Best Announced Generation 7 Pokemon Before the Release of Sun and Moon


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21Alola Sandslash

PSA: I still can't add more Pokemon on MY OWN list, so whoever still can, please do that for me. Avoid putting Ultra beasts on the list because they aren't Pokemon. - Ruee

This thing looks like it's claws were transplanted from the Wolverine.

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People were mad at Solgaleo for not being fire (even though the sun is plasma) when it actually represents alchemy which honestly made me forgive the typing. (I'm very interested how they would add alchemy as a major thing in the Pokemon Sun and Moon lore. Makes me wonder if we will have a more mature storyline like with Pokemon Black and White) - Ruee

Such an awesome looking Pokemon! - eventer51314

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23Alola Exeggutor

The memes of this Pokemon are so hilarious and I hope they don't stop any time soon.

It's got a pretty long neck... then again, it's supposed to be based off the palm tree. However, I think one pink starfish says otherwise...

"It's a giraffe! " - Patrick Star - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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People find it stupid, but I like the concept. Sand possessed by a ghost? Imagine being pulled into the sand by this thing. It can literally bury you alive. - Ruee

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Fake Arceus is gonna be OVERPOWERED in Sun and Moon.

We mustve forgotten about the artificial arceus. I love silvally, it makes me happy that Gladion took good care of type: null that it evolves because it trusted him. - Ruee


A lot of people say Yungoos looks like Donald Trump. I gotta admit, I don't like Donald Trump, but Yungoos looks so adorable! I wonder what its evolutionary stages are going to be... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah, when I first thought about Yungoos looking like Donald Trump, my first thought was trying to make sure every Yungoos I meet except the first one I catch faint as if I were actually beating up Donald Trump with my Pokemon team and that I would never select the run option if I encounter them. However, now I want to try to judge Yungoos for what it is, not for what it looks like. I hate Donald Trump, but I just can't hate Yungoos just for the sole fact that it looks like someone I hate. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yungoos has TRUMP written all over its hair - GriffinDoge


People despise this thing because of how ugly it looks. However, the fish it's based off of is not pretty at all. It's pretty ugly. I personally the ugly yet kinda scary look works for Bruxish than it being pretty unless it evolves into something pretty. (Like feebas into Milotic). You can't have cool, cute, pretty designs without ugly ones. It's actually something realistic because there is ugly animals, fish, etc irl as well.

If anything, you should be terrified by this thing because of its ability, Dazzling. And if it evolves, you know you are screwed. - Ruee

Honestly, this being ugly and intimidating fits the pokemon. (if you see a picture of a real life trigger fish, you will realize it's based of its appearance and it's no pretty fish.) Not all pokemon have to be gorgeous or cute. - Ruee


Ever since we knew about Mimikyu. People are forgetting that Togedemaru is the actual Pikachu clone. Mimikyu is not related to Pikachu at all, it just uses a cloth that looks like Pikachu because it want to be as loved as Pikachu. Not to mention that it's a ghost/fairy and does not have the shared electric type. (You can argue Maril was a pika clone but that was only a thought because it used to be known as "Pikablu" before gen 2 came out because of outlandish rumors that anyone would believe back in the day) - Ruee


Aw, it's very pretty. Prettier than regular Vulpix, in my opinion.

New forms have been announced. They seem like newish Pokemon with new types and appearences because they are Alolan variances. - Ruee

"Alola Vulpix" for a reason. Vulpix isn't a new Pokemon, however the region variant is because it has a new appearance and ty pe. S igh. The alola part got removed or I accidentally clicked "vulpix" - Ruee

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31Alola Raichu

People might think I'm annoyed by Alolan Raichu but I'm not. It's actually kinda what I wanted. I wanted Raichu to get something new for Sun and Moon because it's been overshadowed by Pikachu for so long that it desperately needed something to become relevant and have people evolve their Pikachus more. My thought was a mega, but they introduced an Alolan form of it instead. And Pikachu isn't getting a new form so Raichu has the spotlight in that regard. - Ruee

Finally Raichu gets the love it deserves!

Just looked at shiny an really think dedenne should evolve into this

32Alola Vulpix

I already put vulpix up as "vulpix" by mistake - Ruee


I don't know how people can hate Brionne. It's so adorable! A cute little dancing seal! - Ruee

I can see Lillie having a Brionne in the anime. I hope she catches a Popplio. - Ruee

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Weird, yet adorable little Pokemon. I would say more about it, but I might be spoiling the beginning of Sun and Moon if you haven't seen the japanese trailer. - Ruee

Ah, just look at the little dickens! Little cute fluff of cosmic dust! It looks like something that came out of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

35Alolan Persian

What a massive disappointment this turned out to be.

Alolan peraian looks like its face got smashed with a frying pan

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In my opinion, Pikipek has the cutest design of all the regional birds. - Ruee


I don't really mind the design of Charjabug. I actually like it, considering most Bug-Type Pokemon's mid-evolutionary stages are just boring cocoon designs. Charjabug is clearly not a cocoon, and that's what I like about it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's true! I think Charjabug is the only mid stage bug that isn't a cocoon. - Ruee

People call this thing ugly and a bad design but it's rare that a mid stage bug type actually looks good. And to be honest, I couldn't imagine Grubbin's stage as anything else but this as it's mid stage. - Ruee


I'm aware Magearna was revealed weeks before Pokemon Sun and Moon were, but it was confirmed to be a Gen 7 mythical Pokemon so it fits on this list. - Ruee

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