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21Light Purple Gazelle Horns

These aren't that rare, but at least they're rarer than some non member rare item other than a worn blanket.

Extremely rare ; only known pair belongs to snowy claw. They are worth about a few spikes or some founders.

A lot of people confuse these horns with the light and dark purple gazelle horns. The real purple gazelle horns released during Beta Testing is purple and brown. Rarely have I seen this item, so it must be much rarer than 19th on this list. -beachfun

Uh not rare I have twenty

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22Mira Statue

I agree mira statues are extremely beta. I'd say they're worth... a beta phantom statue. I don't go after the golden bronze ones but I like the clear ice ones, cause they look better in my opinion

I always have wanted 1 I did not know they were worth 19#! I almost got 1 by a person giving it away. they said they would send it to me but somebody butted in and shouted NO ME SEND IT TO ME! I was so disappointed

I have 1 and it is very beta and rare I got it from a giant overtrade! :D

What about a yellow phantom rug

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23Spaceship Grey

Nothing is really rare anymore even a long black spike if your a member and has an eagle you can become really rare in weeks I got my space ship gray from the eagle adventure :T and a green spike neon bow and more

This is actually pretty beta still, but a lot of other things are better than it.

I have no idea what a spaceship grey is reply and let me know what it is I'm sparklezlette :D

I seen 1 of those in my life O. O

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24Brown Beard

Look there are to many beards but I heard all this from other people - garfieldgirl307

Its more more beta then the rare 1 its true

I only have a cream but yea there is

Wait there is a brown beard?

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25Bow and Arrow

I have a rare raspberry bow and arrow which are the rarest of the bow and arrows, believe me. It took me a month to get one. I also have two non rare bows.

I have one and jammers keep asking me for it its so annoying

Rare bow and arrows people been trying in the return of the phantoms to get 1.

I have five bows 2 rare one none rare along with a longbow and crossbow

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26Rare Giant Lion Plushie

It's the rare one that isn't in the diamond shop, because it doesn't have the diamond sign, but it DOES have the rare sign!

Rare lion plushie IS rare, but they've lost popularity now since the diamond shop features non rare giant lion plushies

You know I had one but Thiere was 100000 more trade request so donot trade you r s one bye

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27Dragon Glove

These aren't that rare... I just have to say.

No need to be in the top 100 anymore! In the diamond shop and there are MILLIONS of people with them these days... did you write this in 1012? Because now in 2015 there and billions to people with dragon gloves. they have no need to be in top 100 rare items anymore there in diamond shop. sorry! :( I'm bffsrule0

Rarity has gone DOWN now that it is in diamond shops

Yeah, most of my buddies have rare dragon gloves and I have like five

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28White Tail Armor

White tails, nice, they are a pleasant item to own, go great with almost every look you can think of, I enjoy these items, they were a monthly member gift back in the beta, very very rare, congrats to anyone who owns one of these magnificent items and if you don't I how you get one soon. Take care, and jam on jammers!

These were given as member gifts (can't remember when though) and came in different colors then the diamond shop came out and now you can ask for rares. no more rare :(

It's actually the rarest tail armour. And its also Beta. So it's no reason to be upset about it.

It's not just white it's all purple, all pink, tan, silver and gold, or the red and white one. But the white is the rarest it's worth a purple, red, or blue long

Its worth more

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They did get rid of these and are never coming back, One was hacked in, Yet AJHQ removed it. Say goodbye to your precious skullies.

The Skullys are the rarest idem in AJ by far. They are at spot # 1 in my book and should be on this page. They were deleted because they looked wrong on pandas. There are probley 3 I exsistance no joke. Aj probley went into everyone's account and got rid of them so there might be none even in AJ. (add me I'm Hoppy62)

This is the second time skully's was on the list 0_0
oh p.s one person still has a skully and people think skullys were removed because they looked inappropriate on pandas

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30Black Long

Wow these are super rare nobody will accept anything these days in 2015

I'm never getting one. They say "headdress! 20 den betas! " as their offer!

If u have a black long gift it to me I'm rebecca1240 I'll be online to get it

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311st Birthday Cake

Never seen one of these... I only have the 2nd and 5th birthday cake.

Who has one? I have never seen one before. - Eil__een

I guess. I got scammed out of it. by the way my user is fashionista forever

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32Black Beard (Silver Tip)

A regular beard may seem lame but the truth is beards that aren't labeled "rare" are actually rarer than the ones labeled "rares" haha beards are actually worth say a rare claw

You may notice beards are very rare. This is 1 of the rarest. - garfieldgirl307

I have one, and I personally think it looks very cool on a eagle.

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33Cream Beard (Grey Tip)

Ok there's way to many beards but a friend of mine said this is super hard to get - garfieldgirl307

I have 1 they say that there's 4 in animal jam but I don't know

I don't have this but I'm willing to...

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34All Spirit Armor

Spirit armor is out in the diamond shop today, yet a very cool item. Jam on jammers and take care!

Not rare they came out in the diamond shop or day!

I have all spirit armor now it's in diamond shop :'(

This is really rare and hard to get

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35Alpha Healing Staff

This item was only in stores for like a few minutes, or it hasn't come out yet. Either way it's still REALLY rare. I haven't seen any myself, but at least INE person has to have it.

I think it's a myth, but, no one has proof that it is or isn't real so.

I meant at least one person has to have it.

Never heard of it or seen it

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Backpacks are super good for role play and they really bring out the style in you. Look stylish and cool!

They were pretty rare then they came out in stores they go on off in stores a lot

Pretty sure that they are rare, and it's just a nice item to have around, especially if your doing a school roleplay. Just saying.

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37Shark Fin

I had a black one but I traded it for a spike collar rare one got accepted then spike got scammed

I had one and I got I in a gift and I recycled it

Can someone please tell me what these are worth my username is espile.

I have the rare one.

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38Rare Claw

It is priceless. Claws that are rare are as rare as a really beta item. Every time I tried to trade 4 max rares that were ultra rare and a person said no. I finally got a rare claw and I'm so happy.

This is a VERY rare item. It should be at the top of the list. At least by number 3. It was a Monthly Member Gift, and it is obtainable on The Forgotten Desert

I have a rare claw and I love it! I would love to trade it! My user: noodle2014

My sis has one

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39Pink Gazelles

Just came out in stores now you can bye so they are not rare!

I had one before they were in stores. NOW I'm SO MAD :(

I was traded for my long pink spike a neon bow two rhino helmats and a mech angel helmat was that fair

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40Princess Bed

The Princess Bed is an bed and only 1 Jammer owns this item her user shall not be shared. This item has not been released ever and is pink with brown wooden borders. The Princess Bed is also very rare and people will ask about 15 Black long spikes or 20 Non rare Headdress.

Good post? - Maelinthewolf

No one owns this it is unreleased and taken out of the coding system for nasty reasons

This should be like number one, whats it doing at number 74?

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