Top 10 Anime Swordsmen

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The Top Ten

Zoro - One Piece
He presents something the manga world has lacked. Ever since Vegeta from DBZ, every badass charachter has been following his steps and scenario that Toriyama had made so original. Zoro was someone that finally brought some originality: he didn't need any dark past of immense pain, he doesn't need to be the rival of the main protagonist. He does what he wants when he wants and still he has an equal footing with the main character, still is considered the number 2 of the series and is still considered the reincarnation of... Badass.
One Piece is the most famous Manga/Anime of all time, so its obvious that the most bad-ass swordsman in One Piece is going to be the number one swordsman of all time. His tough guy character, his 3 sword trademark, the first mate of the most famous Manga/Anime team, His legendary moment of risking his life to save his captain. All hail, the soon to be Strongest Swordsman of all time. Zoro.


Zoro is destined to be the best swords man he also contains a demon and also has 3 swords so Zoro is the best one he also can have 9 swords style with de demon but he also trained with Mihawk Vote!
[Newest]Zoro is Zoro. He's the best.

2Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin
In my opinion Kenshin is the best anime swordsman ever. I could say many things to support my opinion but what really makes him the best is that against his opponents he was using a reverse blade sword to beat them but with no intention to kill them. In proportionality I cannot see other anime swordsmen doing that with their opponents. Other fact that makes him the best is that he is trying to beat his opponents both physically and mentally by applying psychological war at the same time {e.G. the fight with Sojiro}. According to me these facts added to the complexity of his character and his past make him the most skillful, complete and badass swordsman ever.
'Battousai the manslayer', the name says it all. Considered to be the best swordsman that ever existed, a title he still holds even after deciding he would never kill again. His flawless swordmanship and his ability to evaluate every battle he ends up in in to create a plan in almost an instant is why he is the best anime swordsman. He holds expert skill in every aspect of being a swordsman; he has the speed, the skill, the power, the evaluation skills, the mentality, and not to mention a vast array of techniques which ensures that no matter who or what he finds himself up against, he has a trump card for them all. Truly the best anime swordsman, hands down.
Hitokiri Battousai, these new people who has just watched the recent animes wouldn't understand why we would choose kenshin.. Its epic no super power, great story and personality.. And also god like technique that guarantee him 100% of victory.. An entire life samurai
[Newest]Kenshin is the man

3Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach
Moron even mihawk's sword is as long as his body mihawk can kick ichigo's ass any time
If it was before the thousand year blood war I wouldn't have agreed but now since I've seen a little bit of what Ichigo could do I think he might be able to match Zoro
Ichigo litteralt cannot be killed! I mean come on one guy blasted a huge hole in his chest and he just went berserk and ripped the guys arm off!

He deserves to be known as the best swordsmen ever

4Inuyasha - Inuyasha
Inuyasha has one sword with different powers. That's it, his tessaiga able to get power from its opponent because it is the power of his sword :))
Wind Scar and Backlash wave, enough said
Inu Yasha Evolved with Tessaiga, He not only forged it with is his own fang but also mastered and attacks that could unleash diamond barrage or wind scars to Meidou blackholes till the end.
He not only wields it like a badass but can virtually defeat anyone with it!

5Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho
Hiei can take out any of these wimps :P
He sliced his opponent 16 times in a BLINK of an EYE... when he was lower C class... and now he is upper S class!

And... and... and!

"Sword of the Darkness Flames! "

6Rin Okumura - Blue Exorcist
Rin is Just amazingly awesome. Probably one of the best anime characters I've seen.
Rin should at least be In the top 10 for this come on PEOPLE
Rin is the best of all

7Dante - Devil May Cry
Not only does his sword look wickedly magnificent, but with Dante holding and wielding the sword he's practically invincible! He slains demons constantly not with his guns only, but with the help of "Rebellion", the name of his sword. His sword shows perspective, and details on how the sword helps the character win battles!
He's got some very nice moves and slices the demons as they were nothing. And the rebellion blade is just too awesome.
He's brilliantly awesome with his kickass butt popping sword he pops demons heads off faster than popcorn can pop!
[Newest]Dantes free flowing makes him a formidable opponent and the fact that he has demon form

8Mugen - Samurai Champloo
Can Zorro break dance whilst cutting foes to shreds. I think not.
Can any other swordsmen accomplish these feats without super strength. Nope only Mugen
Can mugen risk his life for his ambition I think not

9Kirito - Sword Art Online
First of all Kirito is amazingly hot. Kirito is a great swordsman he is un describable when it comes to sword fighting. Kirito is amazing.
With awesome reaction time and a rare skill to Dual Wield, plus the fact that Kirito is one of the top players in SAO, No doubt that Kirito should be considered one of the best swordsman.
Kirito is the kind of guy that most girls out there and he fights for the people who is important to him! When it comes to fighting with swords I think kirito is the best swordsman out in the world of anime!
[Newest]Kirito is superb.. He is amazingly fast and his attitude is super cool, he should be the number 1 on the list

10Sesshomaru - Inuyahsa
The guy grew back his arm along with a sword that can kill thousands of demons in one big chain reaction. That there is a devotion to swords if you ask me...
He really strong and he never panic. He's a great swordmen unbeatable. Except dante will beat the crap out of him but other than that the best.

