Top Ten Animes That Made You Cry

List of the 10 top animes that made you cry (or extremely sad) whilst watching it! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

This should be number 1, this quite like a real life story... I cried like a child here. I couldn't imagine from clannad to clannad after story that they could make it realistic and really connect every episode. I believe when Nagisa (physically weak) on labor I hopes she can survive it but she died after giving birth to her daughter, Ushio...

I cried here too... This makes Tomoya changes his life badly, he become irresponsible father to Ushio for five years. He's been depressed and blaming himself for the dead of his wife. He work and spend his money in casino or drunk himself till morning, like his father, to forget Nagisa and his life without her. Luckily, after five years, Tomoya force to spend time with Ushio (thanks to the plan of Sanae-san).

Soon, we see how Ushio suffering losing his mother and not having a real father with her side, spending birthdays and holidays, first gift from parents, holding hands while walking, asking question about simple thing like fire fly,

And finally a big impact WHY USHIO CRYING ONLY IN WASHROOM---well everyone who watch clannad should know why...

I cried too in their other arc (Tomoyo, Kyou and Ryou) and to its Motion Picture (movie)
And other episode of Yoshino, Kotomi, Fuko, Misae and Yukine,

Even Sunohara have a big impact why I cried.
And finally a big help too from the Girl and robot from the other world which is Tomoya and Ushio in real life..

I cried a bucket in the scene where Ushio is not holding back anymore to his dad, Tomoya...
Its a deep mix emotion of happiness because Ushio become open to his father, secret why she should cry in washroom and his father shoulder, sadness because after five years Tomoyo irresponsibility and Ushio's ignorance and toughness. Honestly, I cried Ushio in that scene (never in my life I cried like that)..

This anime should not only be #1 in this section but also the #1 short story that have ever made.

CLANNAD make me realize the importance of life and make me love, appreciate and be more open to all ANIME.

Thank you clannad
I'm not a big crier, but I cried like a baby while watching this. This is the only anime, and I have watched a lot, that has ever made me cry. I really think that the reason that I cried was because of how well I got to know the characters and their stories throughout the anime. Because of that you really get to share their pain of losing a loved one. You get to experience the joy and happiness of their carefree high school life, and suffer with them through the trials of being an adult. I wasn't surprised that this anime is #1. It definitely deserves to be. However, it isn't just the sad tears that made this anime #1, but the happy tears as well.
This is a very sad story, and this is the saddest anime to me. This story starts with a girl named Nagisa who have no friends at school. She is usually sick and her mother almost died when she born her. After that Nagisa got married to Tomoya, and when Nagisa give birth to her baby, she died because she is to weak. After that Tomoya gave the baby to Nagisa's mother to take care. After that Tomoya admit that he had did the wrong thing and started being the baby's dad that stay by her side. But, one day the baby was really sick and she died. (I know I skipped one of the parts)
[Newest]I have watched this anime about 4 times, and every time I do, I cry.. I'm not sure what else I can say but Bravo..

2One Piece
Just, Just... It's One piece man
One Piece is sad in terms of the characters' histories and the reasons whyt they fight.
I've only seen several anime, but One Piece definitely made me cry the most out of them. The music paired with the character's sad backstories really makes me feel sorry for them. Not to mention character deaths.
[Newest]The characters are so lively and funny but at the same time very emotional and they all have a very sad past. Just love One piece

3Code Geass
I'm just not sure how bleach and Naruto Shippuuden is up there, sure people like kakashi almost died and bleach so long.

