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221Hang On Little Tomato - Pink Martini
222The Clash - The Clash

Equally defining Punk like 'Never mind the Bollocks' and should be on par with it.

I tried to listen to this as is very prayed here and there. what. Its absolute dull and untalented. Any bar singer can do such songs with zero efforts. I'm serious. I come with great expectations but received a disgusting garbage.

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223Clockwork Angels - Rush
224Afraid of Heights - Wavves
225Life Starts Now - Three Days Grace
226Mind Funk - Mind Funk
227Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys

Ground-breaking album for US-Punk, Punk and Hardcore-Punk. Every track is brilliant and some, like 'Kill the Poor', 'Holiday in Cambodia' and 'California uber alles' are pure masterpieces. Should be in Top 20, at least.

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228Bonded by Blood - Exodus
229All or Nothing - Juliet Simms
230Knock Madness - Hopsin
231Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
232Becoming - Sarah Geronimo

"Oh Sarah! I love your album so much! Oh Yeah, Sarah! Why are you so wonderful? You're just too cool for us! "

Who is this intruder and why is she 15? - keyson

I actually have no idea who this person is. - IronSabbathPriest

Becoming album of sarah geronimo is great! I have a copy of that album! She is great! - encha

Random asian girl... - malamJONES

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233Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette

How is this at number 79? It was one of the best selling albums EVER.

My favorite albem ever! I love every song, Alanis is so awesome! - jescafish

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234Recovery - Eminem

All songs bang on! Eminem at his best after marshall mathers LP

After Relapse, Its Hard not to call this album a Comeback. You can listen to this album and not skip a single song!

How this album was not in this list.
This is a masterpiece from the the "RAP GOD" Eminem

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235Black Holes and Revalations - Muse

Real good album if you asked me there buddy, I swear to ya buddy, If I ever saw the guy who decided to not vote for black holes and revelations, I'd slap him right in the patella buddy. Oh I swear to ya, If I ever met a man who didn't think this album is the best of all time, I'd shoot him right in the aorta if you know what I mean buddy.

Aww... COME'ON MUSERS! This is the BEST ALBUM EVER! Need some cooperation here... *waiting*.. "Why, why, why"..

236Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

An album that preceeded the greatest band in the world's greatest album, a night at the opera. This album encompasses every genre that rock and roll truly is. "Stone Cold Crazy" has gotta be the greatest metal song ever written, and it was the first of its time. Queen's musical genious and arena rock domination started with this classic album.

Great from beginning to end. No duds as there are on other Queen albums (even though one admires taking chances).

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237Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.

COME ON! this album is so contreversal,great,deep and real exposing the corruptness in LA - numetalhead

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238The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails

Beautiful, complex and honest. Trent Reznor's best and most tragic work. Not the right sound to resonate with the masses but just right for the disenfranchised or depressed. Must have listened to it 100 times by now and still in complete awe. Musically it's brilliantly layered and lyrically it's cathartic. Most importantly the coherence of the album makes its concept work all the better, allowing the listener to identify with the protagonist and follow him on his decent into nihilism and suicide. If you haven't listened to this album please do! You may find you love it even more than me.

This brought them to success. Greatest metal album of all time.

I think from a musical and a technical standpoint it is extraordinary but the lyrics can truely resonate with people in their darkest times.

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239Weezer - Weezer

There are some fantastic albums on this list, and I would agree with the top 11 for the most part. Abbey road, the dark side of the moon (especially), thriller, and OK Computer are fantastic albums in their own right. The blue album is also fantastic however, #187 is borderline blasphemy. #1, no. #10? probably not. But dear god, it's better than Selena Gomez. I like to think that an album can be judged by the number of singles it has. while 1 or 2 is pretty good, the 4 off of this album at least put it higher than #100.

A perfect balance between accessible pop hooks and brilliant instrumentation. An absolute classic.

Why is this so low? Weezer is the best

One of the best albums ever!

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240Black Celebration - Depeche ModeV1 Comment
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