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121Rare Cloud

I have to idea what its worth, but I'm trying to get it soon. If you have an extra, my aj is nyancatisthebest109

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122Nature Archway

Only worth like 300 gems you can buy them at the area in coral canyons that you have to have and eagle to get to

You know this? I traded my rare headdress for it. Do any of you know if that was an overtrade or not?

You can't buy nature arches. They aren't in eagle shop. They were a member gift once. I have 2 ice ones

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123Designer Skirt

Man I want one they look nice on foxes and so many people host proms I want one for that no one will trade one not even for a headdress

I really like them though I don't know which animal they look good on

This item is a beta now and not a lot of people have them.

It looks great on foxes

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124Epic Plushies

I love them! they are hard to get. only seen 2 people with it. tried to trade for it but they both rejected

There so cool and I think tey were never in stores only aj hands the, out to good behaveior

125Green Star Necklace

Green star necklaces are one of the rarest things in this game number one is because they change color to every month and they are worth collars headdresses and tons of other betas!

126Unicorn Horn

My best friend wants one, plus, you can get them in a party -alydol

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127Robot Mask

I Believe the robot mask came out in beta day Halloween, but there super awesome looking and rarely seen to this day, I believe there very beta and can be 1 of the rarest items on Animal Jam, rarer Than Black Longs And Headdresses! But, this is my opinion, comment if u think different! :D

128Angel Wings

Umm, you can buy these at the Horses Only Party...

I have the whole collection lol

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129Green Gecko Plushie

Okay, so they're not really beta, but they were a gift box prize and therefore never going to come back. UNLIKE the orange gecko, which IS a beta and could be back in eagle adventures, who knows (screw the eagle adventures! ). The green gecko doesn't get enough credit and I've been traded orange geckos PLUS for my green one, which I did get directly from the promo code. The green gecko is worth more than you think, if you have one, keep it!

If I had a green gecko plushie I wouldn't trade it ever

Its lighteningwolf62 again, I have a green gecko plush but the funny thing is my friend spent 2 diamonds of a masterpiece of the gecko. He loves it.. so now I know I will never give away my gecko.

130Pink Top Hat
131The Claw

Someone traded me two claws and a rare worn for a rare pink skeleton mask that is in the stores

If the claw is worth as much as a party hat, why isn't it tied with the party hat?

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132Spike Wristbands

They are cool I want one so bad not even a non rare headdress for on I mean I trade to headdressed one rare one not come on selfish people

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133Open Sign

100? What the hell?!?!?! This is a BETA, for crying out
Loud! It's pretty uncommon too! Click it and it will say closed so this is a good item 100 is the wrong number.

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134Robot Den Item

They have it in that coral canyons shop in the den iteams section!

135Mech Wings Rare

I have three. Bitter Sweets I really hate you. Ruining everything. I used to have trouble getting rares. Now I have 20. Most rares like rare bow and arrows are worthless now.

I have at least four of these. Not really rare, but nonmembers will give stuff.

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136Rare Bat Wings

They are like one of my fave items! I have one

137Gold and Silver Elf Tail

They are not that rare because they could be earned in Graham's Workshop

In my opinion it's pretty rare I don't know wut their worth because I got one if u do know please jag me I'm jkj65!

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138Rare Pilgrim Hat
139Rare Heart Locket

Yeah. I have one and don't even wear it. if I wear it on a bunny looks like the necklace is choking the bunny

Not worth anything, in ever adventure prize for animal gates.

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140Rare Worn

Non rare tagged blue is the rarest I believe.

Non rare black worn is rare and purple rare worn is rarest

Please someone smart come fix this list

I had a rare worn I traded for a spike

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