BUT, we aren't here to talk about the other anime, we are here to talk about CODE GEASS AND ESPECIALLY R2. HAVE YOU WATCHED THE SHOW? The last episode is the absolute most beautiful ending I think I have ever seen. It made me depressed for an entire day of what lelouch did and the sacrifice he did for his sister. I recommend all anime fans to watch code geass, the whole thing. Some might say that it has plot hole, but just overall I think it is the best anime. If you don't agree with me in that, you cannot deny the last episodes sadness and beautiful orchestra. I won't give too much spoilers so GO WATCH IT


When you watch an anime like Code Geass, one would expect death, right? I mean, the anime's basis is war and in war people die... But I never thought it would be as heart wrenching as it ended up being. Especially in R2... I'll be honest, I didn't sob, because very few things make me sob, but there were many parts that seriously gripped my heart and wouldn't let go.
This anime gives so much meaning to the words "do not kill unless you yourself are prepared to die" I mean there is just so many deaths and plot twists there is no limit to who can die and who can not no character is safe just because of their role in the story every one is fair game
[Newest]Hands down best anime ever along with deathnote

4Naruto Shippuuden
The best ever there's no words to describe how touching this show is I love you Naruto. This show was the only show that really made me cry it had meaning. The sorrow the sadness heartbreaking friendship and even guts. No matter what who it was he wont let them get to him nor did he give up. The story of his mother and father, the people he lost that meant the world to him. He didn't let it drag him to wards the darkness, he stood by his word AS ALWAYS AY
I think the parts I cried a lot where when Choji was fighting and became a butterfly, when kakashi died (was depressed for a LONG time), when Jirya died, Itachi, and Asuma.
Naruto is an awesome anime and you get so heart broken when your fave character dies. Like Gaara. I cried so much. I even cried when they were talking about him and Narutos past. Because he was so lonely... ;(
Naruto is one of those animes where you wanna jump into the screen and hug everyone.
[Newest]I've been following this anime from the beginning and still can't get used to characters dying. There hasn't been a dead where I didn't at least shed a tear or 2.

5Death Note
L and Light are both my favorite characters in Death Note. Seeing the two battle it out to find who could catch the other first was so amazing. I didn't want either to die.

When L died, I couldn't believe it. I thought it was some elaborate trick. And when the feeling sunk in, I started to cry. L was such an interesting character, and the part when his eyes turned from their large, removed state to normal eyes made me cry even harder.

Once L was dead, I was fully Team Kira. When Light died, I felt like I lost a part of me. I really can't tell you how devastated I felt when Light died.
I like both L and light. When L died I can't believe it. I
Then taught Light will kill every agents and rule the world as kira. In the last episode I taught near and the others are going to die, but light died, it was like I want to kill the writer of the episode. Light should not have been killed. I cried out.
L and Light fight the battle of wits in this series. Its really interesting. I've got no idea about what you will feel by the end of the series but if you watch it and understand it by the end of the series you will be shocked.
[Newest]Need a reason to watch this? Really? !

6Clannad After Story
One of the very first animes to make me really feel.
Joy, sadness, regret, these are are all things your average person can really relate with, which is why this particular anime really hit home for me personally, a definite 10/10, should have been #1
Every episode from 16 to the end non stop bucket of tears. The first anime that made me flood my room of tears. I didn't even watch any anime for like days (that's a big thing for me) because of how this show made my heart so fragile.
Clannad and after story is the same thing you can not have one with out anther you will never fully understand after story if you never watch clannad proper and you will never get the full experience of clannad if you don't watch after story
[Newest]Top 1 anime that really made me cry a lot and you'll really feel the FEELS if your done with season 1(Clannad).

