album has two or three good songs but every song has to be a potential chartbuster and this guy knew how to have it that way! If anything is over-rated it has to 'nevermind'. What if it broke grounds for grunge it is not even the best grunge album of all time.. Pearl Jam did it better

OMG The King of Pop is the best... Thriller is the best album of all time... Micheal was such an original gifted singer and entertainer... love this album... RIP MJ xoxo - love4mjj

Really not much more than catchy dance-pop when compared to the greatest works of The Beatles, Dylan, Hendrix, etc.

I Want It! I Want It! Where do I buy it?!

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2Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd

Better than the top 3 albums combined. It's an amazing album and a classic. - fidelcanojr

I know that dark side of the moon is starting to feel like a bandwagon album but its easily Floyds best work. - Chris-1

It's a timeless classic and will never get old... It was on the charts for 15 years which is a record... I listen to it once almost every week... And is the best album to get high to!...

This defines what the definitive album should be like: one grand cohesive experience.

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3Master of Puppets - Metallica

What metalhead wouldn't own this? None - list1010

A person who likes Ride The Lightning more than Master of Puppets. - velitelcabal

One of the greatest albums by one of the greatest bands om the history of music. Has the original Metallica feel to it. There's not a person in the world who wouldn't hear at least one song from it. If you don't own it - shame on you!

Definiately the greatest heavy album of all time (and as heavy is the greatest genre, logic demands that this is the best album) - Psykosauron

Best metal album ever

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4Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin

Every song is a super-song in this album. you have one of the greatest riffs, an adventure song, stairway to heaven, an easy catchy songs, a super drum song, etc...

This album has everything...the essence of Led Zeppelin. Definitely better than anything Cobain or Nirvana could ever dream of doing. - jfausti

Everyone should own this album.

Great album from a great band

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5Nevermind - Nirvana

People people, where is dark side of the moon, thriller 1, it just makes me hate Michael jackson even more, this is the greatest album of all time

Some body screw this tasteless jerk with his tasteless followers of Pop Music. Where's The Beatles? Where's Pink Floyd? Where's U2? Invincible was Mj's biggest flop, Thriller is over rated and Who the heck is Sarah Brightman?

Haha! Love Nirvana totally deserve to be in top ten, but should be no. 1, Oh well, whatever, NEVERMIND R.I.P. Kurt Cobain, you are god

Every song is a effortless master piece. Take out smells like teen spirit and you still have a perfect album. As time goes on I have grown to prefer In Utero but this album turned me on to new music, art and poetry. It manages to encompass exactly how I feel. It makes me cry, scream, dance. I love you Kurt Cobain.

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6Abbey Road - The Beatles

The people who voted for ANY of the albums above simply voted for them because it's THEIR favorite or because it's "popular" now. Do you see or did you see 80 year old women buying pop albums like Madonna or 30 Seconds to Mars? No. When the Beatles released an album, EVERYONE loved it. Never ever has there been a band or artist that's come anywhere near how amazing the Beatles were. - BKAllmighty

Things like Abbey Road only happen once a hundred years, a thousand even. It is the finest work by the best musicians of all time.

This is the Beatles best album. From Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to Twist and Shout, the Beatles gave it their all for this album. The best songs that you'll ever hear are on this one single album!

Abbey Road and Revolver both make Thriller sound like merely a catchy dance-pop album that should only be played at parties.

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7HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I - Michael Jackson


8Moving Pictures - Rush

Moving Pictures should be number 1, or number 2 if you wanna put 2112 ahead of it. It is only 3 guys playing instruments, unlike other bands or artists where they have a gazillion or are just 1 stand alone person who doesn't even write their own music. I'm not gunna say any names, but you know who I'm talking' about.

Actually I like 2112, Hemispheres and Permanent Waves more than this.

You Really Need all The Rush Albums - Rushfan2112

Every. Single. Song. Rocks.

