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341Blackwater Park - Opeth
342Midnight Memories - One Direction

"The best album from the best band"? No, just no. The members of One Direction can't write their own lyrics, play instruments, or sing well without autotune. The only reason why their music is popular is because the boys are fairly attractive, which is most likely the reason that you're saying they're the "best band". I've never met a one direction fan who doesn't think the boys are attractive. Good looks does not equal talent.

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343All Eyes On Me - 2pac
344Yours Truly - Ariana Grande

Most wonderful masterpiece! An classic chick of the '10 is borned. After I heard this touching record, then every time I just hear the sound of her voice, I get emotions

345Nola - Down

The best album I've ever heard!

346Worlds - Porter Robinson

Every single track is beautiful. This album is incredibly underrated in my opinion.

347Hounds of Love - Kate Bush
348The Kick Inside - Kate Bush
349The Dreaming - Kate Bush
350Crimes of Passion - Pat Benatar
351Lita - Lita Ford
352Tropico - Pat Benatar
353Post - Bjork
354Iowa - Slipknot
355Seventh Sojourn - The Moody Blues
356Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary Concert - Dylan & Friends
357Layla and Other Love Songs - Derek & the Dominos
358Insomniac - Green Day

Great album. Brain Stew, Geek Stink Breath and Jaded are fun to get high too if you smoke a heavy, energetic sativa. It has a lot of emotion in it. Anger, depression, confusion, self-hate. It was a bad point in life and have no problem sharing it to the world. Takes balls to do something like that.

35921st Century Breakdown - Green Day
360Bullet In a Bible - Green Day
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