Ah I love bleach it's the best anime ever how dare they put it under Naruto and come on DEATH NOTE this deserves first place anyone who watches anime knows that just in case you don't know the plot I'll tell you ok ichigo kurosaki is a teenager gifted with the ability to see ghost his life is drastically changed with the sudden appearance of a shinigami (soul reaperdeath god) the one who governs the flow between the human world and the soul society ( were passing souls go to rest) rukia kuchiki a minor shinigami is on the hunt for a hollow a lost soul that has not passed on because of the regrets he or she had when living in a battle between a hollo rukia is severely wounded by protecting ichigo from a hollow that wanted to consume his high spirit energy ichigo desperately wants to protect his family and the only way to do it is for rukia to transfer her shinigami powers to ichigo so he can defeat the hollow but to her suprise he ends up taking all of her powers and has to fill in as a SUBSTITUTE SHINIGAMI ok there is lots of things in this anime that will suprise you and leaving you wanting more I was skimming and slamming in the library and this popped up at first I thought is was gonna be weird but I instantly fell in love with all the characters + ichigo is ADORABLE I remember exactly what they said in the first episode ah it brings back so many memories ill say it ichigo sais hey what the heck are you doing here rukia stares awkwardly into his room from the window ichigo keeps saying hey HEY but she still is ignoring him he sais HEY and he kicks her in the back saying" hey if your a burglar your not a very good one for starters you shouldn't talk to yourself" then rukia sais" wait are you saying you can see me" then ichigo sais " considering I just kicked your as* you tell me " then rukia sais you're the one In town earlier then ichigos sais "wow nothing gets by you" then rukia sais " how very strange you look normal but you must be defective inside" then ichigo sais OH I'll show ya defective haha then he tries to kick he again but she jumps over it and he face plants I love this anime so ouch It usually takes like 5 boring episodes to get into anime but with bleach just one I find in the beginning of the series it's a little more for like 12 year olds then it gets WAY darker ah even the filler episodes are interesting and the music is off the Hizzle fizzle (sorry couldn't help myself) I love the music when a hollow comes and HAH every time ichigo does something epic this awesome music comes on and it's like du nu nu nu nu du nu nu nu nu du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu if you wanna see some action gotta be the center of attraction make sure that they got there eyes on you like they see on every magazine SENSATIONAL you know that this is were you gotta be it must be your destiny SENSATIONAL now baby now you fell like number 1 shining bright for everyone living out your fantasy oh the brightest star there's ever been OH ya du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu ( it's very catchy) any ways they balance each other very nicely and there is some romance involved between ichigo rukia oriheme and senna although senna dead so yeah the fights are so epic ok so ichigo gets stabbed like 2 times and then oriheme sees ulquirra (4th espada ) and then he's like watch the man you put all your hopes and dreams in DIE then he takes ichigos neck and he chocked him brings him on the air shoots a hole in his stomach and oriheme slike NOO and then comes the waterworks and she talked about how she thought he could never lose and how she didint want to be a burden and then she sees uryuu on the ground and ulquirra is gonna finish him off two and she cries even harder and screams KUROSAKI KUN PLEASE HELP ME then ichigo goes all vasto lorde and ulquirra is like what and ichigo is all like ROAR and orihemes like is that really ichigo and uryuu is like and ichigo is like a hollow but he can shoot a cero and use a sognito like shunpo but times 10000000 then he goes loco on ulquirra by uh hm lemme think CUTTING his arm off he grew it back but then ulquirra shoots a cero uscuras his ultimate attack and I tiny cero from his fingernail shot a hole through ichigo then ichigo goes nod stops it with his finger and he is lie, what then he explodes and there is fire and then he sognitos and he cuts ulquirra in half then ichigo is gonna turn his body to mush by stabbing it and uryuu is like what no way hozay and ichigo is all like ROAR and he stabbed his BFF uryuu and oriheme is like yo ichigo what's your problem then ulquirra breaches his mask and he goes back to normal then he heals and to sum it up ulquirra dies because of his boo boo and he is like what is a heart because espadas and arrancars all have hollow holes in there chest and no heart but he loves oriheme and he is dieting and sais if I rip open will I find it there and she starts to cry and he sais are you afraid of me and she is like no and he sais you won't listen to the end then oriheme tries to hold his hand and it turns to dust and he is like I get it right in my hands is a heart and he dies aww waa sad oh yeah and there is SO much more ok so back to rukia rukia was not supposed to give her powers to ichigo so they sentenced her to death by her own brother captain kuchiki and capitains are like wow powerful and with renji her child friends who were gonna KILL rukia and then let's just say ichigo epically saves her because my hands are getting tired lets just say bleach is one of the most funny epic awesome coolest and epic shows ever made

