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Shahid Afridi


shahid khan afridi is the best bowler should be on top ten
Long live Shahid BHAI...!
Smasher, Real Entertainer and the most Electrifying MAN in the History of Cricket... I wish you could break your own record of fastest century...!
Come back to SOON...!
He is the leading spin bowler in pakistani side and he has taken 273 wickets he is the current pakistani captain I think he will be the best captain.
Best match turner of all time. Can rescue the team from any situations and become a match winner
Einstain was a scientist as Afridi is a all-rounder. You can't take out of game this man. H e is a real impact player. You can't justify this man by his only bating or bowling. He will give you 100%. His attendance in the pak team give a great confidance. He can bat.. He can bowl.. He is an outstanding filder. He impact on other player. Who doesn't want this kind of player in his tram? Cricket never saw another Afridi and never will see another AFRIDI.. He is the only one master piece.
7000+ runs and 350+ wickets. Still 6 or 7 years left in his career
Great Man History Will Remember him & You Will never see like him In Near Future... One Of The Best All rounder Of Cricket History... I salute this man Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi...
Number 1 Allrounder, Bowler and batsman in the world is S. Afridi and only AFRIDI
I think when he plays the team can rest. No other personality possess such skills. If he bats win becomes must. If His name is in 11 the opposition can't rest. He is definitely - THE ONE MAN ARMY personality.
His passion speaks for himself.
Great all rounder. He can change the game a any time with his majical spin bowling or aggressive bating and obviously with his fielding as well.
the most fastest batsman and the best bowler ever...
A single man wth stuning performance wth bat nd bal
He is the best among all new cricketers. He is the real game changer both from bat&
He is a best cricketer. he can bat well and also bowl. he is a good fielder also.
No words can describe him, only one, magnificent DASHING CRICKETER.
he is khe king off all rounders
Best all-rounder in world
Afridi is the best all rounder as he holds too many records. Besides, he plays for a very difficult country where no international cricket is played for many many years. Also ethnic & regional bias makes selection of a player extremly difficult in Pakistan. Despite these odds afridi has performed very well.
He is my faverite plyer in cricket of Pakistan. Great changer of any type of game situation. He is best forever in inshallah he well try their level best for next.
A handsome and a true legendary cricketer the game has ever known!
Although his fastest century record is broken now, he has maintained it for 18 years. He still has the most sixes in international cricket and in one day cricket. H e has the highest strike rate, and over 500 international wickets. He is a very useful and an unpredictable player who can change the game in seconds. Thumbs up for Shahid Afridi!
The shahid khan afridi is the only all rounder who can change the match by both bowling and bating he is boom boom by both side nor 1 thus I think that he is number1 he is the best
Number 1 allrounder in odi
355 wickets 7200+ runs fastest centuries most sixes best fielder what else?
I think Shahid Afridi is the best allriunder of all time

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