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41 Hello, Brooklyn Hello, Brooklyn

Best song! That is amazing, catchy... Simply love it! :D I don't understand why it isn't at the top of this list!

THIS SHOULD BE UP THE TOP 1 AND TIME BOMB STRAIGHT AFTER this is like the first song that got me into all time low and is a really good catchy fin song to singalong too and play if you don't like this song then you can go punch a dog

This is should definitely be in the top 10! What's going on?! It always puts me in such a good mood! :))

Super amazing party song. After all "everybody knows there's a party at the end of the world"

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42 Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

If this isn't your favourite Christmas song I probably don't like you.

Amazing! Totally would sing this to my ex

So amazing! Should be number 1! Love it

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43 Circles

This song should be number 1. For some reason it is underrated.

In my opinion the most powerful All Time Low song. Vote!

"Play circles" there's a reason to it because it's amazing

44 Kids In the Dark Kids In the Dark

It's an Amazing song that should definitely be at least in the top 20's. "What a shame, what a shame, beautiful scars on critical veins. Come together, state of the art. We will never surrender, the kids in the dark." It's really catchy and the lyrics.

This is actually a great song! It hasn't been out long and I think that's why it's not higher on this list but when it does it will rocket up. Probably not #1 but definitely top 10 material!

Kids in the dark deserves at least top ten! "Beautiful scars on critical veins," is one of my favourite lyrics ever, and this song has a great tune. One of their best!

Inspiring and uplifting. Kids in the Dark certainly speaks to its listeners. - HappyMouse111

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45 Umbrella Umbrella

I think this is even better than the original. Should be in the top ten at least! - FOB2012

This is far better than any others done. The drums, guitars and vocals resonate after the song which is one of the best things a song can do.

Can't believe people now think that Rihanna sang this... No! All Time Low sang this in 2004 BEFORE Rihanna! People need to know the truth that they sang this before Rihana and Mandy More.

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46 Tidal Waves

Song about talking crap, how could you not like it? Everyone knows how that feels, and I think Mark has amazing vocals on this track

Jack Barakat said in an interview this is the best song that Alex has ever written, and I completely agree. Not to mention Mark Hoppus's voice complements the song beautifully

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47 So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze

One of the best songs of All Time Low. A true punkish sound just like the early albums, this should be in the top ten.

Not only is this song (and the album name) a reference to Hitchickers guide to the galaxy (great book+movie) but it's an amazing, all rounded punkish song.

48 A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame) A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame)

The Live Version is amazing.. Needs more votes, I guess people havn't heard this

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49 Bad Enough For You Bad Enough For You

Love this song! It's so catchy, I can't listen to it without wanting to get up and dance! What is this song doing as number 38?!

41? Is this some kind of joke? This is the song that got me into All Time Low. Deserves #1. It's so amazing! It's so catchy.

This song has had me addicted since I first heard it! It should be at least in the top ten or something

.. Oh, come on guys., are you sick! Why don't you vote this for #1, this song is really AMAZING, it made me addicted since I first heard it. ATL

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50 No Idea No Idea

About a girl that doesn't know about his existence, yet he can't stop dreaming about her. Such an amazing verse and sick instrumental!

This song is about him wanting a girl. The girl doesn't know he exists. He doesn't know whether to put a make a move on her or to just stay put. He knows that if he goes for her, he might stutter or embarrass himself since she makes him nervous. This song is excellent.

This is one of my favorite songs ever and by All Time Low... It shocks me that no one voted for it :o

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51 That Girl That Girl

The beat is catchy and the meaning of the song is awesome!? How can this be not in the top ten!? It even reinvented the usage of the word bitch!

The first song I heard from all time low was weightless, it was kind of good, nothing special really, but this song made me give them another try, and from all of there songs so far this is the best

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52 Alejandro Alejandro
53 Dancing With a Wolf Dancing With a Wolf

This song is amazing it is my favorite all time low song so for me it sucks that it's this low, it should really get mor credit

Seriously the most catchy song they've released.

Love this song! It must be higher up soon

Love this song

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54 Satellite Satellite

This song is absolutely beautiful. Should be higher

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55 Missing You Missing You

Definitely the best song off their new album, Missing You is a refreshing combination of Therapy-like All Time Low and their new modern sound.

This song honestly has been helping me so much since I first heard it. It reminds me that I'm not alone.

Its off there new album, and is absolutely amazing! The message behind it is great. - ewwitskaylee

Deserves to be on the top ten.

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56 Canals

I wonder why it is in number 51. Gosh, I'm totally captivated by this! The lyrics,. perfect!

I'm guessing this is so low because no one knows what the meaning is? It doesn't make sense musically for it to be so low. It's gorgeous <3 And I love the lyrics even if I don't fully understand his intent in writing them

57 Kicking & Screaming Kicking & Screaming

This is such a good song why is it so low?

58 Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) V 2 Comments
59 My Only One My Only One

NO! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS! This song is the best song by them!

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60 I Can't Do the One-Two Step
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