Oh, Bleach... will you forever be so underrated compared to trash like Death Note? People, please... This anime is what it's all about. Not some arrogant pretty boy with a God-complex like Light from Death Note, who also seems to always top the charts of the best villains as well... This anime is what opened my mind to watching others, like Naruto, Soul Eater, and so many more. Naruto and One Piece may have been around for longer, and may have sold more, but that's hardly a reason for Bleach to be down so low, when it is such a masterpiece. This show has the most humble hero, the most terrifying villain, a great storyline, wonderful amounts of sword fighting action, and some of the most heart-wrenching deaths imaginable. This show literally is one of the only animes with good FILLERS, one's that you can actually get into and not want to instantly skip (don't get me started on Naruto's pre-Shippuden fillers... ) Practically the only thing missing from Bleach is more romance, maybe between Ichigo and Orihime, who belong together without a doubt. This anime will have you on the edge of your seat, with loveable characters, deep background history, mighty-powerful heroes and villains, and more. Not only is this the best anime of all time, but it is indeed the greatest work of fiction to ever be in existence. Please, if you have never heard of it, or seen it, give it a chance. I'm sure you'll fall in love with it like I did. I'll even say it changed my life and has inspired me in many ways. Please, vote for this masterpiece, because it doesn't deserve to be below Death Note, Fairy Tail, One Piece, or even Naruto. Although I grew up with Dragon Ball, I still can't place even that above my beloved favorite Bleach. It will forever be number one. BLEACH FOREVER!

I've seen so many different anime throughout my years. Dragonball Z like many was the first anime I ever watched. The second would be Rurouni Kenshin by far should be in the top 5 I'm amazed no one has picked up and loved that anime as it has an amazing story and amazing characters. But Bleach, oh Bleach you are fantastic! The story is brilliant, the characters are inspiring, it is by far the best anime I have ever watched. I've watched Death Note, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Ghost in a Shell. These are all great anime but they do not compare to the level of Bleach. I have no idea how Death Note got so high on the list, it's really not that amazing people. It is a great anime but Kens in is way better and Bleach is many times more brilliant. People please do yourselves a favor and take the time to watch Bleach in it's entirety. Hulu has every season dubbed and subbed. I've watched it subbed and dubbed. It's the only anime (OK well besides Dragonball Z) that I enjoyed the English dubbed version. I almost like the dubbed better because the voice actors casted are brilliant and is just as good as the native subbed version. Watch the series you will not regret the time spent, it's an investment well worth investing in instead of watching all the other lower tiered anime. There are only so many adjectives that can describe Bleach, it's just pure genius.

Bleach is Naruto's greatest rival today when it comes to popularity. Whenever you find some Naruto download site, most likely, they also have Bleach download stuff. We can't say for sure if it's more popular compared to it's rival or less popular. Based on my observation, I'd say less popular. Then you might be asking why is this one notch ahead of Naruto. Well, I've seen both series and I like Bleach a lot better. My "Anime friend" told me (when I asked him for some recommendations) that he likes strong and prominent main characters, then I came to realize that I feel the same way. And probably that's the reason why I like Bleach better than Naruto. The strong main character in the series is Kurosaki Ichigo. He's got a team behind him but he's the one who takes care of the strongest villian. Unlike Uzumaki Naruto who is at times (or should I say, often) over-taken by Uchiha Sasuke. Also, when it comes to the story, I find Bleach a bit more exciting. Naruto and Bleach are most likely the two most popular anime today, and this two gave more life to anime fandom in this generation. But since I prefer Bleach over Naruto, I put it at number nine! - olrak15

