Top Ten Animated Disney Movies That Deserve Theatrical Sequels

Walt Disney Animation Studios has made, as of 2015, fifty-four animated movies. A number of them have received follow-up films, only most of them are made straight-to-video. This list compiles the movies in Disney's 'Animated Classics' series that deserve (d) theatrical sequels (this may include movies that have already had home video sequels).

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1Wreck-It RalphV2 Comments
2Beauty and the BeastV1 Comment
3The Fox and the Hound
5The Lion King

Why did the sequel get cancelled? It looked pretty good and interesting. This movie need a sequel. I mean a live action remake is nice, but it really deserves at sequel. Especially sense I think that this is the best Disney movie and the best movie ever!

7The Little MermaidV1 Comment
8The Sword In the Stone
9Lady and the Tramp
10Oliver & Company

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11101 Dalmatians
12The Hunchback of Notre Dame

There is a sequel.

14Lilo & Stitch

This film deserves a better sequel because Leroy and Stitch,Stitch! The Movie and Lilo and Stitch 2:Stitch has a glitch all sucked! Those sequels were better than the Ice Age sequels though.

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15Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This does not need a sequel! It is perfect the way it is! Sequels and live actions ruin movies like sleeping beauty and malefcient for example, snow white is a magical Disney movie that should not be touched because its perfect - Disneyfan2005

Please Disney, make a sequel! I'm dying to watch it!

16The Aristocats
17Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Got a sequel but isn't knowledge

18The Princess and the Frog
19Meet the Robinsons
20Inside Out
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