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9Combat Rock - The Clash

Best Band, because they never betrayed theire way of thinking; IĀ'm not marxist, but I believe, like them, in a better world.. "Clash" means true politique

10Ride the Lightning - Metallica

Every song on here is popular and has one of my favorite instrumental song the call of ktula this list has some crappy albums like Michael jackson and Madonna man who cares about pop it make me sick and I have to deal with it because it comes on the radio and I can't even tell if a girl or boy is singing anyways this album has fade to black (my favorite Metallica song) creeping death fight fire with fire and for whom the bell tolls the best Metallica songs and if your a Metallica fan you'll like this album and I like every album but lulu man why do people hate st. anger in my opinion all songs are good but purify and lulu all songs is crap and some don't make sense like on the song cheat on me lou reed says why did I cheat on me what does that mean and junior dad which is 20 min. long is gay. The reason I had this album was because I like lou reed but this album sucked don't get it this and master of puppets is the albums you at least need to own

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?Beyond the Red Mirror - Blind Guardian
?Inhuman Rampage - DragonForce

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11Paranoid - Black Sabbath

If you call your self a true metal or rock fan, you have to own this album! How is all this pop and rap junk ahead of Black Sabbath? You people have know knowledge of music. - gibsonrock53

Why is so much pop on here. I swear, people need to get over Michael Jackson already, nobody was so obsessed when he was alive. Just like Kurt Cobain and 2pac, he dies, and all of a sudden he's the best artist to ever live. The only differences are Kurt Cobain and 2pac didn't make annoying pop crap music and they actually should be considered to be in top ten of all time, unlike MJ. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

Not many bands can say " we created and a whole genre "

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12Appetite For Destruction - Guns N' Roses

I don't know anyone who doesn't like this album. Sweet Child O' Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Nightrain, Paradise City, etc. - CaptainComedy17

This is my album and I believe everyone should own by the time they are 25 along with, slippery when wet, new jersey, back in black plus many more including some I probably haven't even heard

Best Album of all time. This album is real rock n roll. Axl's vocals and Izzy and Slash Steven and Duff all just rock making the best rock band ever.

Come on, this is definitely an album if you don't own you should at least hear 50 times! So just buy it!

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13Another Music In a Different Kitchen - The Buzzcocks
14The White Album - The Beatles

The best album by one of the best bands of all time!

15The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Not the best maiden album. My personal favourite is piece of mind

Better than the 12 above it. Better than the however many below it.

If you are a metalhead or simply just diggin' Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in general, you need this album!

I love all the songs in this album.. Should definitely take the time to listen to it.. Up the Irons m/

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16Inflammable Material - Stiff Little Fingers
17Dive - Sarah Brightman
18A Night at the Opera - Queen

Queen try every trick in the book with this album, crossing all genres of music. Gone is the heavy rock sound of their first two albums. Queen made an album that you just had to hear to believe. It had the quirky ness of Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon; the folky sound of '39; the 1930 sound of Good Company/Seaside Rendezvous and of course the majestic sound of Bohemian Rhapsody; throw in the epic Prophets Song and a bit of rock with Death on Two Legs and you have a masterpiece that still sounds great today. Only one dud track but we can forgive Queen for that - you can work it out.

Not only about the greatest hits, but some hidden gems are in there, too! Seaside Rendezvous, Death On Two Legs, Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon, '39, Good Company... Fantastic! A must have.

a lot of the Queen Greatest Hits (1) Album came from a night at the Opera - Queen-aholic

Really a must have. Even my dad, who for some reason seems to have a grudge against Queen, has this album.

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19Dream With Me - Jackie Evancho

Simply amazing performances by a young lady that none of the Billboard Hot100 could even attempt.

The DVD Dream With Me in Concert is remarkable - every song is stunning!

Simply breathtaking. To think that an 11 year old girl could do this is beyond believe. This album is from her first PBS special.

This is the first of three albums on this list. The problem is, I have never heard of her. There are too many great veteran acts on here for her to be ranked as high as she is.

Well, since you've never heard of her, I suggest you give her a listen before you decide where she should be ranked. - BobG

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20Van Halen - Van Halen

Possibly the greatest debut of all time and one of the greatest rock albums of all time.

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