7Angel Beats!
This anime should be a lot higher than it is. The first few episodes will have you laughing then you'll start crying. Like Anohana it gets you connected to the characters SPOILER FOLLOWS and rips them away from you or builds relationships then destroys them like when Angel graduated ;-; But on Anohana it's really just the last episode where EVERYTHING hits you all at once and with Angel Beats there's tears all through out. With 5 centimeters per second I read the manga and it was really sad all around but no tears from me. With Naruto and Code Geass you just have to be emotionally involved to cry. I cried at EVERY important character death in Naruto. I was DEAD when Asuma, Neji, Gai, Pain, Itachi, Gaara, Deidara and Konan died. I cried during Naruto only because I'm REALLY emotionally connected but it isn't a SAD anime. Hell, I cried in KnB and Free!
I cried in episode 2, when people began sacrificing themselves for the other team members, when Yuri revealed her background, when they tried taking on Kanade, when I saw Yuzuru's story.
I have finished the series, and I can truthfully say, every episode made me cry, growing more and more towards the end, where I was fully blown sobbing for ages.
I can honestly say, I have never grown so attached towards characters, and never has an anime made me cry, before Angel Beats. I thought of these characters as strong, driven human beings, there to get revenge, trying to fulfil their reason to be in the afterlife, to avenge God for giving them such painful lives.
This is a really good anime, and it deserves to be higher than death note. NOT SAYING I don't LIKE DEATH NOTE, Death Note is probably my favourite or at least very high up in my favourite animes. Its just Death Note didn't make me cry at all, well, besides when ( I wont say who but whoever has watched death note will know who I mean ) dies. But angel beats was really beautiful and tear jerking.
[Newest]Just finished angel beats and holy balls the ending was sad.

Appreciate friendship today, because tomorrow may be too late. Ts. I cried a lot like insane. Watch it, too feel the FEELS! :(
I swear that my eyes got teary in every episode of it and near the end I cried like a baby like you'll cry. JUST WATCH IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
I cried really badly. The episodes are funny and light hearted but the end hits you like a sack of bricks and no matter how many spoilers you get the tears still hit.

9Elfen Lied
This anime was so sad, yet so beautiful. Lucy had a horrible life and didn't deserve that. Everything she could come up with was killing people and even killed families with children. Her best friend was killed and she was locked up for years. Nanas only wish was to be with her "papa", but that was a wish that could never be granted.
Mayu got adopted, but was raped but the dad and her mother didn't care and she ran away. Kouta didn't remember much of his childhood and his family was killed by his friend. This anime should be higher in the list.
Wasn't quite sure which to choose-Elfen lied or mirai nikki, but not that I think elfen lied is more sad, I also think it's better... despite the fact that there were only 13 and mirai nikki had double... It was so touching and sad...
The feels in this anime is beyond words! Everyone should try and watch it. May be showing a lot of skin but you wouldn't even notice it because of the great storyline. Some scenes made me cry my heart out!

10Air TV
THis anime is so sad but so heartwarming
Air made me cry so much that I was angry with myself.
It's so sad. But the ending made me cry.


The Contenders

You will laugh for 9 episodes and in the 10th episode you wil cry like you never did
Kanon will make you cry and you won't stop crying. Please vote kanon
You'll never know what hit you until it's too late.
[Newest]You watch it and you tell me if you cried or not.

12Immortal Rain
It was one hell of a journey. You never know what's comming next, but you can always hope for the best. Even when everything seems hopeless and miserable they still manage to get through it.
I read the books! I cried a lot!


13Grave of the Fireflies
This is one of the most heartwarming anime movies ever. I cried within the first minute or so of the anime.
If doesn't make you cry you're no human!


14Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail is my MOST favorite series and movie. It's full of comedy, sadness, supernatural and friendship. it really made me cry! I cried for three hours every sad moments and I blamed my sister for making it so sad.
Fairy Tail is my most favorite anime.. Ever! It can make you cry and laugh at the same time! It make you learn that the power of friendship can overcome anything!
I would choose clannad after story, but then again, a mom dying after giving birth to a child is kind of a cheap trick to make you cry

So, Fairy Tail for the win

Bleach is one of the best anime I've ever seen. It made me cry like a baby a few times but it also made me laugh. I like almost everything about it except for the fillers :/ I wish they could just bring back the anime :( The manga is good but I prefer anime.
I believe that bleach was the first anime I watched. And I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better than it. So many laughs. So many tears. So much love for this anime.
I think Bleach would be tied up with One Piece but the thing is that One Piece is more bizarre so it isn't as sad.

