Best Announced Generation 7 Pokemon Before the Release of Sun and Moon


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Team Rocket is seen owning a bewear in the Pokemon Sun and moon anime promo. Rest in pieces to them. - Ruee

The official Pokemon Sun and Moon website made Bewear sound of brutal that I literally cannot picture this thing NOT breaking them in half. Unless Team Rocket exceeds the power of not being crushed by a massive red panda thing that literally can break anything, Team Rocket is dead in my mind. - Ruee

Bewear would be hilarious and terrifying for James but to be safe, he probably is better off with a Pokemon like Comfey. Bewear will probably break James in half. This Pokemon will be hard not to seem brutal in the anime. - Ruee

It's pre evolution hates being hugged and when it evolves it becomes this monster with the power to kill you with hugs. an adorable pokemon that evolves out of spite and becomes feared by everyone? YIKES. - Ruee

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Aw! It's like a Hawaiian flower lei. Awesome! - eventer51314

Lol, you were right to think they would! Comfey is my favorite right now. - eventer51314

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When I first saw Bounsweet, the first thing I thought is that it looks like the new female heroine. I don't know why, maybe it's the face. - Ruee

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45MudbrayV1 Comment
47LurantisV1 Comment
48Alola Sandshrew

I tried to upload a photo of the igloo sandshrew but thetoptens won't read the upload so. Might take longer. - Ruee


A side note about it looking like donald trump is that when I showed it to my mom she started laughing her ass off - Ruee

I want to make them all faint like I'm beating donald trump up - GriffinDoge

Whether or not you like Donald Trump or not, you'll definitely want to make any Gumshoos you come across faint. Those things give off tons of experience points just like Alolan Raticate does. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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50Alola Meowth

Apparently the battle animations were leaked and it looks a lot more sassier than in its official artwork. I wonder how Team Rocket's Meowth will handle an over sassy and mischievous Alolan Meowth that isn't female. It probably would drive him mad. - Ruee

Meowth got the typing it was meant to be. A dark type! I love it! - Ruee


I can't wait to obtain 20,000 Poke Dollars by chucking these things back in the ocean

This Pokemon is so lazy that Alolans have to start a tradition of throwing them back in the water so they don't starve to death because they don't want to move around...WOW GAMEFREAK. - Ruee


Okay so other people can add new Pokemon, but I, the creator of the list can't? WOW ADMINS. - Ruee


Now that I look closer at this Pokemon, now I realize why Hala has it. IT SUITS HIM. - Ruee

I wanted Hala to get a Drampa but he has this boxing Crab instead... Okay, I can deal with that. - Ruee

56Alolan Raticate
57Alolan Rattata
58Type: Null

Oh good, Type: Null wasn't denied on this list by the admins. I was wondering why it took so long.

I love Type: Null. Even if it's technically an abomination created by man. I really hope Gladion takes very good care of Type: Null. - Ruee


Aw, it's so cute/beautiful/awesome. - eventer51314


This thing looks like it's going to evolve into the heel wrestler final evolution. Rest in Peace Litten fans. - Ruee

It kinda looks like an edgy version of - eventer51314

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