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Scarecrow r not rare they r a peas of crap

Not rare, not "peas of crap" immature much?

Scarecrows are of very high value.

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102Deer Fur

I have a feeling that deer fur is a beta.I had deer fur once but someone hacked it:(.I think they are worth probably phantom armor.

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103Tuxedo Jacket

I think its worth some beta like a beta t.v,so I have 1 and that's what I think it's worth.

I have 2 of them ones rare and ones none rare

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104The Falling MeteorsV1 Comment
105Freedom Wings

I had these things when I was like new why are these on here

I have them but traded the away to a desperate jammer

I have freedom wings. My sister is so sweet and let me have them. I don't see them very often. I suppose they are rare. I am: miahappyheart

Have them- Chicken8898

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106Superhero Cape

I think the superhero capes are pretty awesome! I have one myself and I've had many trades for it!

I don't have one but they are super rare

What are super hero capes... I have never seen one

Got a rare 1 today

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107Tall Phantom StatueV3 Comments
108Lavender Gazelle Horns

This is IMPOSABLE to get, since F122Man has been hogging them, even though he is a myth, some people think he is real, including me. I only saw one person on my entire time I have played on this game that had these items. Next to the Black beard with SILVER NOT RED tip, and the Beta Eyeball, these Gazel Horns attracted a lot of attention and trade requests (and Insults from other people if you decline there trade) this is a stunning and back-breaking item that shoots up to the stars and I truly believe it is the rarest item in animal jam.

I searched his name on aj, and guess what? "That jammer couldn't be found! "

Umm its Fman122 not F122man he hacked in 2011 I was there and its true I was so sad

They it came out in stores so not rare anymore

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109Scary Bat Wings

I have these I think. Will report back. I am Jammer78z46

This is pretty rare but it is a rare and a beta I do have one its really hard to get people always want to trade for it I did not do mugg it's so annoying when people beg so if you don't agree I'm ok with that

I traded rare shutter shades for this!

I have one, it's my very first rare I got!

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110Rare Beret

It should be on the list because its ultra rare and really cool

I LOVE these! These are one of my placeholder items! (I plan on replacing it with a headdress when I get one) - Winterush

Rare berets aren't exactly the rarest item in jamaa but they are quite cool, jam on jammers.

GOOD that I have one!

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111Rare Top Hat

These are quite hard to get and I don't have one myself though, I think they are very good.

Just because there were rare item Monday doesn't mean they aren't rare. Say the rare headdress

They are not that rare... They were a rare item monday

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112Freedom HelmetV4 Comments
113Pirate Hat

These came out in stores so they are not that rare any more

114Epic Dragon Mask

I was at a Trading Party, and someone said "Trade me Freedom Hats! I have to have 100 of them by the end of the term! ". I traded them two Freedom Hats and they traded me two Epic Dragon Masks. I know they are now sold at the Epic Wonders, but they must be rare somehow. I went to a fashion show today and I came first. I won a Golden Phantom! Afterwards someone traded me a Rare Cupcake Hat and a Rare Curly Wig. I am not sure if those two rares are really that rare, but someone traded them to me for the Epic Dragon Mask even though it can be bought at the Epic Wonders!

It seems ridiculous that they did that trade. It was like when one time I had a Freedom Fox Hat (from the Freedom Party, by the way) and a Rare Glove. I traded them both to someone for a Rare Fox Hat (orange) and they accepted! I was quite happy about it because I got scammed recently with my dark blue Rare Fox Hat by this stupid lion called Awesome... I can't remember the rest.

They said ...more

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115Rare Worn Blanket

Ever since they started giving away worn blankets for adventure prizes, rare worn blankets became more rare and wanted.

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116Witch Hat
117Rare Halo (Black)

Wow lucky you! Rare headdresses are so much more rare then black rare halos your so lucky

Well I don't really know if this was fair but someone was desprate and gave me a rare headdress for my halo...

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118Traffic Cone

I don't know what that is my username is- party in the usa la

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119Large Painted Pot

I think the small one is worth a good bit.

Painted pots are an average beta

I have a small one.

This is a beta

120Fish Fountain

If you are a flying animal then go to coral canyons and above the house shop there is a secret shop you can find it there.

I love fish I really want on jamagram me my user is adrianna1235 if it does not work as I am changing my user try pufferfish1235

I think I have one, please gran me what they are worth or gram me let's trade if you want mine. -honorchior

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