This show is not only my favorite anime, but one of my favorite shows period. I have been watching it for at least 5 years and I have never lost interest! This is the only show I know who has that many characters, and continually add to them, and you know who everyone is as well as their background and powers. Great underlying story, amazing powers and fighting scenes, and above all a very lovable and enjoyable main protagonist whos not whimpy, or naive, or whiny, or loud and annoying. He is a level headed person who cares for those around him. Great great show. Highly recommended. Must watch more than just a few episodes to truly start getting what it's about.

This is the best show, it should be at the top of the list. It got the whole package. Its funny, emotional, Supernatural, Actions and great story lines. Characters as awesome as well. You can actually enjoy every character there, with their pride, background and their abilities. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS SHOW, I SUGGEST THAT YOU GO LOOK FOR IT NOW NOW...

Dragon ball Z is considered the greatest action show but really it's the same ritual over and over. Either there out looking for the dragon balls or some enemy shows up that wants to kill Goku and someone someone goes to a new super sayian level. Then the next enemy just happens to be stronger than anyone. Actually I loved the show as a kid because it was easy to follow. Then I got older and I needed a show that was a little less childish. So I started watching Bleach and I loved it. One thing I love about Bleach is all the characters are different, physically and their powers. While DBZ has everyone going super sayian, in Bleach everyone has their own zanpakuto. This makes the show a lot more diverse. What I'm trying to say is a soul reapers bankai will beat giant glowing hair any day.

Amazing story line! You just simply love everything about Bleach, all the characters are simply amazing! The story line never disappoints you since everything is so well thought out. This is an anime that you watch and are continually entertained with since you are always surprised with something even more, it is like you are learning about a whole new world. Also not to forget how you get emotionally attached to the characters, they laugh you laugh, they cry you cry. The fighting is also amazing, as the movie goes on the more epic everything gets. I am usually the pickiest person ever, I hate story lines with cliches, I like originality! I hate it when I watch something and then after I can guess what happens next. Bleach is one of a kind, I recommend it to all otakus.

When I see it first it was it 3rd last episode it was very cool then I started see the full season one and 2 it was very cool and all of us see it together then I started recoding the song and my friend thing it was cool and we all started see it and it became popular among all of us and now we all love it. It is amazing and it should be number 1 animation all over worldts funny, emotional, Supernatural, Actions and great story lines. Characters as awesome as well. You can actually enjoy every character there, with their pride, background and their abilities. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS SHOW, I SUGGEST THAT YOU GO LOOK FOR IT NOW NOW... Great storylines, intense action. An excellent Anime, highly recommended.

Bleach should be amongst the top 3, if not number 1, purely because of the story and characters, the sacrifices and commitment one should show to their family and friends, to stand by each other no matter what. That something great about it. And great actions and terrific music makes it only better. One of the best. !

"Ichigo! What's the difference between a king and his horse? And I'm not talking' about kiddy, like one's an animal and one's a person, or one has two legs and one has four! Form, ability, and power! That's what's puzzling! If their form, ability and power are the same, why is it that one becomes the king and leads them into battle, while the other becomes the horse and carries the king?! There's only one answer... INSTINCT!

This guy alone is more than enough to make you obsessed with BLEACH!... Hell yeah - Bleach gives badass a new definition! M/

Watching this show brings back so many memories. It has so many epic moments and I love the characters. I am so attached to this show I still have to watch it every now and then because I get withdrawals laugh out loud.

The story line is epic, they have hot characters, funny moments in the first arc and then you can watch great amvs afterwards. I mean there is so much to love about bleach but a lot of people give up on it early on because the animation is kind of bad.. But really the vibe in the beginning is amazing and I love going back to it.

