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161Red Headdress

I love headdresses they are amazing

Oh oh oh oh, I have a trade for one, just jag me if deal, two rare gloves, red pigtails, rare wizard hat, and rare rhino hat, my user is alydol- Alydol

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162Rare Phantom Mask

I have one of these and I used a mod to glitch it. It can change colors and even change to rainbow. It it probably worth a rare fox hat IF NOT GLITCHED, If its glitched (Like how I did it), then it might be worth a short or long. Please jamagram me if you want it! I am 22vielk!

163Nerd Glasses (glitched)

Traded magenta eyeball for mine think it was an over-trade but she accepted! :D

I trade one den beta and a rare pink bow and arrow for it I think I traded a under trade :P

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164Rare Mech Angel Helmet

I see people with this all the time.. then a person trade one to me and I accept! (i do not care if its not beta)

165Flower Crown

I am posting in 2015 and they just got released back into stores so they are not betas!

Oh and by the way you cannot get rare flower crowns yet.

They are back and then gone again I'm I 2016 lol

A nice not in store items it worth a nm sword and a rare jamaliday hat (I traded that to get mine) I currently have a pink flower crown.

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166Feathered Mask

I have a pink one, I might have another but that is the one I know I have

This is another out of store item that's is also worth a flower crown

Just checked, I only have a pink one

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Toilets are unreleased, few jammers have them! They are super rare!

Super Rare Item! Unreleased like the Alpha staff

I never knew there was ever a toilet in aj! it should be much more rarer!

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168Aqua Mech

This is a great rare worth a green headdress and a neon bow you could add a short spike if you are nice it can bring you to a whole new level in rarity

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169Beta Opening Sign

Hardly anybody sees this item.

170Vine Floors

My friend has one and can be worth a lot


I had a store item on trade and this person traded me: Bamboo, Phantom Statue, Lion plushie, and a ghost.

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172Rare Sombrero

I think I still have this.

I had 1 but I traded it

I recycled it

I really want this item.

173Brown Top Hat

I have one if you want to trade my user is: cookieda
I don't know what there worth but be fair

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174Beta Tail

I got 1 for a short collar

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175Blue Headdress

I want a headdress and blue is my favorite color

Worth four black longs, these beautiful things are the highlight of jamaa, they are worth FOUR black longs, if you want one of these, make AJ videos, you become famous and people might give you free stuff

I have a trade for one: two gloves, rhino helmet(rare),short spike collar(rare,green) wizard hat (rare), and pigtails (red, non rare)

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I got a grey one and my friend traded a rare cape for a blue on :3

I had one but I recycled/traded it

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177Rare Cupcake Hat

I used to have this but I was hacked. Now I oly have a top hat and pigtails until I get more good items :( -bonnythebunny64381

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178Rare Backpack

I got one from the adventure! It brought back memories. My first rare ever.

They are not really rare, I have only seen 10, (including me) but they are really hard to trade for.

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179Neon Bow

I have 3 but I don't know what there worth and I was told that they are worth a long spike collar but then I was told they are worth a rare short wrist. :(

They are worth 2 pirate (beta) swords and one or maybe two rare bow and arrows ( the least rare color)

They are worth a rare headdress

I over traded

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180Tan Top HatV1 Comment
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