Top Ten Angry Birds Wood Breakers

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1Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird is great at wood destrution, though in AB seasons Easter Eggs Terence (Big Brother) had to step in and help him. Bomb (Black Bird) handles stone but can't handle wood! Yellow Bird is a wood expert!

Well he is a woodpecker so of course he's going to be the best!

Yellow bird is one of the best wood breakers but not as good as black bird

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2Big Red Bird

He is one good wood breaker bird. But how many pieces? Might be 6. Is that a good estimation? What do you think?

Not only he can break wood,but he can break stone and glass as well! He is Terrence.Brother of red.

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3Green Bird

When he boomerangs back, he's much powerful.

4Orange Bird

First: Crush the wood. Second: Send it flying. Great job!

He is great! Get him inside, and he sends things flying!

Orange Bird is great at wood. Why is White Bird #4? Orange Bird should be #4! Stange that little Orange Bird is way better at wood than Bomb.

5White Bird
6Red Bird
7Pink Bird

She cannot break wood, glass, or stone, but who cares? She blows bubbles to capture blocks, and pigs. Besides, she has such a nice personality! Clever, tricky, and so cute!

8Black Bird
9Blue Birds

The Blues are not very good at wood, even when split! They are good at ice, though.

10Mighty Eagle
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