Top 10 American Made Cars and Trucks

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The Top Ten

Corvette (Chevorlet)
I have this car and I absolutely love it because it has great performance, a steady ride and way better qualification that Ford Motor Company's Mustang just can't have!
Corvette are the best and they are fast and it has power CORVETTE'S RULE and the corvette is better than the viper and the mustang.
pure american engineering backed with american styling and an excellent heritage.

2Mustang (Ford)
What can you say. Nobody will ever be able beat the mustang. Other car companies will try and probably lose money but the mustang will always be the top car in its category in this country. I know the camaro is outselling the mustang right now but that will be short lived. The thrill of the newest version of the batcar will wear off.
Its the longest produced sports car without interuption in production and is an american icon
A good old proper car, oh and it's the only good looking American car which can go around corners properly as well!


[Newest]Corvettes are for rich bastards

3Viper (Dodge)
This car is fast and bad ass it should be higher than the corvette.
a viper would so beat a corvette

4Charger (Dodge)
There's nothing like it.

5Challenger (Dodge)
Nothing has a better sound than, ok let me think of how I should say this... Oh NOTHING HAS A BETTER SOUND THAN 500 HP UNDER THE HOOD WITH DUEL EXHAUST OF A American ASS-KICKING V8!
V10's and V12's sound like a V6 as they go taking a dump down the road and 4-bangers we all know suck because there quiet and only have 250 HP, and that's with a truck load of money to go with that to pay for all that imported stuff!

6Camaro (Chevorlet)
In my personal opinion, this car is so much better than the Mustang. My brother was a Mustang freak, Fords all over the place, he even owned three brand new ones! When he saw how the Camaro I own beat up his Mustang in a drag race, he sold 'em all for any price and bought Camaros! That's a true story!
camaro! a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs
camaro would kill any mustang

7GT (Ford)
This car has speed, it has power, it has handling, it has looks, plus it could beat any car that is listed on here, and it costs much less than Italian exotics like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

8Ram 3500 Super Duty Turbo Hemi (Dodge)

9H2 (Hummer)

10Grand Cherokee (Jeep)

The Contenders

11Model S (Tesla)

12Satellite (Plymouth)

13GTX1 Concept (Ford)

14Cougar (Mercury)
An underrated and un-noticed version of the Mustang.

15Tuatara (SSC)

16Venom GT (Hennessey)

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