American Idiot - Green Day


One album I never get tired of listening to straight through. Every song contains so much emotion, and all are musically powerful. Certainly the very best album of the last decade and of many before and for many more to come. American Idiot is a true masterpiece.

Best album ever because it has the best story line teenager runs away from home, meets his alter ego St. Jimmy and whatsername (she breaks his heart) and realizes running from home didn't change him he just makes memories in the city he runs away to and experiments with drugs. He says "Forgetting you but not the time"

This is simply the best album ever written. The lyrics are true and represent a story which you can follow the whole way through. It's a perfect album without any flaws.

Amazing album. I love this album so much. Especially Jesus of Suburbia, which I'd consider one of my favorite songs ever made, and Homecoming. The movements are amazing in these songs. Other than them, the other songs are also amazing. No sour notes can be found on this album. Amazing.

Come on people! Twenty? They made a broadway on this album! Its beautiful!

There's truth in this album. It isn't just a string of songs. It's a life in lyrics.

This isn't the best album ever. White blood cells by the White stripes is, but I can't find it on this list, and I want American Idiot to be higher up, so here we are. This album was my favorite when it came out, and when I go back and listen to it, it still holds up. Well done Green Day.

I could listen to this album on repeat for days. It is so diverse, innovative, and each song is a masterpiece. Jesus Of Suburbia is the greatest track, in my opinion... Although they're all brilliant an I love each one so much!

Dont wanna be an American Idiot (Yeah well I do). WHY, let me ask again WHY is this album not in the top ten along with We Sold our Soul for Rock 'N' Roll by Black Sabbath.

don't wanna be an american idiot, one nation controlled by the media, if the nation age of hysteria its goin our to be ALIEN AMERICA

green day you rocks

It was close between American Idiot & 21st century breakdown, but songs like "Wake me up when september ends" swung it American Idiot's way -

Okay so this album has sold around 15mil copies, been made into a broadway play, and now they announced that Tom Hanks will be producing they movie in 2013! Come on this has gotta be in the top ten!

A lot of the albums I see above only have one or two good songs. Whereas with this one all their songs are fantastic, and it definitely should be higher

This needs to be in the top ten. The album is pure genius, and you can listen to it over and over again, and it never gets old. LONG LIVE Green Day.

London Calling is the best. But I love Green Day and it deserves to be in top ten. And above Linkin Park. One of the greatest rock opera album.

This album defines Punk and it defines Green Day. Best Green Day album and no reason why it shouldn't be the greatest album if all time!

One of the best of all-time. It includes 4 of my favourite all-time songs. Most albums leave you with one or two that are memorable.

From start to finish, an amazing album. If not the best album of all time it is definitely the best album of the 21st century.

A great album, where every song leaves a special impression on you. :)
One of their best albums, no doubt about it!

This album is a true global success! The tracks contain album are so good that we do not get tired of always listen. This is so good that it surprises me that it is not number one... For all Fannes Green Day, it will remain an album that marked the 2000s.

There are very few albums where you absolutely love EVERY song on it, and this is one of em! Letterbomb <3 Jesus of suburbia <3 boulevard of broken dreams <3 so many incerdible songs with awesome lyrics :DD love it! Come on top 10 at least!

American Idiot takes you on a Journey. I saw it on Broadway, and it was Fantastic!

I so want to be an american idiot, wait i am and so is everone else in the usa!

Holy Trinity of Music
Billie Joe Armstrong: God
Tre Cool: Jesus
Mike Dirnt: Holy Spirit
All equal, all awesome

One of the best albums of the 21st century