165 Centimeters Per Second
5 cm per second is an AMAZINGLY ANIMATED/DRAWN/MADE 3 mini-episode/arcs packed into 1 movie representing the stages of life of the protagonist. The start of the movie will make you feel happy, and think "aww, childhood love... how sweet", but then reality kicks in because the two are separated by distance in which Makoto Shinkai clearly expressed in the movie. (The movie's theme is distance/love) The 2nd arc shows how the two people drift apart due to the distance and lack of communication. For the third arc... (I don't want to remember :( ) The viewers were expecting a cliche ending but no, Makoto Shinkai stuck with the theme and ended the movie beautifully and cruelly </3 All in all IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SAD I WISH THERE'S MORE (JUST READ A FANFICTION) Movie. Simply... A masterpiece.

17Attack On Titan
I believe there is no anime that can compare to the intensity of this story. Look! The people there were almost wiped out by the Giants but still striving to survive. This anime is sure to be one of the best story and plot but like every anime, it still has its flaws.. But it sure does very unique to me..
It Didn't make me cry but made me puke...


It was so sad when Marco died


18Fruits Basket
Question: Why do people think NARUTO and BLEACH are 'cry-able' and not Fruits Basket?
Answer: Because they haven't read the manga. The Sohmas' pasts are worth shedding tears for and Tohru's attitude make me cry. Even the last page was so sentimental, with the juuni-shi toys and the altar pictures and stuff!


Fruits Basket was the perfect mix of depressing drama hilarious comedy. It had me crying so much. The Sohmas had a tragic past and Tohru's ability to make others around her feel good is really inspiring. Although both of her parents are gone, she's still the happiest character in the show. It really made me cry at the ordeals that everyone had to go through.
I cried when tohru was left alone during christmas and she had to celebrate it alone because her mother already died but they both came back for her. So sad I cried so much
[Newest]Oh my gosh. This manga.

19Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood‎
An amazing story about sacrificing all you have for what you love the most. The story of the brothers' is amazing and unique and I'm really not fooling you when I say that always when I think about the ending, I feel a little pain in my chest, and I'm 100% honest now. Amazing.
A boy just willing to give his most important achievement, his life for his little brother. Do I need to say more?
Never have I loved a series like this. Tears start to come to the surface even when thinking of this anime.
[Newest]Why is this so low?


20Ano Hana
This seriously made me cry the most. I cried for 45 minutes after that 11th episode and I still have a tough time telling my friends what it is about. It was very heart-warming and pretty funny too. I recommend this show to everyone. Be sure to keep a box of tissues near you when you watch this anime.
I Love this show... For some reason I thought it was a funny show... But by the time I read the last episode... My eyes were deep red... Rate 5 for me... This show is the BEST!
I cried like in every episode of this! Waahh
I don't even know why it isn't on here! I don't care if its such a short anime it is the best anime ever, that Will make you cry.


[Newest]Best anime I ever watched

21Future Diary
Brutal start Touching end
This is the only anime except One Piece that me cry and I didn't even cry when I watched Angel Beats!
This really got the feels going man... At the end, anyway.

22NG Life

23Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
There are a lot of life lessons to be learnt and the fact that the anime opens up with a guy trying to hang himself (suicide) is pretty blunt and really supports my case!

Full of emotions, it 's the best japenese manga ever

25Fullmetal Alchemist
I have spent hours watching and re-watching episodes from this utter masterpiece. This anime has made me cry literal tears every time I reach the end. Never have I watched something so enjoyable and so interesting. The soundtrack will paralyze you with emotion and the characters mood affects your own. The storyline and deep plot might just ruin you for all other anime. After watching this pure, well written and perfectly executed anime I knew I would never enjoy something as much as I did watching this show.
How is this lower than One Piece?

