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421Duran Duran - Duran Duran

Great tunes, probably their bet album

422Innuendo - Queen

This is the most underrated Queen album there is.

Must be in the first ten albums. Usual highest Queen standard.

This album is a masterpiece in every way. - Powerfultekin

Switch this with the live Queen album.

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423Kill 'Em All - MetallicaV3 Comments
424Lateralus - ToolV2 Comments
425T.N.T. - AC/DCV1 Comment
426Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles

Revolver is the choice of most critics, but for folks who are listening to the music and not letting themselves be influenced by tradition, Magical Mystery Tour is at the top.

I love this album and the movie. It has such great songs like Hello Goodbye, Strawberry Fields Forever, and Penny Lane. Every song is amazing. The Beatles are the best! Peace and Love!

This e/p, album was at the time in 1968 and still is now this day a complete MASTERPIECE. JW.

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427Greatest Hits - Five
428Dr. Feelgood - Motley Crue
429Screamadelica - Primal ScreamV1 Comment
430The E.N.D. - Black Eyed Peas
431Break the Spell - Daughtry
432The Rising - Bruce Springsteen
433A Farewell to Kings - Rush
434Bilateral Symmetry - Techno Jon
435Delicate Sounds of Thunder - Pink Floyd
436A Decade of Steely Dan - Steely Dan
437Pogue Mahone - The Pogues
438Comatose - Skillet
439Lust Lust Lust - The Raveonettes
440The River - Bruce Springsteen
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