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121 Boston - Boston Boston - Boston

Without doubt, the GREATEST album ever recorded! This album was released when I was about 7 and turned me on to rock & roll. If you listen to any rock radio station anywhere in the country for 24 hours, you will hear every song off this album every day. What other album can make that claim? None. I have never heard anyone say they are sick of hearing it, almost 40 years after it was released! This album is so great, it actually screwed the band. They made the greatest album ever for their debut. How do you top that? You don't. I doubt anyone ever will.

wow 98th? that just shows the crappy taste of this generation...

Phenomenal album, every song a gem. Amazing vocals and harmonized guitars. Unfortunately, overplayed on classic rock stations for decades. Still doesn't change the fact it's an amazing album.

How in the world is the fastest selling debute album of all time and the 11th most sold album ever at 211th! I mean ofc its not the best album, but its really really good and deserves a way way better position.

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122 Aenima - Tool Aenima - Tool

Almost flawless. Third Eye, H., Push it, Aenima, Eulogy are all perfect tracks. Impeccable vocals and drumming. And AWESOME riffs.

#70 cmon the 13 minute epic third eye, the greatness of all the songs
popularizing progressive metal
cmon - blaqksails92

I'm only voting for this because it's the closest to the top Tool have got!
Brilliant album, but I'm very disappointed at 345th place.
I mean, come on. 345th?
I see Tool surrounded by Rise Against and Breaking Benjamin!
Come on Tool fans! Let us unite and get this to the top 100!

Should be in top 5

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123 Brand New Eyes - Paramore Brand New Eyes - Paramore

I love this album so much. I realize it's not a legendary album or a very famous/mainstream one either so it will probably never get to the top but it is definitely one the best albums I've ever heard. All the songs were unique but the album was organized very well, it's really relatable, it was really emotional too but it wasn't whiney at the slightest and lyrically wow it's just perfect. I just want to inject this album into my bloodstream

This. Is by FAR the most underrated album ever. Paramore's never really been mainstream or successful, but there's honestly so much unrecognized glory in this album. I can't vote for it, since I honestly consider Rumours more deserving of the spot, but I highly encourage people to do so.

This may not be the best album in the world... But it's worth listening to

124 Demon Days - Gorillaz Demon Days - Gorillaz

Gorillaz never fails to inspire and amaze me

One of the best albums I've ever heard

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125 Aja - Steely Dan Aja - Steely Dan

Music is at the very moment you listen after the music ends it evokes only a personnel thought no one else except liberals pretend to care long live boy bare

The classiest album to ever be made. The type of music businessmen listen to while smoking a cigarette, drinking wine and socialising in a dark room whilst playing poker.

Steely Dan's lyricism shows well throughout the album, adding touches of irony all over the place. The album excels as jazz fusion, even as refined as it is. This album may not have the emotions of a jazz album, but it is damn elegant. - Evafag

126 Good Kid M.A.A. D City - Kendrick Lamar Good Kid M.A.A. D City - Kendrick Lamar

One of the top story tellers in the history of rap

127 Imagine - John Lennon Imagine - John Lennon

Generally, most known for the title-track, but it contains some other brilliant songs, like the McCartney-attacking 'How do you sleep? ' and 'Gimme some truth', 'Oh Yoko', one of the most beautiful love songs ever, the original 'Jealous Guy' and the lyrically excellent 'Crippled Inside'. Best Lennon-album!

Imagine is the only great song on this album

#119? What? Why this is just sad seeing nickleback higher than this is just disgusting

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128 Queen II - Queen Queen II - Queen

Father to Son, White Queen, Ogre Battle, The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke, The March of the Black Queen, Seven Seas of Rhye, need I say more?

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129 Dark Before Dawn - Breaking Benjamin Dark Before Dawn - Breaking Benjamin
130 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

It had some of the greatest songs ever: Californication, Scar Tissue, Otherside, Around the World, Savior, Road Trippin'. It doesn't stop there.

Songs like Scar Tissue, Otherside, Around the World, Road Trippin', Savior, and Californication make this RHCP's best album - RHCPfan

Californication is the best song and album ever. Otherside is the 2nd best song on the album. Road Trippin', Easily, Around the World, Scar Tissue, and Get on Top are also signifigantly awesome!

195? Are you kidding me?

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131 Blizzard of Ozz - Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz - Ozzy Osbourne

Should be top 10, every song is a gem

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132 The Eminem Show - Eminem The Eminem Show - Eminem

Want to get pumped up? Listen to the most amazing song on the album, 'Till I Collapse.
Want to laugh? Listen to Without Me.
Want to be grossed out? Listen to Drips.

WHAT? This is at 44! It deserves to be in top 5! This is the best album ever made! Hats off to king of rap.very meaningful songs.

This should definitely be more higher. This is 1/7 albums that had been certified Diamond selling over 10 million albums and it can't even make it in the Top 100. And with the Hit #1 Single Without Me make it a success. Songs like Without Me, Sing For The Moment, Cleaning Out My Closet, Till I Collapse, and Superman make it a success

This is the most played album on my phone, no other album is played more than this by me, even his MMLP got less than a quarter of the numbers played. Hail the king of Rap Rock.

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133 Hunting High and Low - A-ha Hunting High and Low - A-ha

Ground breaking album, evocative and pure class from vocals, song writing to melodies. Can put this album on now and drives you wild

I just like this album... Although it took me so long to find out how good it is... - Daisymorot

This album carried me through the teenage years. It helped me formed my views of adult life

Wow this album is full of pure melody. Morten's voice is like silk

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134 Sounding The Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold Sounding The Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold
135 Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin

This album may not be their best selling album, but it is certainly their best album by far! It marked a milestone for the band, being their most acoustic and bluesy album, it holds my 1st and fifth favorite songs, which are since I've been loving you and tangerine, this album is much like bb king, Stevie Ray Vaughan and An acoustic version of all dave matthews band made an album. I am not happy with the first choice, although it is a good album it is not the best, although one of the best selling albums. Let the underdog win, how popular doesn't mean how good, how is there no zeppelin?

This is ranked below nickelback? Whislt not led zeps best album, the fact that it's this low is a travesty

136 The Stranger - Billy Joel The Stranger - Billy Joel

I'm glad to see this in the top 200. Pop music doesn't get much better. - PetSounds

How could this be so low? It could be a greatest hits album!

137 Evanescence - Evanescence Evanescence - Evanescence

It's a personal favorite of mine. I'm surprised it's on #85. However, you chose amazing albums for this list, the TOP 10 is amazing, you did a really good job, it's hard to choose which album is really the best.

138 Riot! - Paramore Riot! - Paramore
139 All Things Must Pass - George Harrison All Things Must Pass - George Harrison

Amazing. George shares so much of himself. Many top songs. The most Beatle solo album. Probably as these were written during the Beatles. Releasing these masterpieces allowed George to feel lighter and start afresh.

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140 Gorilla Manor - Local Natives Gorilla Manor - Local Natives
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