The Contenders

11Guts - Berserk
His skills in battle are truly unmatched. Even when struck down and all seems hopeless, he'll find a way to fight back against the tendrils of fate. If a demon stands ready to finish Guts off, he'll take his daughter hostage and use that to his advantage. He may not be some knight of valor and honor, but his dirty swordplay is what makes him akin to even the most powerful of celestial beings. He dares to strike back against fate and presumes to kill a god who was once his friend. Add that to a magical suit of armor which transforms him into a relentless beast of the night and you have possibly the most powerful man in any lore.
I have looked at this list over and over and I have this to say. Not only are many of the better actual swordsmen on this list underrated, but this right here is ridiculous.
I have not yet watched Berserk, but even I know that Guts should be higher than a number of the people above on this list, mostly because when compare what I do know about Guts to these other characters, they don't even come close.
If you are on his way than you should step aside even if you are god because he will find a way to kill you whatever it takes. I think he is toughest human you could see.
[Newest]Come on, guys. He may not have all these OP flame powers or whatever, but when it comes to skill, he's one of the best there is.

12Yoh Asakura - Shaman King

13Trunks - Dragon Ball Z
He is epic, and has awesome Super Saiyan powers. Trunks can move at supersonic speed, and teleport. He can even hold his own without a sword.
He should be at the top of the list.. those who know him don't need an explanation why.. those who don't know him wont believe his strength and that he can kill zoro or mihawk with a toothpick if he wants..
He cut down a galactic tyrant he should be 5th

14Killer Bee - Naruto
Killer B is the best! How many other swordsmen can use 8 swords at once, As well as do it flawlessly, While Rapping! Episode 143 of Naruto Shippuden (The Eight Tails Vs Sasuke) Is his highlight Episode, where Sasuke is working for the Akatsuki And his team of 4 Take on Killer B, And B whoops all of them, to a point where half of Sasukes Team have to sacrifce themselves just to try and beat him. I Would recommend you watch the episode, and re write this statement.
Who is killer bee? I wonder who? Anyone answer me? I watched a little about Naruto but I've never heard of his name but I've heard Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata and so on...

15Gintoki Sakata - Gintama
Probably the strongest samurai in the anime and the best protagonist
Gintoki is the white demon. He is very durable. He is the best without superhuman abilities
Dude, Gintoki DESTROYS things with a WOODEN sword and that's just when he's Gintoki, when he's really pissed the guy is scary. Shiroyasha, he is a samurai. Maybe not #1 but pretty damned close.
[Newest]No other swordsman can use wooden sword to fight against a real sword and win it

16Vergil - Devil May Cry
Vergil is a true and blue badass swordsman.
He refuses to touch guns, and if he should need a projectile, instead launches phantasmal swords.
Though he rarely needs them considering his sheer overwhelming speed and elegance allows him to perfectly catch multiple bullets fired at him along his blade, lie them on the ground, and slice them back without damaging them.
One of the most badass and coolest swordsman.

17Dracule Mihawk - One Piece
He is better than Zoro. Plus his title is that of the best swordsman in the world. He can definitely kick everybody out of the league with one fine slash of his sword.
Mihawk should be easily in the top 10, same goes for Guts. How is it even possible that this kirito and renji is placed higher than mihawk? In terms of feats and swordmanship mihawk is better!
I guess miHawk on 2 or 1 Roronoa zoro did not become the greatest if he can't kill or defeat mihawk right

18Renji Abarai - Bleach

19Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
She fights for her friends not because she is strong, even if she has armor it's awesome as she is always there! Never underestimate TITANIA, THE QUEEN OF FAIRIES!
In my opinion, Erza may be one of the strongest swordsman in anime/manga right now.. I mean she has countless number of swords and different styles! She's the best!
With Armor and weapons infinite, and the ability to control hundreds of full size swords simultaneously, Erza Scarlet is the embodiment of a badass swordswoman, proving not only men can look great swinging a sword
[Newest]How many of the people above can wield over 200 swords at once?

20Sagara Sanosuke - Rurouni Kenshin

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