This is the best anime I've ever watched, it's actually what got me interested in anime. The characters are great and very diverse, the story line is gripping and always kept my attention it just got me hooked, and the fight scenes are amazing and I loved how the different characters had their own fighting style and abilities. The artwork is fantastic and how they kept coming up with designs for the characters is unbelievable. I would recommend this anime to anyone :-D.

Bleach is amazing. Ichigo the main protagonist is a great hero. He keeps getting stronger and stronger and doesn't complain about his opponents being stronger than him. From the very start Ichigo got his powers because he wanted to protect the people he loved which is truly awe inspiring.

Its completely awesome. It tells you the background of most of the characters. Basically it tells you why they are who they are. Zaraki Kenpachi is simple. He tells it like it is. He likes to fight so he does. What other reasons do you need? This show shows how much these characters just be themselves. What are they not supposed to do what they want to because it's different from what other people think is good? This anime shows that it's good to be different. Also if your one for a harem or one sided love then this is perfect. The author is a huge tease and gives plently of moments for the character to fall in love so when writing fanfiction its easier for the reader to see that couple. All in all its simply awesome and will hold a big spot in my heart. Go Bleach!

This is simply the best anime/manga (even though I prefer the manga), it outsteps the current popular or trending manga/anime each for a different reason, but the best thing that makes this anime pawn other anime is because of the awesome characters, every single character in Bleach even the new ones introduced are awesome and well loved, most are so hot they make me want to squeal, all are stronger than other anime characters, so I vote for Bleach. KUCHIKI BYAKUYA-SAMA for the win!

Bleach is a heart wrenching story all throughout. Just when you think thing can't be anymore complicated, another twist is added and fight scenes ensue. The music right before a badass fight scene is about to happen makes the hair on my neck stand up. A thoroughly enjoyable show. However, the comedy relief episodes, or filler episodes, drag the series longer than needed. But still a great anime.

It's all about Shunsui Kyoraku. He is the most easy going character of all time. He essentially makes this anime. Well along with Mayuri of course and lets not forget the greatest character of all time Kisuke Urahara who is as charming as he is mysterious. A flash of light in a house? Oops, all dead... Well done Urahara. And lets not forget Kenpachi, Yoruichi, Toshiro, Jushiro, and Soifon... All amazingly written characters and all uniquely powerful. Top notch story and characters. Love this one!

I love bleach. SPOILER ALERT. My favourite part is when ichigo fights with byakuya kuchiki, because he lost control over his inner hollow after a wile he already got a head start to win the fight. Then my second favourite part is when ichigo gets control over his inner hollow and locks up Aizen. But that's not all there's more!

I never thought I would like bleach so much. The first time I read the summary on Wikipedia, it led me to the first episode on bleach last year. I'm going on to my twenties soon, by the way. I loved it so much! The story plot is just amazing and in one day I could watch a dozen episodes of it. I managed to finish the whole series during my summer holidays. If I could marry Kubo, I would.

Bleach is the best anime I have ever seen!... it motivates us more than any other anime (even though Naruto would defeat it in emotional feelings ) and the characters are so awesome, each one has a unique personality which other characters don't have.. I just can't describe it all, bleach is the best!

I've watched many anime series and TO ME this is the greatest anime, the rich story, the characters, the emotion in every episode make this the complete anime series I have been looking for, the only downside for me is the spin offs buut skipping the episodes worked for me laugh out loud

If you watch it without the fillers, Bleach is a very fast, action-packed anime with excellent storyline and interspersed humor.

Some people may find the first 12-13 odd episodes a little boring, but they are used to introduce the main characters before the roller-coaster ride begins.

Really loved this anime because of great story line and overall character development. It had everything to make you laugh, cry, and keep you at the edge of your sear to anticipate what's going to happen next. I really loved it and will be considered one of the best anime out there!

Bleach should be recognized for the characters, not the storyline. The story jumps all over the place with added fillers. The enemies are limited and sometimes they spend too much time in the human-world or soul society. I think it should be ranked at 11 or lower compared to the other anime that have well-developed storylines.