26Sword Art Online
This was one of the best animes I have ever seen. The plot was fabulous and the characters were amazing, I wouldn't change a single thing. When some characters died (no spoilers) I was crying my heart out, especially in the last few episodes of season two. If there is going to be a third season I'm sure that it will be as brilliant a the first two, if not better.
Oh man, this anime! By far my favorite anime I've ever seen. It's got ups and downs and romance and action. My manly tears of ultra manliness ran down my face many times.
The characters and the action. Never have I seen them so perfectly combined (except for in Fullmetal Alchemist) this anime made me shed the most happy of tears. FMA IS A MUST WATCH AS WELL AS CODE GEASS.

27Fate/stay night
Fate stay night really made me cry a lot and so did db gt and fma and loads of others. Strike the blood is amazing as well please watch fate and strike the blood

28Wolf Children
Seriously, if you haven't watched this TWO HOUR MOVIE yet, you need to. Some people might have a problem with the more "traditional" and "realistic" art style, but if you can get past that and to the end, the reward is well worth your time.
It's sad because the main character, Hana, a 19-year-old college student lost her father and then later on she met a man who is actually a werewolf. They had two kids and then he died. Losing a loved one is very depressing.
Sad but then at the end it all woks out

29Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
This anime is so worth watching and worth the tears I cried for a week or more
I dare you to wathc this anime and it is for sure.. 100% that you can't stop crying.. Class S for Drama category.


31Neon Genesis Evangelion

32Cardcaptor Sakura
Amazing anime! I fell in love with all characters! They're so pretty and sweet!

33Please Teacher!

34Ai Yori Aoshi

35Puella Magi Madoka Magica
This anime was such a well made one. All of the events were connected together and you could relate this to a real-life situation. The soundtrack was also very selective and contained beautiful music. Not to mention the characters. They were above perfect. The character development was also more than enough. This anime made me cry every time I watched it. Even though it is only 12 episodes, it's worth a watch.
I thought that Puella Magi Madoka Magica was such a great anime! It had excellent character development and beautiful soundtracks. I cried whenever I watched this anime because you could relate this to real life situations. This anime deserves to be one of the top anime. Even though it only has 12 episodes, it's worth a watch, And for those who've watched,

" Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."
This is such a sad anime! It has so much power and emotion in it that it made me cry! A lot! I feel so sorry for Homura! She may never see Madoka again! The thing that mad me cry the most was this, " Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."
[Newest]This has one of the biggest story twist. even though I don't think it's the best anime I feel as though it deserves better recantation.

36Princess Mononoke
This movie was sad and different. I suggest you watch this although it's a bit gruesome.

37Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

NANA made me cry so much! And I wasn't a kid anymore!


Nana is about two girls, both named Nana, who coincidentally meet each other on a train to Tokyo. They meet again shortly afterwards when they both try to get the same apartment, which they end up sharing. After that, both Nana's get a good taste of what the real world is like.

It's a really, really good anime. It starts off fun and lighthearted but when it happens, it happens. The drama is very intense, the characters are very realistic, the ending is bittersweet and it would have you shedding some tears, especially if you read the manga.

In my opinion, it's up there with Clannad If you like drama, romance, music, comedy, and tragedy, then I highly recommend this anime.

39YuYu Hakusho

40Dragon Ball GT
This is the best manga I've read since my childhood. While watching it, it feels like the characters are just like someone we know from our life and feel the excitement and sadness in their battles and lives.
Dragon Ball GT should be much higher, because the end is so heartbreaking. Anyone who is a fan of Dragon Ball surely cried at the end. This was the ending of all Goku adventures, and I still miss them :(
But you have to watch 1000 episodes to get there


42Rurouni Kenshin
I found Trust and Betrayal and Reflection to be very tragic and heartfelt. I cried each time I watched the OVA's and fell in love with the scenarios between Tomoe and Kenshin then Kenshin and Kaoru. The OVA's style was realistic and understanding. Overall, I found SAMURAI X (Rurouni Kenshin) to be well written and highly cherished.


Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal is a beautiful masterpiece. I am disheartened that not many have seen it. In contrast to the anime's somewhat lighthearted overture, Trust and Betrayal plays a dark and moody setting, describing the events of Kenshin's past that would lead up to him vowing to never kill again.

This is a must-see BEFORE watching the anime. In my opinion, it really lets the viewer sympathize with Kenshin before the anime.
The flashback of Kenshin's past was really sad.
[Newest]I was sad when Kenshin died in Reflection. But he died peacefully at least.

43The World God Only Knows
I think the anime itself is not that sad but you will appreciate the efforts made by "Divine Brother" especially to its last part of season 3.. It made me cry.


The twisted feel of friendship and your reality constantly slipping away from you is something most can relate too. Which makes me cry :(

46Ef: A Tale of Memories
This shouldn't be number one, BUT it really should be way up there. This show really tugs on your heart, and before you know it youll be crying!

This series deserves to be number one in this category. It is one of those lighthearted-turns-into-heavy-drama shows that has a matured sense of humor, brilliant characters and amazing story that you relive every night, thinking about how 'that' event happened. This is the best show that existed, ever. So I recommend you to watch this masterpiece.
This truly does deserve to be number one. I've cried waterfalls on this. Even when I watch it again, and again. It's just perfectly tailored to hit you right in the feels while having excellent characters and a well designed story.
The first episode pulls you in. One of the best most well written shows that I've watched. The characters are really connect with eachother and have great chemistry. This show might be hard to connect with at first but the main theme is what would you do if you could have a do over?

48Dengeki Daisy

49Full Moon o Sagashite
A beautiful tale of a young girl who only wants to sing. We take our voice for granted while Mitsuki have tonsuffer with the pain of throat cancer that stands in the way of her dream. This is one of the first shows that I cry and worse I cry 3 times in the anime. Its filled with emotions and character developement and tragic pasts. Accompanied by beautiful music and light hearted moments as well as melancholia that could pull your heartstrings. Its truly memorable. To makes things even more depressisng, Takuto and Meroko's voice actors passed away in a car crash. This will be an anime that you'll never forget.
If you can't cry for this show then I salute you.

50Hotarubi no Mori e
Hotarubi no Mori e is the first anime that made me cry. Even if it's a 45 minute movie, it really gets you attached to the two characters in the little time that they are shown. A lot of emotion was carried into this anime from the character's feelings and actions. Every year Hotaru goes to the forest and she always brings something new that Gin isn't familiar with and this makes the story interesting. The main reason when I cried at the end is when it just suddenly comes to a stop when Gin disappears and Hotaru is left with only his mask as a memory of their time spent together. If the relationship betweent the two stayed only on the friendship level and not on the affectionate level, I probably wouldn't have cried. But since they did mention at the end that they were falling in love with each other so that's what got me the most. I highly recommend this anime to anyone because it is beautiful, emotional and suitable for all ages.

May I add that the MUSIC IS AMAZING!
Man this is so sad the friendship love it, I really recommend this movie
Saddest anime movie ever, I cried the whole day after watchin it


51Nagi no Asukara
I was debating between Anohana, Madoka Magica, Angel Beats, Clannad and Nagi no Asukara, but I ended up voting for this. PMMM kinda got me scared so I eliminated that one. Angel Beats and Anohana hit me, but not as much as Clannad. I eventually chose this mainly because of Kaname x Sayu and how they were always the ones being left out, and also because of Chisaki who was afraid to change and accept her feelings for Tsumugu, because she thought that she'll be betraying her friends who were asleep. I imagined what I would be like without the person I love for years, not knowing when they would come back, and I figured, it might be worse than your loved one dying because at least you know that you can't see them anymore, where to Nagiasu, they didn't have a single clue on to when they'll come back. Miuna and Akari's relationship also hit me so that got it some points.
It was truly amazing. There was a lot of plot twists and you would feel like family while watching this anime. you would feel sad for every character and wouldn't know which side to go towards and who you shoukd support. the ending was very good too. and when a character realizes something it really touches the the heart because uts situational and dramatic irony in most fo the episodes. I thknk this should at least be tenth.
Nagi no Asukara is not on the list? *Feels* How would you feel if the person you love disappeared for a few years?

