Gurren Lagann


Seriously what how could this be so low I watched it and it is my favorite anime of all time I get how bleach and one piece could get spots on the top ten because they are broadcast in the mainstream cartoon channels but in my mind the least gurren lagann deserves is a top ten spot if not #1 the battles are choreographed excelently the characters have some serious development their impossible acts could be said to be a testament to the indomitably of the human spirit and if you watched it you can't deny that you felt a shiver of pure ecstasy when you heard "Just Who The Hell Do You Think I Am! " so please watch the damn show already so you can experience for yourself its true awesomeness.

So many people keep on voting Dragon Ball Z, Goku and Naruto as the best anime, but none of those, NOTHING, or any other can come close to the power, awesomeness and emotion of Gurren Lagann, It's so powerful, awesome and emotional, all at the SAME TIME! NOTHING will ever be as good as this show, The main character is at least 100 times bigger than our Milky Way Galaxy when he's at his normal state, but when he gains size and power, he can grow 10 to 1000000000000 times bigger than the biggest galaxy ever known to man, he breaks the laws and heavens of the universe as well as any universe and you can fit all the known galaxies inside of him and still have plenty of room to spare, it's UNBELIEVABLE and his phrases are so touching and emotional, and his power is more than that of ALL THE KNOWN GALAXIES COMBINED! People are so arrogant and ignorant, It's WAAAY better and more violent than any other show ever to be made, even more violent than the most violent horror movies. - nelsonerico6

I am not a big anime buff, but as a story in general, Gurren Lagann is the greatest series I have watched. It was very touching, entertaining, and the characters were some of the greatest I have ever seen. After watching, I couldn't get enough, so I've been searching around the internet to see what others thought of it. The opinions I found shared similar views to mine own, as they loved it, but it seems as though many people have no idea what it is. I feel like this series should have a lot more popularity than it does, and if it did, I would far surpass any other.

Gurren Lagann is the number one, despite what this list says. When I finished the last episode I sat down and recapped and the thought that no other anime could ever compare came to my head several times. No other anime I have ever watched touched my emotions as much as this.

THE MOST INSPIRING TALE I'VE EVER SEEN! The message of fighting against all odds is something we've all seen before but somehow Gurren Lagann takes it to a whole new level (LITERALLY) watch it and you'll see. Put it this way I'm a Die Hard Evangelion Fan and I stood by my believe that you could not beat Unit 01 no matter what you threw at it but Gurren Lagann (also the name of the main Mecha) would KICK ITS ASS!

When you start throwing galaxies at each other you know when you have gone to epic quality. The fight scene where awesome. The pure GAR in this Anime is enough to bring Chuck Norris to his knees. Its awesome.

Gurren Lagann is such an epic anime. Simon, Kamina, and Yoko each had personalities that are nothing like other anime. Come on, guys, let's do the impossible and get Gurren Lagann into the Top Ten! - Joey_SoccerFan

BEST ANIME EVER! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes mecha anime! Really good!

The Number One Anime of All Time, It's true that it beats all the other animes by a factor of 1000000000000000000000000000000, and of you though Dragon Ball Z was the best you ever saw, then watch THIS! The main character is 100 times bigger than the Milky Way and his ultra father Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is 1000000000000000000000000000000 bigger in comparison, STTGL is the #1 robot ever to exist in ANY anime or ANY series, he can top the power of 1000000000000000000000000000000 galaxies while Gurren Lagann can only top the power of 1000000000 galaxies, yet the characters in the other anime shows including Dragon Ball Z can only top the power of 1 star to one galaxy, which doesn't even come 0.0000000000000000000000000000001% close, UNBELIEVABLE, ALL the positive comments are true and This makes Dragon Ball Z VERY tame, lame, weak and boring in comparison, Gurren Lagann for the win. - nelsonerico6

None of the other animes can or will EVER match Gurren Lagann, Gurren Lagann is the god of Anime. - nelsonerico6

Great anime with great characters. Definitely on my top ten. It has action, comedy, heart-rending moments, and love. This is easily the best anime I've ever seen.

Gurren Lagann would share 1# with DBZ. Simon and Kamina the two main characters are badass. Names like Lordgenome "Lord Genome (genes)". Silly robots called gunmen and a great storyline with some depth to it. I could watch it over and over again, "Just who in the hell do you think I am".

Very few things leave you with a feeling like Gurren Lagann does, and yes we can pierce the heavens.

It's been so long since I last watched this anime and I still feel the epicness of the whole thing - it's the best anime ever. I cannot see how this anime would ever get as low a ranking as it does.
Anybody who starts watching this would seriously consider watching it again and STILL enjoy it.
Naruto is childish Bleach ended weak Deathnote failed at handing out a good ending - but Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was pure awesomeness from start to end.

This is a true "action" anime. Watch this one first.

The best anime about a boy in a robotic head facing the odds.

This should be at the top. Most haven't even seen this anime. It changed me, the way I am, my personallity. It changed my perspective, my way of looking at situations and real life.

Sincerely this is the best anime I've ever watched, the emotions it evokes are intense, my life changed after having watched this... It's so full of WIN AND EPICNESS!

Why, WHY is this not at the top? It's impossible not to be, as it pierced the heavens. No other anime here, even starts to get to the caliber of manliness and action of TTGL.

He he, to me at first glance it seemed only like a post apocalyptic comedy anime (which by it self was a a great thing) but after you dive further into the story you realise that there is more to it than what is showned. No anime this far as ever shooked me and inspired me as much as Gurren Lagann has and this is why I believe deserve s the title of

Best mecha anime I have ever gotten into! I never liked the idea of mecha but after watching this...ITS AMAZING! Love the character and the fast paced animations!

Best of the best
Gurren lagann is in my top ten list for sure... I mean how can it be 90? Even bakugan is better? :D I see only kids voting with their Naruto and stuff

This anime is wow balls seriously it makes me happy inside and gives me that kind of tingly feeling. it was my favourite anime until I got a glimpse of yu-gi-oh gx. which is my new faveballs amazeballs cartooney thiny. thanks and I am mentally disable

I is waaay to over powerd Looks stupid, the Main characters are stupid all the characthers are stupid the characthers who are not there are stupid and everything is stupid

This anime is amazingly awesome. Not only does it have good comedy, goos story, great charecters and great action but it is an anime that you will like so much you will want to jump up and down and watch more. Not only that but I am a guy who hasnt cried in any movie or show with the exceptoon of wolfs rain and this show almost made me cry 4 times(no spoilers) episode 8, in the beginning of final fight, the ending and when it ended since I wanted to watch more.

My top 10 and the only anime I've watched would be.
1. Gurren lagann
2. Neon genesis evangelion
3. Death note
4. Trigun (not the best but the most dear in my heart, very important to me.
5. Samurai x
6. Dangan ronpa and persona 4
7. Wolfs rain
8. Samurai 7
9. Record of lodoss war
10. Swort art online (ep.1-14)