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81Phantom Rug

I have noticed that these are so rare I never find them - I have only seen them once!

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82Ninja Mask

I have a green ninja mask and a black. What is the green one worth? Please tell me my username is fuzzerwuzzer

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I love plushie and when people make plushie store but I think that it should be in the top items

This is sad it is worth nothing the claw is not a scam it is real and does work

Seriously, I had like 100 of these when I was new... above a beta flooring, moon dirt?!

I have like 20 or 100

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84Mech Helmet

I used to have a mech I traded it +3 other items for a short rare spike collar

I got one of these, and I traded it with a rare elf helmet for a blue shag carpet. I'm so happy.

I'm dying for one right now. I'm fuzem and I will trade a rare candy socks, diamond snowman family, bunny statue for it!

They are kind of rare. I have a magenta one

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85Rare Fox Hat

I had one once, I really should not have traded it for another rare item of less value, role-players sometimes will give you a lot for a white or fox-colored one.

I once gave a light blue one away with a diamond phantom for a feather mask. I regret it very much.

Is it bad that I gifted my pink one to my BFF after I got a spike and felt like being nice?

Have a dark-blue one- Chicken8898

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86Shark Hat

Damn it I traded mine away for a worn ;-; - TailsNerd

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87Short Spike Collar

Short Spikes are indeed rarer than long ones. Longs are just in higher demand because of looks, shorts have been around since beta days. Longs... Not so much.

People who are commenting now who has rare spiked collar which is black or yellow please gift it me I'm on today november 29th 2015 I'm rebecca1240

It's goopy40 again and I currently have 1 yellow short spiked collar. You probably see many jammers in Animal Jam with all kinds of spikes. There are also spiked wristbands. The colors of short spikes and wrists are black, purple, pink, yellow, red, orange, blue, and green. These short collars are worth probably 2 OK wrists and a few betas.

I have a pink short collar and NEED to know what it is worth combined with a green short wrist... am hoping I can get a black long one day

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88Bongo Drums

I had a bongo drum then I realized they were beta and then it was on stores I don't really understand

I traded my favorite items and rares items for the Bongo drums they are really BETA!

I had this. I wasn't sure if it was beta or rare. I got this from forgotten desert.

In stores lol

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89Tan Headdress

Headdresses are AWESOME so why not

90Art Easel

These are beta items that are in fair demand. A fair trade, this might even would be an under trade, is about 4 bows. This should be near the top of the list in the top 10.

I really like them. too bad they are for members

I have one. Its beta. Super cool item, very rare

I have one of these and I love it

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91Mech Angel Helmet

Mech angel helmets are extremely beta but pets can wear them!

I traded one in for a beta porch swing. Tell me if it was a good trade.

I got one from the Forgotten Desert!

Woo yay I got a purple beta mech angel helmet

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92Moon Dirt

This is extremely rare. Barley anyone has it. Everyone keeps on hogging it and worth a lot. Short spike, gazelle (pink purple or black) I tried trading pigtails and gazelles and all but this person keeps on declining

I have one trade me Jasmine1620 is my user I also have other cool betas and rares

Moon Dirt is not worth a spike, in fact many floors are WAY more rare

I have too many beta floors. The three I have are, (I'll name them in when the most un recent was) Moon dirt, Blue vines, Blue shag carpet. I want to trade away one for a beta wall but I really like all of them. Please tell me which one I am Jammer78z46.

Well I don't now what it is but it's not really. Rare

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93Beta Blanket

Its rarer than number three...

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94Pot O Gems

A good thing, I traded for a out of stores never returning item and phantom gate ( think they added that so I would definitely accept.)

I JUST got one of these, and I knew it was beta, but 94 on this list? It appears I got more then I bargained for

Have one. On my backup. I'll trade for a GOOD rare, like a spike.

This should be way up higher in this list

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95Rare Nerd Glasses

This might sound really silly, but if you ever wanna trade a nm. This is not a member's only item. And it is also very rare.

I was wondering when this would ever pop up! they are way rarer than 181! thou I have to admit there are quiet alo of people with it

I am willing to trade my rare nerd glasses for phantom armor. My username is Niightmoon. You can get phantom armor from the search for greely hard mode.

Much Nerd. Very Nonmember

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96Milky TiaraV4 Comments
97Rare Clover Blanket
98Mace Tail

The Mace Tail is a purple tail armor but is for non members. Only one person has this item the user shall not be shared. This item is worth 18 Black long spikes or 20 Non rare Headdresses. This item comes in many different colors like regular Animaljam Clothing. This item has a spiked ball at the end as in a Mace in the Midevil Times.

Goood or no? - Maelinthewolf

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99Brown Glossy Cupid Wings

These were removed from stores, they are worth A Lot. Super limited Quantity

Brown glossy cuipid wings are really rare they are worth a yellow short,party hat, light pink headdress and 120 den betas :0

That is what Scullies are worth. These? Probes 4 black long collars.

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100Silver Rare Bow

I'm like dying for one! by the way, I though they were gray

Yeah, I can get one for anyone who wants one and is desperate, but only after I get one for myself. These look so cool. - Winterush

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