52Kimi ni Todoke
Just watching ep 1 - 5 on anime series will make your tears fall. it's so touching, makes you deep breathing and trying to endure your tears falling.

53X / 1999


55H2O: Footprints in the Sand
I like the story so much that moves my heart, I am not into in anime or 2d's nor have an intention to watch this kind of set, I am thinking that a 24 years old guy that could cry into this kind of masterpiece.
I have my wife for 5 years that I am almost blind to see her sacrifices and attention that much for my sake that I take for granted, this anime is a waking up call for a people who is in a relationship that you should have high hopes and love each other and create memories that you shouldn't regret living together and rely on each others back, God bless this master piece as an eye opener for me and now we have a healthy relationship and I admit that I am newly addicted to anime about sentimental romance.

56Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
How the heck is this not on here. I cried every single episode. Touching. Deep. Meaningful. It can be summed up in one word - beautiful.
This was great, beautiful

So sad! The pain they all went through and then to have to continue on! I love this anime its awesome
This has GOT to be one of the best animes out there. I mean, come on, there's demons! It's so nerve wracking, the whole thing!

58Wolf's Rain
If you haven't seen it, watch it. From beginning to end, and I dare you not to choke towards the end. I rank this in my top 5, probably 2-3 by he side of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Naruto Shippudon. I think One piece had a good story with Luffy & Ace as well


60Natsume Yuujinchou
So underrated; so beautiful. Unlike something depressing (in a good way) such as Rainbow, this show was heartwarming. Most of the tears I've shed from this series were of happiness~
So underrated; so beautiful... This series is heartwarming, which most tears I've shed from watching it were of happiness~

61Gurren Lagann
IT IS AN AWESOME ANIME! THE BEST ONE OUT THERE! But it didn't really make me cry... it actually made me want to blow up sometihng

62Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
I don't know why this anime never got popular, but it's in my top 5 ever. The story will make you cry on multiple occasions, and you'll get attachted to Okita, Hijikata, Heisuke, and all the other shinsengumi captains. You will cry. Yes, there's a bunch of death.

63Zatch Bell
Zatch bell although is not emotional at all times, but it has got strong emotions indeed. From the first episode a strong bond of friendship is shown in the series. The main characters have a very harsh past and I don't know why it is not there in the list.

64Waiting in the Summer
Might sound weird weird at first but once you get to know the characters its pretty hard to let this one go. Each character grew a lot throughout every episode. Highly recomended
This anime will also maje you cry just watch it first.

This is the best racing anime series in my opinion. Especially between episode 28 - 32, there was so much intensity and suspense and at the end you definitely can't stop yourself from shedding tears for capeta for his will-power to win. :'(
I have watch many anime like Naruto, Bleach, Fairytail<dragon ball Z, one piece, Swordartonline, Attack on Titans etc But Capeta is the best of best. t should be in number 1

66Guilty Crown
For me this is the anime I cried most because of very sad ending of the anime itself. Inori sacrifices herself to save Shu instead of dying them together. This anime have lots of action but they give more attention to the love story making it worthy to watch. :D
This anime story is has good story

67Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
First show to ever make me cry, absolutely beautiful all the way through. I very much enjoyed it
The way this makes you cry is a good thing.. sadly there isn't a second season :/

68Peach Girl
This anime is very dramatic and so heartbreaking. Some characters get very sick, close to death, beat up, etc. many parts of this anime can be really sad, but it's also really adorable! One of my favorites!

69Chrono Crusade
If you watch to the end it so sad but very heartwaming but there was only one grave wheres Chrono's graave...

70Sket Dance
This anime is like the whole package! Action, comedy, parodies, and lots of feels. Well, what do you expect in a campus support club? Of course lots of heart warming scenes where they help fix problems in different ways. It also has some serious parts in it as well. The main characters have very sad back stories. This anime also teaches you a lot in life. I'll admit that SKET dance truly changed me.

71Ceres, Celestial Legend
This is an amazing series! The amount of pain Aya endures is amazing, the love between her and Tooya is amazing! Not many people know of this anime but it touches deep.

The events that follow Kobato are so sad but the love connection is not one to be missed this anime has one of the most memorable endings!

73Welcome to the N.H.K.
I might have been the only one to actually cry watching this. But the atmosphere is incredibly sad and lonley at times and it makes you feel depressed. One of the only animes that actually made me think, about myself and my life.

74Gakuen Alice

75Fushigi Yuugi
It appears to be a cheesy romance adventure anime ( it is ) but the show managed to make you love that characters and dive deeply into a whirlpool of emotions. Tears will fall due to the character developments and the sacrifices made. An anime that is old school and like none other.

This show contains strong emotions

77Letter Bee

78Inu x Boku SS
If you're into romance/comedy animes, you'll love this one, all eps are pretty funny but then at the end, you may cry a little

79GJ Club
Somehow, GJ-bu ended up as one of my favorite anime of all time. How it managed to do so is unbeknownst me. I have tried to explain why, but much like every other relaxing slice of life anime it is nigh impossible since it all bottles down to “feelings”.

What I can say, however, is the following:

I love you, GJ-bu.

80No. 6
When I began watching the anime I already fell in love with the friendship of Shion and Nezumi and that friendship turned into love and I ship them so much... And when the walls were broken down and Nezumi got hurt and cried saying it was his fault and all It brought tears to my eyes and when he took the shot for Shion, I started out, I didn't want him to do but thankfully he didn't. And when Shion got shot and died... I just started crying and I'm surprised Nezumi wasn't crying because he did in the manga... But after all that he got brought back to life with the song and they brought down No. 6 and at the end they kissed, and Nezumi left... And they haven't made a season 2! Please please please make a season two... I want to see them reunite and be happy together! Just seeing the ending made me cry so hard.. Just the whole anime kept giving me feels!

81Hunter X Hunter
What the heck why so low this anime makes you cry the most it rocks and is sad

82Case Closed

83From the New World

84Spirited Away
Awesome movie, watched it 9 times and I cried every time!

85My Little Monster
The romance in this show is amazing. it's so adorable and funny. you will definitely cry in a lot of the episodes because there love is unbreakable.

86Your Lie In April
Hey this anime must be in top 10 because I watched it in only one day ia spotted me

87Tokyo Ghoul: Root A
This. Anime. Is.. Amazing.

Gore it is. But what lies behind the ghouls and the gore and blood and cannibalistic pleasure that we (or some of us) seek, you'll see something more in there.

I'm weird because I cried at the first series' ending. BUT AT THE SECOND. You'll cry. Really. It's a very heartbreaking end.


89Boku No Pico
The character development in this anime is beautiful. Everyone needs to see it, it changed my life. After watching it, I felt connected to the characters, Pico in particular. The characters are relate-able in a not boring way. Truely my kind of "slice of life" anime. It warmed my heart, and I believe it could shape a new generation of people who care. Boku no Pico inspires me beyond belief, must watch! I cried like a baby.
Are you real!? Don't watch this until you know what it his its child porn in the form of anime
Wow wow wow. This is such an AMAZING anime. It is so perfect everyone should watch it now.
[Newest]Boku no Pico is so epic!

90Ouran High School Host Club
This was the only anime that made me cry. Enough said.
Oml the ending was so sad. It has so much romance and cuteness to it. Probably one of my favorites.

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